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Losing weight is a challenge, but maintaining the weight you attained is much tougher than you think. Most of the people think that once they have lost weight, it’s the end. But certainly it’s not!

It’s the beginning of a new fight! A new kind of challenge where you need to keep yourself motivated and persuaded for safekeeping the victory you achieved.

I bet, this after journey is a bit hard but it will be less difficult once you get habituated with it. The time your new dietary regimen will help you to look fresh and healthier with every passing day, you will certainly get a feel of satisfaction that will keep you motivated for good.

So, in this article I will narrate some guideline on how you should act exactly in order to keep off your weight after dieting.

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Causes of regaining weight

There are a couple of regular causes why individuals restore the weight they have once lost. They are generally associated with unreasonable assumptions and sensations of hardship.

  • Absence of continuous propensities: Many eating regimens depend on determination instead of propensities that you can include into your everyday life. They zero in on rules instead of changes in the lifestyle, which may debilitate you and forestall the maintenance of weight.
  • Restricted dietary regimens: Excessive calorie limitation can slow down your digestion and causes your hunger hormones to shift, which are the two factors that acts as the culprit behind your weight recapture.
  • Incorrect outlook: While you consider a dietary regimen as a quick solution, instead of a long-term fix for betterment of your wellbeing, you will be bound to surrender and restore the weight you lost.


Ways to maintain weight

  1. Think about having food inside an 8 hour window

Pick a time span for having food!

Eating inside an 8 hour window permits the body to be abstained from food for 16 hours that can aid in keeping up weight reduction. To stay away any overindulgence, it is suggested to eat your snacks and main meals from early afternoon to eight PM.

  1. Have Breakfast

Researches have demonstrated that individuals who have breakfast are more effective at keeping the weight in check. (Click for more)

Ensure that your morning meal incorporates whole grains and a lean wellspring of protein.

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  1. Consume a good amount of protein

Consuming a ton of protein may assist you with keeping up your weight, as protein can aid in lessening craving and stimulate the feeling of fullness. (Click for more)

Protein builds levels of specific hormones inside the body which initiate satiety and are significant for weight maintenance. Protein has likewise been appeared to decrease hormones levels that stimulate hunger. (Click for more)

Protein’s impact on the hormones and feeling of fullness may consequently decrease the quantity of calories you devour every day, which is a significant factor in weight regulation.

Moreover, protein disintegration needs a lot of energy. Hence, consuming it consistently may enhance the quantity of calories you will be burning throughout the day.

In light of a few researches, apparently protein’s impacts on hunger and metabolism are most noticeable while the source 30% of calories is from protein. This equals to 150 g of protein while maintaining a 2,000 calorie diet. (Click for more)

  1. Check fiber, rather than calories

It may seem like cutting calories is the most effortless approach to guarantee that you will upkeep your weight. Yet, this isn’t generally the situation.

Indeed, slashing such a large number of calories from your dietary regimen, or working out something over the top, may do the inverse.

Mechanisms concerning hormones will really enhance your craving and hinder your digestion to make up for the huge calorie shortfall. Tallying fiber rather than calories might be your key to keep the weight off. Fiber enriched nourishments are certainly very filling.

They are frequently tedious to eat and contains few calories every bit compared to different other nourishments. Take an initiative to include high-fiber nourishments, for example, plums, the skins of apples and pears along with non-carb vegetables like Brussels sprouts, peas and broccoli, into your eating routine.

You will feel contented even after devouring fewer foods altogether.

  1. Consider consuming the smallest meal at night

You may have already heard that eating late around evening time makes you put on weight.

Do you think this to be a myth only? But in reality there’s some fact to it. The main concern is ordinarily calories in versus calories out. This implies while you intake food at the day time that isn’t as significant as the amount you eat generally.

Notwithstanding, it is suggested to consume food in regards to the amount of time left in the day in front of you. Greater numbers of people are more dynamic, and have additional time in the day left, in the first part of the day and early afternoon.

So those are the hours of day while they ought to eat the most. As the day advances, your energy requirements will in general diminish, so your consumption must coordinate that.


  1. Stay hydrated

You have most likely heard that drinking optimum quantity of water causes you keep weight off. There is some genuine fact to this.

Study proposes that drinking 8-10 glasses of water in one day can elevate metabolism rate by 24-30% and subdue craving. In case you are not parched enough for this measure of water, possibilities are that you are drinking an excessive number of different drinks, for example, sweet soft drinks, liquor and juices.

“Supplanting those liquids with water aids your body in maintaining hydration. Also it can save cash, calories and even aid in cleaning and protecting your teeth.

Bored with the monotonous taste of the plain water? Include a lemon slice! A glass of water along with lemon is a formula for effective weight reduction due to ‘pectin fiber’, that can aid in lessening appetite

  1. Work out before anything else

You probably won’t be a morning individual. In any case, much the same as the colloquialism, “the early bird gets the worm” (also with regards to weight reduction). There’s a lot of study that support the proposal that working out at the beginning of the day is more beneficial for weight reduction than exercising in the early evening or night.

