How to deal with the society pressure when you are vegan

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When you are a vegan there are many challenges that you get faced with and they all involved being judged and seeming like you are an outcast.

I have faced these all my 10 years of being vegan and all of these experiences have made me learn and have made me very strong, so this is why I today I will be sharing with you how to deal with society pressure when you are vegan.

My reason for turning vegan was totally uncontrollable but having been in this diet for so many years it would be hard to go back.

In any case let us start with my tips and strategies.

1. Accept that you are different

I will tell you the truth that when you are vegan you must accept that people will always judge you no matter the reason you are vegan.

This is basically how things are in life; when people do not understand something they will tend to judge.

The sooner you accept this the better you will not take offense of whatever happens to you going forward.

I remember when I started being vegan that even my family laughed or made lots of jokes about my food and that was very demotivating to say the least.

This was because I thought they would be the ones to fully understand my condition. However, what made me push through was the fact that I had a condition to take care of so I ignored all those laughs and jokes.

2. Learn to have food on the go

How to deal with the society pressure when you are vegan

Here is another aspect that makes most beginner vegans quit following this diet and it is called having vegan food wherever you go.

The reason I say this is that most places you go to will not have a vegan menu or if they do it will be very minimal.

This will prevent you from starving during a trip or during the day.

I am sure you have experienced this when you go to a party of an office meeting. Most of the food, if not all, only cater for omnivores.

3. Join forum groups online

This is another important step to take as a vegan where you join any vegan online group so that you will associate with people of the same caliber.

You will hear what they are struggling with and be able to learn from them too since the forums are give and take platforms.

Within forum groups you will not only get advice but also free recipes for your vegan diet from normal people. Cool right?

Most importantly you will be able to stay positive and motivated by people on the same mission as you.

4. Join vegan dating sites

If you are a single vegan there are vegan dating sites you can join and find your ideal vegan partner if you wish.

However there are not a lot of vegan dating sites since they are normally combined with vegetarian sites but still they do work well too as long as you are specific with your search.

You can check out my pick of the best vegan dating sites you can join today.

5. Learn to cook vegan

When you are a vegan there are many challenges that you get faced with

You need to learn to cook vegan if you will be vegan because as I said there are fewer options for you when you go out so having the skill is key.

There are many resources for you in the internet and you can start off by checking the best vegan bloggers who will give you the best of what you are looking for.

With a vegan diet I like that you can be creative and invent your own have a ball.

6. Take care of your protein intake

This aspect really had a bad impact on me and I wouldn’t want it happening to any vegan. You need to increase your protein intake as a vegan.

This is that the vegan diet naturally has less protein.

This means you must find vegan foods high in protein which will help you maintain your muscle mass. I know for me my muscle mass really deteriorated before I knew all the vegan foods with high protein.

Final thoughts

Being a vegan will always be frown upon by people who do not understand it so it is vital for a person to know exactly the 5 key elements to stay strong through the criticism.

The key aspects are:

  • Accept you are different
  • Join vegan forums
  • Learn to cook vegan
  • Learn to have food on the go.
  • Increase your protein intake
  • Join vegan dating sites

The last aspect is not too vital especially if you are already dating so just makes sure all the other five aspects are taken care of.

I know it may not be easy to be a vegan but once you get use to these six aspects your life will be way better especially if you are starting out as a vegan beginner

If you are a beginner vegan you may also be interested in checking out my article of vegan diet for beginners.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any comments or questions you are more than welcome to leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage.

Reader Comments

  1. Rolondo Campbell

    Wow. I’m coming down the home stretch of my second year being vegan, and boy did you SMASH the nails on their heads. I find it hilarious that Omnivores Somehow find a way to try and make fun of us….How??? your the one chewing on cancer every time you get a chance LOL.. I found this to be very informative and quite motivational. I pray that whatever your condition is or was, is completely under control now. I had no idea that there were vegan dating sites, but it makes perfect sense, like minds. I enjoyed this and I am going to visit the rest of your site.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Rolondo

      Thank you very much for the feedback as a vegan. Yeah we all have our fair share of scenerios where omnivores are making fun of us even though we are the most healthiest.

      Thank you very much, I am glad you loved my vegan website

  2. Vasilij

    How do you suggest to learn to have vegan food on the go? You only mention sceanarios, yet you don’t give any practical advice what to do when you come to a party where there is mainly only omnivore food available.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Vasilij

      Thanx for the comment. The food one goes with can be determined by what a person who is vegan loves to eat. This post is mainly for giving advice for a vegan who is looking for just tips. If you want an in depth practical way I suggest you look at my post about vegan lunch or vegan food list.

  3. Satish

    Hi Thabo,

    This is an insightful post. I never knew there are online forums for vegan. I am not a vegan, but I do know some of my friends who had turned vegan to lose weight, though they did not stick with for a long time. I have few questions on vegan diet (as i keep hearing from friends). I have heard that Legumes as a plant based protein source, if consumed in excess can lead to intestinal permeability (also called as leaky gut). How true is this ? Also, how can we mitigate the risk of B12 vitamin deficiency, do you have any B12 supplements.

    Looking forward for more such informative post and I wish this post reaches out to all the vegans out there.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Satish

      It is good to hear that you are quite informed about the vegan diet although you are not really a vegan.
      I do not know anything about the effects of legumes except that they make you healthy. I will have to research about that. In any case when you are in any diet it is good to eat in moderation.
      For getting vitamin B12 there are vegan foods that you can eat which will increase your vitamin B12 and some are cereal and marmite vegan spread. I wrote a post about these vegan foods high in vitamin B12 here.

  4. Bailey

    This is great advice, and I hope it helps someone who is transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I think many people quit being vegan because of a lack of proper nutrition and feeling left out, and that’s a shame. It’s important to have support, even if it’s online, and to learn how to follow a vegan diet properly. For me, being vegan for two years has made some social situations more awkward, but it’s worth it because I’m standing up for what I believe in.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Bailey

      Great to hear some feedback from an actual vegan. Indeed it is important for people to have the proper nutrition as this will ensure one can stick to the vegan diet. I know I had the same trouble when I started out too, but luckily I found support soon.

      As for social events I have come to the realization that I should steer clear of them for a while.

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