How to lose fat on your face- 3 best strategies that work

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One of the most neglected topics for losing fat is in the upper part of your body particularly the face. But more and more people are facing such struggles thank you to our modern diet.

This is the reason that today I will be talking about how to lose fat on your face using 5 practical strategies.

All of these strategies are all confirmed by science so that should help you know that you are dealing with authentic stuff.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why fat on the face is dangerous?

Before I start telling you about strategies and what not I want to first address the reason you should be concerned about fat on your face in the first place.

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So the odds are that if you are reading this you are not aware of the implications that fat has on your face. If you do, then kudos to you.

So I will address this part for those who are not aware.

I will list the most common dangers:

  • You lose your natural face shapeHow to lose fat on your face

This effect is one of the most common ones which people face normally as they get older. When you have too much fat deposits your face has no choice but to become round.

This is most cases causes people to look older than what they really are. So if you still want to look younger this is the part where you need to focus on.

  • You the risk of not being able to lose weight quickly

This one is logical because it means that when you have too much fat on your face than your body or immune system must work harder than a normal person if you are looking to lose weight.

This is because not only is your body eliminating body fact but also face fat which is harder to get rid of.

Now that we have talked about the dangers of face fat let us look at the 5 strategies which you can use.

Before this I want to tell you the truth that targeting face fat is nearly impossible to do as it is a very hidden place which is hardly exercised.

But the good news is that with these strategies you can accomplish over time if you stay consistent.

Limit sugar and salt from your diet

Sugar and salt are one of the main culprits when it comes to eliminating fat from your face. This is because sugar is turned into fat in a complicated way.

The reason sugar causes weight gain according to HealthLine is due to the fact that sugar has lots of calories and less nutrients.How to lose fat on your face

This means that the sugar that people normally eat from sodas and candies is just sweeteners which poison your body. Crazy right?

The other research which they found in the research is that sugar affects blood sugar levels which affect your body’s ability to help you manage your eating habits well.

It is better if you have these sugary foods like candy once in a while then you are safe.

There are alternative ways to have these sugar foods which are poison to your body and the following are the one:

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Legumes

Not only are these foods full of sugar but they also have the ability to make you feel fuller for longer so that you do not have to over eat, Thanx to their high fiber content.

1. Drink plenty of water in place of sugary drinks

have already talked about the sugar content in sodars or sugary drinks like fruit juices so by replacing these with water you will surely be helping your body not accumulate fat.

According to this effect of alcohol is

Drinks are said to be one of the most common contributors to an old looking face.

This is because of the effect sugary drinks have on the face of a person. And the belly fat too. I am sure you have noticed how the face of a person who drinks alcohol becomes.

Most of these people who drink a lot look super old compared to people of their age groups. In my language (which is Zulu) we have a word for it and it is called “Iphuza face”How to lose fat on your face

This means a face of an alcoholic. So the more you drink the more you look like alcohol.

Well this is the same as having sugary drinks and sodas.

2. Opt for Ice water

In one of my articles called “How to lose weight without running” I did talk about how important having ice water is for losing weight. This is especially the case for face fat.How to lose fat on your face

Ice water has the ability to cause your body o work harder when your body is cold thus releasing a lot of energy for weight loss.

You do not need to have ice water every day but you should make it a point to have it once a day so that you will allow your body to work more daily.

3. Get enough sleep

Sleeping is often very neglected when it comes to weight loss but ironically it is the main contributors for weight gain.

This is because having enough sleep has the ability to help your body get rebooted so that it can function probably in shredding fat (its natural system).How to lose fat on your face

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So if you do not sleep well it is like you have a car which is not getting a proper service which will eventually fail.

In fact according to webmd when you do not sleep well it is more like your are drunk because your brain is sleepy, The front part of the brain called the lobe is likely to do very bad decision.

Final thoughts

With such huge obesity stats in the world and the modern lifestyles it is no wonder people are finding it hard to lose weight.

What is even more challenging for most people is losing weight or fat in body parts which are isolated from the main center from the hips to the neck.

The most crucial one is the face. Most people fail to lose fat face because they feel this part is impossible to shred the fat off.

This is 100% not the case, although I do believe it is super hard to achieve just like anything in life.

The best way to do this is to follow principles which focus on this part exclusively like the following:

  • Substitute sugary drinks with water
  • Opt for ice-cold water instead
  • Get enough sleep

This three principles are simple and easy to do because you do not have to follow so many other points. Just these and they will change your face structure for the better.

I hope this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Reader Comments

  1. Jeff

    You have brought up an interesting problem with being overweight you seldom hear people talking about as much as their other parts of their bodies, but I did find this very interesting and so true when we start to get a rounded face that is a sign we need to change our diet plan.

    Are some legumes better than others for managing our weight?


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jeff

      Thank you for your feedback. Yeah this topic of face fat is always neglected but the most important, it is scary.

      I am not sure about which legumes are better though. I just know they all work well.

  2. Carla

    Interesting article! You can definitely tell if a person drinks or smokes heavily by looking at their face. I used to work with a woman who looked way older than she should have because of her unhealthy habits. It was a very motivating factor for making good choices! Thanks for these great tips.

  3. Jukka

    I like the fact that the methods you showed here are legit ways to reduce fat in your face. I’m not sure if you mentioned it (I didn’t spot it) but it’s a pretty well known fact that you can’t spot reduce fat.

    Meaning that the only way to lose fat in your face is to lose overall bodyweight. Your genetics dictate where you will gain fat first so you can be relatively lean and get fat in your face or some people can be obese and still have a lean face.

    But all in all it doesn’t matter how much overweight you are. If you want a leaner face you will need to lose overall bodyfat. That said, I think some people just have chubbier faces even when they are normal weight and there’s nothing wrong with that, you just have to accept the way nature made you. I personally find that if I get bloated, I.e. water retention, It will show up on my face.

    That’s why one thing I’d recommend for people that want to lose fat on their faces is to lower their sodium, alcohol and creatine intake. That can have a dramatic effect if you tend to carry subcutaneous water.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jukka

      What a fantastic feedback from you. Yes I did mention the fact that one needs to lose weight as the main thing (meaning they have to still use the weight loss ways so the body check reduce fat overall).
      Thank you for telling us that the genetics have a huge impact on most people and probably they should accept it.

      I have seen some people do surgery because of that fact that they want this fat face to go away as they have tried everything (which is an awful thing to do BTW).

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