His Secret Obsession Review- Is this a big scam?

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Welcome to His Secret Obsession Review where I give you a full unbiased review of this program so that you will be able to make an informed decision.

Relationships will always be one of the things we as humans seek because of the way we are created. However, the issue is that some of us find it hard to achieve long term relationships or love.

This is more so for women since they are usually worried to get married early. This can be an issue if this ends up not happening earlier for most of them.

We must remember that the man usually has the ability to ask for the woman’s hand in marriage.

The new book called his secret obsession is a book which claims to help any women to be able to have their man commit to them for a long term.

However, I will be checking if the claims are actually true and if they are worth it.

Without further ado, let;s get started.

His Secret Obsession Review

Program name: His Secret ObsessionHis Secret Obsession Review

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator:James Bauer

Price: $47

Veganweight.com: 4.5 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Very practical guide
  • Very easy to follow
  • Creator is very credible
  • Very affordable
  • Research based guide
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Only available online
  • Not a quick solution.

What is His Secret Obsession book?

His secret obsession is a book all about tackling what drives men and how each women can tap into those buttons.

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There are many elements that a man can be made to commit to a woman however this book focuses on some usually ones.

The main one is the man’s hero instinct which any women can tap into and make a man run after her.

The book is mainly practical and while require you to do the exercises or guidelines in the book so you can achieve the results.

Who is the creator of His Secret Obsession book?

It is vital to check who the creator is so that we at least know if the person is credible or not when it comes to the subject.

Luckily for this program the creator is real and is very qualified for this subject with more than a decade of experience in relationship coaching.

His name is James Bauer and has created many relationship guides and his latest one is his book called “What men secretly want”.

Needless to say the book has gotten many raving customers who are using i daily to help improve their relationships.

This is the reason he ended up creating this book as a deep extension of the last book for women to practically apply all the information.

He decided to put this in the book after he saw that many women were benefiting using the secret obsession every man has.

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James is a trained psychologist and a successful author who has studied how men and women’s brain work when it comes to love.

After studying for years he found this secret of how men can be so attracted to any women.

Knowing that the creator is very credible and has the right qualifications for the subject we are at least in good hands.

Let’s further look into the program.

How does His Secret Obsession work?

His Secret Obsession Review

Just to make it clear that His Secret Obsession is a book however the way it is structured it is more than a book.

This is because within the book there will worksheets and ways to make the information you get here step by step.

The book talks about how you can easily turn your man’s “Hero Instinct” at your will so that your man will do anything you wish.

The James says that the man is influenced mainly by these things sex, love, Money and appreciation.

He also says that the other main part that is stronger than all of these is the ego part where he wants to feel like a hero for his lover.

As a man myself I know that this is a huge thing which influences me daily.

This is the results why you see why men are always so power hungry and every position which will require huge attention and will involve leadership.

This is also the reason why positions of leadership have always been occupied by men and if you are a woman it is almost like you are guilty if you wants to occupy these spaces.

What are the features of His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession Review

Now let us look at what you will get when you purchase the guideline and see the value that you will get vs the cost.

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I will dissect this book for you so that you will at least see what you will likely get upon purchase.

The first part of the book will be about the theory that you need to know when it comes how men and women differ when it comes to their needs at all.

You will also learn the “hero secret” which the book is based on.

The second part of the book will mainly be the practical part of the guide where you will be given exercise for implementing in your relationship.

So Here are the things you will get:

  • Ebook of his secret obsession
  • Audiobook of his secret obsession

If you do not have time to read the Ebook you can simply listen to the audio book at your convinience as it is the same type of information as one the Ebook.

What does science say about the book?

It is also good to look at the science to validate if the claims are actually true although we know he is a well respected creator who did say he researched it.

I usually do this for my own confidence when looking at a product which claims to give the results.

“Man’s heroic instinct”

According the researchgate men have been found to be more heroic than ever due to the fact that they evolved like this throughout the years.

This means that this instinct is ingrained in men forever and will never change

Other relationship blogs which help women get good relationships also talks about the fact the same fact which is mentioned in the book.

Who is the book for?

His Secret Obsession Review

This book is basically dedicated to all the women who are looking to have a spark back to their relationship which will last longer.

The book is also dedicated to women who are looking to have long term relationships so that they will be able to achieve their life desires.

The book is also for people who are willing to take action daily not just to read for the fun of it because there is a lot of information to be applied.

This is also because the there are systemic steps in the book which need to be followed throughout so if someone keeps others the formula or system will not be completely effective.

Is His Secret Obsession book a scam?

His Secret Obsession Review

To check if something is a scam or not it is vital to check many factors such as the following:

  • Is the creator credible at the subject

It is no use following a creator who has no experience in this field or at least years of training in this field as it will not be worth it.

Someone who has experience or knowledge is actually worth it because he or she will know the pits falls along the way.

Just like the saying that goes ” Follow those who have been where you wants to go” this is so true.

That is why it is good that in this guide you will be following James who has achieved these results.

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Does His Secret Obsession book work?

It is also vital to check the guide will actually work and I know it should work and it is for the following reasons:

  • Research backs the guide up

The research backs the guide by validating its claims. This shows that the program is not based upon lies.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

James is very confident about his program to the point that he offers a risk on himself by giving you 60 days to try the program and if you do not get help you can return the favor.

Final thoughts

His Secret Obsession Review

Having the ability to influence a man’s behavior to love you as almost all women’s desires however only a few women know the secret.

However, the guide called “His Secret Obsession” has revealed all the secrets you need to know.

The program is very practical and shows you the secret code that you can use to turn on a men’s love for you for good.

This is called the”Heroic part of a man” and can be influenced very easily with the steps and system of the program.

The program is also backed by thorough research and science which means all information should work well.

The Program is created by a real author who is credible in the way a man’s mind works when it comes to attraction and being fulfilled

The program is also great in that it has a risk free factor. Which means you can try it for 60 days and if you do not get help you can be refunded your money.

>>Try His Secret Obsession Riks Free yourself Here<<

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it was useful to you. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Philip

    This book sounds very interesting and since I never married I could probably do with reading it. Though His Secret Obsession is mostly for women it would be nice to see it from a woman’s point of view.

    So If I bump into a lady reading this book then perhaps it would help me to show her what she is after. Great review by the way and it was very very thought-provoking 🙂 .

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Philip

      Great to hear your feedback. Yeah the book is for women only unfortunately so you can only help a woman indeed. Maybe to even ask you out ha ha you never know. Women are proactive these days.
      I am glad you found value in the review. Best wishes.

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