How do vegans get calcium?- The top best foods

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The Most vegan sometimes complain about not getting enough calcium and more especially beginner vegans get scared of this fact due to the lack of dairy products that are filled with milk.

The vegan diet has a lot of calcium-rich foods to take care of your daily calcium needs trust me. The problem is that people focus on the how do vegans get calciumwrong foods. So how do vegans get calcium?

Well this the question I will be answering within this article and help you not go through what I went through when I started out on the vegan diet in 2010 (Yeah it’s nearly a decade hey)

I will be answering this question with the foods high in calcium.

Why vegans need calcium

how do vegans get food

As I mentioned above most vegans struggle when it comes to getting calcium and this tends to be a problem which can cause health problems.

When I started the vegan diet in 2010 I did not know that I was not having enough calcium.

For me this was because I thought that naturally the foods I ate were going to give me calcium over time like any diet.

This was not the case at all since I ended up paying a big price for this.

At the time what I did was to have calcium supplements to take care of the situation of the lack of calcium. This did solve the problem however it caused some problems.

Firstly I had to rely on supplements for my system since I was already taking other supplements for other vitamins which I lacked due to starting the diet.

For example, I was taking Iron and vitamin B12 supplements.

Secondly I realized that taking supplements can be very bad overtime. A study published at The New England Journal of Medicine showed that there are huge negatives of using supplements which could land you at the emergency department.

Although there have been a lot of positives about supplements but their negatives can be be more than their positives.

This was one of the reason that led me to decide on focusing on calcium rich foods in the vegan diet. Everything changed when I found these foods and I stopped relaying on supplements as a vegan.

I still do have certain supplements for some vitamins like vitamin B12 and omega 3 which are normally hard to find in foods.

Now let me get into the foods I focus on for getting my calcium levels up.

Sesame seeds

how do vegans get calcium

If you still have this questions: how do vegans get calcium? Then this is the first food to look into.

Seasame seeds are a great food for increasing your calcium content. Not only are seasome seeds nutty and crunchy but they have many minerals.

The minerals include high amount of copper, magnesium and zinc which are essential for every diet.

Sesame seeds have a content of 975 mg per 100 grams.

Fortified foods

The great thing about the vegan diet is that you are spoiled with chose with foods that are fortified with calcium.

Fortified foods are not only food in products but they are in vegetables.

I normally get the calcium fortified foods for drink, for example Vegan milk.


how do vegans get calcium

Kale is a vegetable full of calcium and many other nutrients which are good for you.

In fact kale is considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables on earth.

Kale has the following nutrients that make up its health benefits:

  • Lowers cholesterol

The reason I found out about this veggie is that it was key of unclogging my heart arteries which I have talked about on my article.

  • Vitamin C

Kale has more vitamin C than most veggies like spinach (with 4 times the amount).

  • Weight loss asistance

Looking to lose weight on a vegan die then focus on this veggie as it has low calories but still making you fuller.

The other great thing about kale is that it does not need to be cooked since it can be eaten raw in salads also.

White beans

White beans are my daily consumption due to their versatility on food dishes and this is helps increase my calcium levels at the same time.

There are many types of white beans like navy beans, Baby Lima beans, Great North beans and cannellini beans.

Many people get confused as to which are the right white beans so they can focus on them.

Just know that white beans are really all the above and all have the same amount of calcium .


how do vegans get calcium

Tofu has only recently become my favorite food due to the taste and versatility it provides since it can be used to replace meat for anyone joining a vegan diet.

Tofu is filled with a lot of calcium and other nutrients like amino acids and iron.

Tofu is made from soy milk just like cheese is made from regular milk which is turned into solids for consumption.

The other benefit of tofu is that according to research it is linked to lowering bad cholesterol levels in your body.

Most vegans use tofu for protein but I do not use it for that due to being made from soy which can have many negatives when eaten a lot.

To find out the Vegan foods that I eat to get the highest protein check out the article called vegan foods high in protein.

Take home message

When you are in a vegan diet it is vital to get enough calcium as this can cause many chronic disease like arthritis.

Most vegans have a problem of having less calcium in their diet than they should. This is the reason that calcium supplements have been so famous amongst vegans including me.

However when you get the right foods you will find that it easy for you to have enough calcium content in your meals without even trying.

I know I have experienced this and life has changed for the better since I have found foods full of calcium like Season seeds, tofu, white beans, kale and fortified foods.

I hope this article was helpful in giving you the foods that you can use to get your calcium from. If you have any questions or any comments to add please ensure to leave your thoughts below as I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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    I’m going with Kale because what you have said about this plant is an amazing fact to learn. (‘In fact, kale is considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables on earth.’) Thanks for some great tips! Keep it coming. Ivan

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