How to burn calories while sitting-5 Unique best tips

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Losing weight or burning fat is can be life changing if you can be able to do it well however since we are leaving in a fast pace world it is hard for most people to achieve this.

This then would call for one to be able to learn to lose weight in which ever situation they are in and thus this is the reason I will be talking about how to burn calories while sitting whether at work or at home.

These tips are all easy and do not need any expensive equipment to do it as any person can be able to do it right where they are.

They will be mostly based on good habits which can be implemented at any place whether office or at home depending on your working situation.

Before we can get started you may be interested in checking my free guide on how to lose weight permanently.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this article.

Why lose weight while you are sitting is essential?

Before I talk about how to burn calories while sitting I first want to talk about why this is perhaps the most essential way to lose weight.

If you think about it you spend most of the time sitting when you are working (that is assuming you are not a sports person or teacher).

So since 90% of the time you are sitting your body can only work while you are sitting for you.

The problem is that people think you can only exercises when you are on your feet and active however research has proven that the body does not know the difference between you sitting or walking.

This concept is what is also used in meditation practices which help people with mindfulness or mind power.

This is why most of these programs never say you need to stand up but rather say you need to lie down or sit still.

So you can also utilize your body in this way and be able to reap the rewards you want in fact this is the best position for weight loss or fat burn which is contrary to popular belief.

Having said that let us now go into the best practices you can use for this.

1.Laugh more

Now this may seem like it is something not relevant, however this is one of the most effective methods you can use for helping your body lose weight and I will explain below.

You may have heard the saying ” laughter is the best medicine” and this is very true and in fact on mots of my articles I have talked about the reason for making it part of your life.

Laughter will drastically help improve your metabolism in a big way which is what is needed for your body top lose weight as the metabolism rate is the main driver of weight loss.

According to ndtv research laughter reduces the levels of stress in the weight hormone called cortisol which is known to cause the metabolism to decrease and causes fat storage.

So by laughing you do boost your metabolism for the long term and you help your body become even better at not storing fat which will go a long way for your weight loss journey.

2. Chew slowly

Here is another tip you may have never heard but can be life changing if applied well. Studies published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have revealed that people who are obese tend to chew faster and thus digest food without chewing properly.

This is said to cause more fat storage as the sizes that are not chewed well end up accumulating in the wrong places in your body.

This is because it is said that the food can not be absorbed well in the body since it is not totally in its digestible form.

This practice does not take much because all you need to do is to be able to learn to do this well and by being aware of your chewing while you eat.

3. Do some small dances

How to burn calories while sitting

The best way to help your body lose weight easily is to do some small dance moves. If you are not scared of others looking at you the whole time then you can put on some earphones and then blast away and dance while sitting.

This will not only help you burn fat but will keep you in a good mood which will indirectly cause your metabolism rate to increase since you will be reducing stress.

This tip can be easily applied even if you do not have earphones or music since it is a matter of just doing the dance whenever you get the chance.

4. Snack the right way

How to burn calories while sitting

Snacks are one of the main dangers for people who are working and sitting the whole day. The problems are not the snacks too much but the types of snacks that one eats.

You will hear so much advice that you need to stop snacking and even though the intentions may be good it is still not good advice.

This is because snacking is one of the hardest habits to get rid off for any person so instead of trying to do what is the impossible for many (quitting snacking) rather snack the right way.

You should focus on snacks which will help the process of weight loss but will still be good and nice to eat.

Fruits are normally good however you can always spice things up in a creative way like on this article called 4 Best snacks to eat at night for weight loss.

5. Drink Green tea

How to burn calories while sitting

If you are a frequent reader of this website you will know that I talk a lot about green tea and how effective it is when it comes to weight loss.

Green tea is easy to make and you can even put it in a flask when you are working at your job and let it be something you drink every hour.

Green tea has what is called caffeine and catechins which help with boosting your metabolism.

Green tea extra is also an ingredient which is used a lot on many weight loss pills or supplements like the Tox Flush supplement which means this ingredients is very effective for losing weight with.

Final thoughts

Weight loss is one of the most sought after things right now especially since people are now working form home and now really moving at all.

The need to know how to lose weight sitting is what is needed and can help all sorts of people reach thier goals easily.

The best way to lose weight while you are sitting is to adhere to the right and best habits of eating and movements.

These include the following:

  • Snack right
  • Drink Green tea
  • Laugh more
  • Chew slowly
  • Do some small dances

if these methods can be implemented while you work it will accumulate and help you burn fat more than any person who is not doing this and just sitting when they are working.

As you have seen that these are all proven methods through studies and research that they will directly and indirectly cause fat burn or weight loss.

One thing to remember is that your body doe not know the difference between you sitting or standing. It will react to how you are operating it so that is why you not good habits.

I hope this can be able to help you burn calories while you are sitting so that your body becomes a fat burning engine for you overtime.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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