How to lose belly fat naturally for men- 3 best ways that are never talked

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According to the World Health Organization obesity cases have tripled since 1975 and these cases are said to increase in the coming years.

This makes taking care of your weight as a whole very crucial in this modern day of fast foods. However, the crucial problem for most men is getting rid of belly fat. This is the reason today I will talk about how to lose belly fat naturally for men.

As most of you know that I hardly use any medication when it comes to curing any health condition as I believe nature heals the body better.

These methods and ways are all due to the research I always do to find the best methods that work naturally just like how I cured my clogged heart arteries few years back.

Things that cause belly fat in men

Before I talk about how to lose belly fat naturally for men I would like to say give you reasons why belly fat is even formed.

This is crucial to know so you know what to prevent or what is causing the actual problem. I will talk about the three factors briefly.

Here are the factors:

  • Stress
  • The wrong diet
  • Alcohol
  • Inadequate exercise or no exercise


Stress is one of the main factor when it comes to causes of belly fat. The hormone that is called cortisol is the one that is the main cause of belly fat.

This hormone is released when you are very stressed and this causes the insulin in your blood to increase a lot.

As you would know when the insulin is not properly balanced it causes many problems such as weight and belly fat.

The wrong dietHow to lose belly fat naturally for men-

The other factor causing belly fat is the way you eat. Most people eat a Western diet which is laden with unhealthy fats.

This causes this fat to become excess fat which the body has no choice but to store it in your body parts as fat.

If you notice that when most people start having money they eat as they want and start having belly fat and this is a common phenomena nowadays.

So you must watch out for what you put in your mouth.


Without a doubt alcohol is the biggest culprit for belly fat thanx to the excessive calories as explain by HealthLine.


People who do not exercises are also without a doubt bound to not only gain belly fat but also weight as the body is still and doesn’t burn any calories.

Some people say they exercise but forget that their calories that they eat are more that what they burn which because the main contributor of belly fat.

Now that we have talked about what causes belly fat let us talk about naturally ways to lose belly fat quickly.

1. Learn to meditate daily

How to lose belly fat naturally for men-

The main thing when it comes getting rid of belly fat or any weight problem is making sure that your mind is clean and is perfect.

Remember everything starts in the mind so you would want to make sure this part is taken care of.

I know most information you read will tell you to focus on other physical things mostly like diet.

Although these things are important but they are not the first things you should focus on.

Although there is no actually research which indicates the actual work of meditation causing weight loss but according to webMD research showed that meditation can help curb emotional eating that causes weight gain and belly fat.

You do not need to be an expert when it comes to mediation you can start slow and learn how to do it.

Here are other benefits of meditation which can help with belly fat cutting:

  • Relieves stress in the body
  • Helps you make better decisions for food

You can even focus on programs which have an element of meditation such as the 15 minutes weight loss which is natural and works with the brain.

2. Choose a belly fat burning diet

How to lose belly fat naturally for men-

After doing meditation or working with your mind you need to now work with the correct diet.

Now this may seem like a trick part to choose when it comes to choosing the right diet, but it is actually easy.

You would want to on a diet which, as a man will give you a lot of protein and has good fats.

This is exactly like the advice I gave you in the article where I talked about 5 best ways to lose weight as a man where I talked about this.

To see the whole article you can check it out.

However I talked about focus on the following diets for losing weight:

3. Focus on increasing your metabolism

How to lose belly fat naturally for men-

The other crucial and most important part of the whole process is to focus on increasing your metabolism. This is this the fundamental of what makes us lose or gain weight.

Basically the faster your metabolism the less weight you will have and the slower your metabolism the more weight you will have.

The unfortunate thing about this is that as we get older the less our metabolism will become.

This is where you come in. You need to work to increase your metabolism so that as you get older it doesn’t work against you and become slow.

The bad thing is that most people never even thing of this.

The way to do this is that you must ensure you make exercise a habit in your life so you will win your body.

Final thoughts

When it comes to losing belly fat most people are told the old ways which either do not work or take too longer to produce results.

The way to losing belly fat for men is done by focusing on things which are natural and do not require too much effort.

These ways include the following:

  • Meditation
  • Choosing a belly fat burning diet
  • Focusing on increasing your metabolism.

When a man focuses on these they will, without a doubt, lose belly fat not only naturally but faster than old ways since these ways are natural and target the actual fats in a man’s body.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add or ask you can leave them below.

Reader Comments

  1. Adam


    I found this post very valuable.

    I currently exercise 5/6 days a week, but I’m struggling to shift some excess timber around my stomach.

    I already mediate daily, but I will look into the other tips.

    Thank you so much.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Adam

      I am glad you found it useful. Yes you are in the right track with meditation and that is my daily practice for years now. This coupled with a good diet and metabolism boosting will always give results over a long period of time.

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