How to lose weight after 40 for women- Learn the key

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Obesity is one of the main problem facing our modern society and it is becoming more global thank you to our eating and living lifestyle.How to lose weight after 40 for women

The main problem is that older people tend to have a huge problem when it comes to losing weight due to their weight. This is why today I talk about how to lose weight after 40 for women.

I will talk about the best practices which will help you lose weight effectively and effortlessly.

These strategies are all practical so you can be able to take action right away.

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Why is it hard to lose weight at 40 years old?

I thought I should first talk about why it is hard for people over 40 to lose weight as this will help you know what you are dealing with and why you may have been struggling.

I will list the reason people have this problem:

  • Menopause

This problem of course is what is only faced by women and this period has several influencing factors for weight loss restrictions.How to lose weight after 40 for women

One of the main problem menopause cause is the loss of muscle mass as a result of hormonal changes, age and less physical activity.

The second part women over 40 face due to menopause is lack of adequate sleep which as we know is a huge fact when it comes to weight loss.

Increased insulin resistant is also another part which women at this stage face and insulin resistance is linked to weight gain along with hormonal changes such as increased estrogen.

  • Less metabolic rate

As we age our metabolism will also slow down and a decreased metabolism means more weight gain too. This part happens to men and women of this age.

  • Less muscle mass

Muscle are needed for our bodies to not have fat in it or at least to have little amount of fat. Since old people are by nature not active this factor is more enhanced in their lives.

Now that you know the reasons for weight gain above 40 let us look at the ways to prevent it.

Choose the right diet for over 40 years old

Since people over 40 years old have many changes in their bodies it will be hard for them to use any diet to lose weight if we consider the factors we just spoke about such a slow metabolic rate.

So what types of diet should you be looking at?

These are the ones which work well and have been working for many people.

  1. Vegetarian diet
  2. Mediterranean diet
  3. Keto diet ( with modifications)
  • Vegetarian dietHow to lose weight after 40 for women

The vegetarian die is one of the best diet for losing weight whether you are old or young. This is because it is a plant based diet which means that it will have less unhealthy fats.

Making this diet your main source of lifestyle will also help increase your fiber intake which will help you stay fuller for longer since you will be eating mostly fruits and vegetables.

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You will also be having less fat which means your body will have enough time to get rid of fat and focus on building muscles.

The Mediterranean diet is also another great diet for people over 40 looking to lose weight since the focus for this diet is to get rid of unhealthy fats.

This diet eliminates bad fats and bad cholesterol (LDL) and helps give your body the healthy cholesterol (HDL) which will help keep your healthy too.

  • Keto diet

The keto diet has become very popular lately as people are finding it work for them.

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However for people over 40 it may not entirely work as it may miss some parts. Research has been done about this and that is the reason that when you do take keto and you are over 40 that you modify it just a bit.

Luckily there are programs which have seen this and are helping with this and one of them is the over 40 keto diet which I did a thorough review of in my previous posts.

Reduce stress daily

Stress is the main thing which is said to be the contributor for weight gain as explained by betterhelp as it has many factors on your stress hormones.

Although stress can be a double sword meaning it can cause you loss weight if you do not eat in addition or gain weight if you are stressed and eat a lot due to your hormones.

Here are ways to reduces stress:

  • Spend time with your family moreHow to lose weight after 40 for women

The quality time you spend with your loved ones can actually be the best way to reduce stress. Think back of the times when there was no social media and you just connected with your family.

Even spending 30 minutes after work is enough as long s you do it everyday.

  • Laugh often

Releasing stress is also best done with laughing so it is best if you could watch comedy which will make you laugh regular.

When you laugh your body will release the feel good hormones so that the stress hormones are not in your body.

Increase exercise

As I said before that lack of exercise is what causes people to not be able to lose weight since it is one of the factors which slow metabolism.How to lose weight after 40 for women

Exercise will also help you lose fat and help you build muscles over the long run.

However exercise does not have to be something which is rigorous but it could be something which is you enjoy, basically a hobby.

This could be anything from cycling, swimming or dancing.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is the most essential part of weight loss due to the fact that it helps your body recover so that your mind and hormones can work well.

If you also do not get enough sleep you will end up over eating since you are up all the time.

There is also another great program related to this which is called; Eat sleep burn program.

Choose a weight program for people over 40

When you are looking for a way to lose weight fast then you need to always find a person who has done it and get mentorship or do the person’s program.

I advise you to make sure that the program you use is natural and has no side effects. Luckily I review many health and weight loss programs on this program.

The programs which I highly recommend for losing weight for people over 40 which is called over 40 keto solution.

Final thoughts

Losing weight is the hardest thing for many people and mostly for people over 40 years old due to many changes in their bodies.

The main problem in people over 40 years old is menopause and also slow metabolism which are things that can not be prevented.

The cause weight loss for these people can be done with the following:

  • Reducing stress
  • Get enough sleep
  • Increase exercise
  • Choose the correct diet
  • Choose a weight loss program for people over 40

These are all the steps needed for people who are over 40 years old who are looking to lose weight.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I hope you benefited from it. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below.

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