How to become a vegan chef- The simple and fast way

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The vegan diet is said to gain a lot of popularity as the world is starting to look at this diet as a way to live longer and sustain the environment according to to become a vegan chef

For this reason there has never been a better time to be on the supplying side of veganism where you produce food for the population and one way of doing this is by becoming a vegan chef.

It is for this reason I wrote this post of “How to become a vegan chef” so that you can benefit immensely and be able to cash in as well if this is what you were thinking of doing.

Most people missed the start of the industrial revolution (where millionaires were produced) and then they missed the start of the digital age, which we are in right now, however you can not miss the start of veganism as it is starting since that can give you a great full time income.

I know you are already thinking of how lucky you are that you have found this now and are looking forward for the information I will share with you.

Without further ado, let’s start.

Step1 Choose your route

how to become a vegan chef

When it comes to becoming a professional chef there are two ways in which you can go about it. Either by formal education or informally.

The formal route

how to become a vegan chef

If you end up choosing to go the formal route of going to school and getting a qualification you will need to consider the cost aspect of the schools.

You will have to study full-time in a culinary school where you will be required to compete certain amount of hours (although not always the case) in practical training and complete other formal tests.

You should look for the most reputable and world recognized schools for this because doing this will open up opportunities everywhere in the world.

I would suggest you look for internationally recognized schools

Informal route

how to become a vegan chef

if you decide to take this route you will have the option of learning skills yourself and making sure you have enough skills and experience.

This part is where you really need to network with some of the best chefs in the vegan chef industry (more about this later).

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You see the way to become a professional chef is not as clear cut as other occupations since the hours are not even a big issue to make you get the chef certificate.

Whether you choose the formal route or the informal route you should ensure that you find as much experience as possible from different jobs in the vegan chef industry.

You can check out of the vegan jobs that you can go into and explore which will suit your needs.

Step 2 Location

how to become a vegan chef

Location is the most important aspect to always keep in mind whenever you are looking to gain experience for your vegan chef skills.
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Generally urban areas have more options where you will be able to gain certain vegan cooking skills and also get some networking going.

Most countryside areas are very limited though when it comes to giving you options for vegan cooking. Having said this the benefit if going to country sides is that it may have a very big and specialized vegan niche.

Again just do your research well before deciding to go to a certain place.

Also, keep in mind the location you choose could end up opening opportunities for you in the future should you decide to work in the place.

Step 3 Networking is key

how to become a vegan chef

Throughout this post I have been talking about networking and you may be wondering why I keep bringing it up so often.

Well considering that veganism is still a new lifestyle to most people there is a tendency of people to trust people who are already authorities in the industry.

So if you are looking for the best way to be known you need to gain connection so that next time the professional chef is called to do a gig and happen to be busy he could recommend you.

This will go a long way to show your skills and then be able to gain a more customer base. In this industry opportunity and luck can do a lot for you.

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Step 4 Get involved

how to become a vegan chef

This is related to networking a bit since you need to be around vegan chef experts.

Getting involved means you must avail yourself to any new events happen around your neighborhood and make it known that you make some of the best vegan soups for example.

This again will make you known and people will start looking for you as a chef for their next events.

Step 5 Be creative and be unique

how to become a vegan chef

You need to treat your chef career as a business which means that you need to have something you are different about compared to other chefs and also that you do better than anyone.

This could be that you make the best chocolate vegan cakes or you make the best vegan pies.

Once you have this you will be able to have a great share of the vegan market since there are literally many people looking for amazing vegan unique and delicious food.

Step 6 Start a blog

how to become a vegan chef

This step is not a necessity to becoming a professional chef however it can accelerate your chances of being known as a top professional chef.

This is because having a website where you put your recipes and show people how to bake will make you an authority and you will look professional.

More than that if you have a blog you will have a constant audience of people of which you can end up making a full time income working from home.

The good thing about a blog you can start it anytime even without any experience and have a place to refer your clients.

In fact most people end up just taking this route without going to school to get a chef certificate since they grow their blog/website until they have a full time income.

If you are interested to start a free blog of your own and have a blog like I have you can check out the online income training I which I have been getting to grow my online audience.

Final thoughts

Becoming a vegan professional chef these days has become so easy due to the advancements of technology.

You can either be a vegan professional chef formally or informally by starting your own blog or working in a part-time or freelancing job.

The key is just making sure you keep the most important aspects in mind always such as:

  • You must find the right location
  • You must be creative
  • You must network with the chefs in the vegan industry as much as possible.
  • You must get involved a lot.

If you follow these steps you will definitely be on your way to being a great professional chef.

I hope you enjoyed my article of how to become a professional chef. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

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