One research published in ‘Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise’, demonstrated that ladies who worked out in the first part of the day experience less craving for food compared to those who had avoided a morning exercise. (Click for more)

Moreover, scientists found that the persons who exercised in the morning were more dynamic in general than the individuals who did not exercise.

Other than helping keep the weight off, early morning exercises additionally accompany tons of medical advantages. One of them is diminished danger of diabetes, as per a research published in ‘Journal of Physiology’. (Click for more)

  1. Try to lift weights

Diminished muscle bulk is a typical side effect of weight reduction.

It can restrict your capacity to keep weight off. Diminished muscle lessens your metabolism rate, which means you will be burning fewer amount of calories for the duration of the day.

Performing different sort of resistance training, for example, lifting loads, may aid in forestalling this muscle loss and, thusly, protect or even enhance the rate of your metabolism.

Researches demonstrate that the individuals who lift loads after weight reduction are bound to keep weight off by keeping up the muscle bulk. (Click for more)

To get these advantages, it is suggested to participate in strength training for minimum 2 times in the tenure of 7 days. Your workout routine ought to act on all groups of muscle for ideal outcomes.


  1. Follow your plan throughout the week including the weekends

One propensity that frequently prompts weight recover is eating well on non-weekend days and totally avoiding it at the end of the week.

This attitude frequently drives individuals to jump on junk foods that can counterbalance weight maintenance hardships. On the off chance that it turns into a customary propensity, you can even restore more weight than you lost.

Then again, study demonstrates that the individuals who follow a constant dietary regimen for the entire week are bound to retain weight reduction in the long haul. (Click for more)

One research found that week after week consistency made people twice as prone to keep up their weight inside 2.2kg (5 pounds) more than one year, contrasted with the individuals who permitted greater adaptability on the ends of the week. (Click for more)


  1. Get sufficient rest

Getting sufficient rest essentially influences weight maintenance.

Indeed, lack of sleep gives off an impression of being a significant danger factor for weight pick up in grown-ups and may meddle with weight control. This is mostly because of the reality that deficient rest prompts more elevated levels of ghrelin, that is known as the craving hormone since it elevates hunger. Besides, substandard sleepers will in general have reduced levels of leptin that is an important hormone for hunger control.   (Click for more)

Again, the individuals who rest for brief timeframes are essentially drained and in this manner less propelled to exercise and settle on sound food decisions.

In case you are not being able to take sufficient rest, figure out how to change your sleep propensities. Resting for minimum seven hours per night is ideal for weight maintenance and generally speaking wellbeing.

  1. Keep your weight under surveillance

Checking your weight by placing the feet on the scale consistently might be a useful step for maintaining the weight. This is on the grounds that this can make you mindful of your advancement and support weight control practices.

The individuals who keep their weight under constant check may likewise consume fewer calories for the duration of the day, that is useful for keeping up weight reduction. One research showed that individuals, who checked their weight 6 days per week, devoured 300 less calories each day than the individuals who checked their weight less often. (Click for more)

How regularly you check your weight is an individual decision. Some think that its useful to check it every day, while others are more comfortable checking their weight a few times per week.

  1. Include long-lasting improvements to your lifestyle

The motivation behind why numerous individuals come up short at keeping up their weight is on the grounds that they follow unreasonable dietary regimens that are not suitable for the long haul.

They end up in having the feeling of being deprived, which frequently prompts restoring more weight than they lost, once they return to their ordinary eating routine.

Keeping up weight reduction comes down to rolling out manageable improvements to your way of life.

This appears to be unique for everybody, except basically it implies not being excessively prohibitive, remaining steady and settling on solid decisions as frequently as possible.


  1. Encircle yourself with an encouraging environment

It is consistently simpler to adhere to your weight reduction objectives while you have an emotionally supportive network set up to help propel you to exercise and motivate you to adhere to your eating routine objectives when enticement strikes, clarifies.

This could mean enrolling the assistance of a workout partner, joining in any group or only trusting in a dear companion who will listen closely when circumstances become difficult. Encircling yourself with individuals who will restrain you from subverting your aims will go far.


  1. Visit the doctor in regular basis

Your medical care provider or enrolled dietician bears the ability to take the measurement of your body fat percentage or assess your BMI to ensure that your numbers stay sound. They will likewise have the option to mention medical problems that emerge while the shape of your body changes.

Outside of the workplace, you can check your own advancement by entering your estimations into a simple to-utilize calculator. You will just need to know your height in cm and your weight in kg.



While you first start a diet, it’s difficult for you to accept that you will have to throw out many flavorsome foods out of your life. But remember that this is for your own good.

Junk foods are delicious yet dangerous to your health. Keep this mind whenever your cravings come back.

Other than food you also need to look after your mental health and every day lifestyle in order to keep off the weight. All these things are associated with your weight loss along with the food you eat and workouts you do.

Hence, take some time to go through the article and don’t forget to share with me if the guidelines are beneficial for you!

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