How to go vegan in college-greatest advice you have ever heard

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Being a vegan is becoming more and more famous and most people are doing it as a trend to stay relevant with their friends.How to go vegan in college

Due to this, even college students are not getting left behind in this vegan diet lifestyle wagon. If you are starting out as a college students this may be very hard, so this is why I will be showing you how to be a vegan in college.

I was exactly at your position when I started,however I was able to overcome the challenges and be a vegan in college.

This post is basically to give you a shortcut of getting you to a vegan diet faster than you thought possible.

Now let’s get started.

Decision phase

How to go vegan in college

The first step for you learning on how to go vegan in college is that you need decide if being a vegan is something you want and how long do you want?

These decisions will help you see if you will be able to have a long term vegan lifestyle of short term like most people.

There are many reasons that people decide to go vegan such as the following:

  1. Ethical reasons
  2. Health reasons
  3. Trend

Each of these have a certain time span for how long you will be a vegan. The first two reasons are more of a long term aspects.

I know because the second reason is the one I choose to be a vegan and you can check my story here.

So what is your reason between the three above?

Whichever you choose it will be determine your focus.

Join vegan centered groups

How to go vegan in college


If I knew this when I started I would have been well off now. This is because forums have people who are in the same mission as you ,which means they will be able to give you tips they have used.

There are many forums to choose from, however the best one is the one I am a member (which is free) of which is called

This forum is easy to join and without a doubt there are post daily which means it is very active.

In the forums they provide even recipes, in fact there is a section for all types of recipes from people just like you so there will be no excuse not to make your vegan food.

Make vegan friends


Have you heard the saying” You are the product of your environment?” I bet you have. If you haven’t then its cool. What this means is that what or who you surround yourself with will determine your future.

Luckily I realized this while I was starting a vegan diet in college in 2010 and that has been my major help to living well as a vegan.How to go vegan in college

In fact my vegan friends helped me find new shopping stores for vegans which have been very beneficial over the years.

Since my reason for turning vegan is not anything to do with ethics or the environment I do not need to use vegan-friendly skincare products and vegan facial products.

I use these just because they have a good in impact on my skin, that’s all.

Look for vegan recipes that work for you

Again when it comes to the internet there are loads of recipes available for vegan diet and you are literally spoiled for choice.

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In this section I would just advise you combine different recipes from different vegan bloggers and make it something of your own.

It is good to look for bloggers will give you things that are unique are very tasty, Thus I would say look at the article of the 10 top vegan bloggers.

Start experiencing bit by bit

Now you have made your choice and have been in vegan forums and have started looking at different recipes.

How to go vegan in college

Now this section involves you trying at least one of these recipes either for breakfast or breakfast and supper.

When you are turning vegan it is vital to experiment in small portions before you go all in as your body and metabolism will need to adjust detoxifying your body.

Please do not neglect this step if your aim is to turn vegan fully. I know when I turned vegan I really got really sick because I neglected this step.

So in summary take it one step at a time when you are turning vegan especially if you come from an omnivore

Understand the nutrients that you need to focus on or supplement

Here is another section that you must not neglect as this can be detrimental not only to your health but to your life.

A vegan diet tends to lack some nutrients and this is what causes struggles for many people. So what are the nutrients that you will need to focus on?

I will list them below:

  • ProteinHow to go vegan in college

Since you will not be eating meat, which provides lots of protein, you will need find other sources to get protein.

If you are looking to increase protein then you should look at vegan foods high in protein as these will help you get the proper amount.

  • Iron

Iron is a very important nutrient for the transportation of oxygen in your body and to give you energy that you need for the day.

You can check out vegan foods high in iron which can help you get enough iron.

  • Calcuim

Calcium is needed for strong bones and making sure you have proper and enough calcium can save you from many bone diseases.

  • Vitamin B12How to go vegan in college

To be honest most vegans tend to miss this nutrient just because when they were in an omnivore diet they never had to even worry about it.

I know I was like that exactly until I found that this was killing my health and I now had to follow vegan foods high in vitamin B12.

  • Vitamin D

vitamin D is another often neglected nutrient that you will need to focus on and finding ways to make up your vegan foods high in vitamin D.

Final thoughts

you want to become a vegan it is very important to first decide why you want to join the vegan diet. This is because most people this will make you decide why you are doing this.

Make sure you look for the right friends or environmental which will help you get into the vegan diet easily.

You can also go online and make this happen for yourself as there are many vegan bloggers willing to help you with their article of recipes.

The most important thing is to make sure that you get all the nutrients that you often lack in a vegan diet as this can impact your life if not considered.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below, I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Neicy


    Great site and you have a lot of helpful healthy information. Staying healthy should be one of our main focus, because if your not healthy how can you live the amazingly life you’re meant to live.

    Best wishes,


  2. Lindsey

    I have been a vegetarian for almost 12 years. Three of those years I was vegan. I still eat a predominately plant-based diet, but I can say with confidence that this article would have been so extremely helpful to me when I first went vegan. It’s important to know the best plant-based protein sources as well as vitamin D and B12 because it can be so easy to forget about those nutrients. I also think it’s important to have a solid reason why you’re going vegan, as that helps you to stay vegan and remain strong in your ethics. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thabo Khoza

      I am happy to hear sentiments from an actual vegan who has done what I am actually talking about.
      The nutrients like Vitamin B12 are very essential and often so overlooked that most people end up jeopardizing their health.
      I also wish I had this information 10 years ago when I turned vegan.

  3. Rique Wolf

    Great Tips.

    I AM a semi-pescetarian and Vegetarian.
    I wish to TransMigrate into a FRUITARIAN in The near Future.

    I AM Interested in The Spiritual Aspects of Dietary Systems.


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