Heartburn no more review- What they are hiding from you

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Heartburn is one of the most prevalent disease which is increasing rapidly as confirmed by the World Gastroenterology. This is particularly happening more in North America where the increase is said to be 25%.

Even though most people find it hard to cure it more solutions are coming to fruition yearly. One of the popular program for this has been the Heartburn no more. Today I will be doing a heartburn no more review to see if it is worth it or not.

Heartburn no more review

As always I am always unbiased with all my reviews by checking everything about the program so that people know what they are getting themselves into.

My aim is for you to make a good and informed decision yourself always.Let’s watch a movie which talks about how to heart burn is formed first.

Without wasting anytime let us get started.

Heart burn no more review

Program name: Heartburn no moreHeartburn no more review

Website: www.heartburnnomore.com

Creator: Jeff Martin

Price: $47

veganweight rating: 2 out of 5

What is heartburn no more about?

In this heartburn no more program I will start by talking about what this program is all about.

As the name says “heart burn no more” the program is for eliminating any heartburn or heart burn related diseases.

As you might know there are many of these names which describe what this disease is, such as Acid reflux and gastro problems.

The program claims to cure any person’s acid reflux or heartburn within 2 day and do this permanently.

Well for me this was one red flag that this program might be one of those scams but I decided to be open minded and learn more about the program to see if there were other red flags.

The owner of the program says that the program was developed after 11 years of trial and error and he also says it is medically researched. (which is what I will be discovering soon, read on).

The program claims that you will do all of this without any drugs or medicine whatsoever. This is the part I liked because I tend to advise away from any drugs.

This is because of my bad experience with drugs and pills over the years which nearly took my life many times over.

Who is the creator of the program?


As per the norm, I always ensure to check out the creator of the program for you. So this review is no different.

The creator of the heart burn no more program is Jeff Martin, so the program claims.

So who is this Jeff?

Jeff is basically a fake person who does not exist at all. The person who speaks in this program basically is a person paid to talk and pose.

So how do I know this?

Well I did a deep research to find this Jeff person and what I found was the picture of Jeff in the program was taken from the internet at a place called Shutterstock. You can check out this picture on this SHUTTERSTOCK LINK.

For those who don’t know, you can also buy a voice (of some salesman) for programs or products on places like Fiverr.

What is worse is that the person behind this program is deceiving people by saying Jeff is a Professional Medical researcher, nutritionist and health consultant.

In the video, this person makes the video so long by repeating himself so many times with no solution only so that you can stay engaged.

To make your life easier it is better to just check the written script so you can quickly see what it is.

These were other red flags for this program for me which just made me sick.

My next move was to check if the program actually works and if the medical research studies are actually real?

This is what I will be doing on the next few sections.

Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • No side effects (natural program)
  • very thorough and detailed program


  • Fake creator and photo
  • Too over hyped and promising quick results (which is not possible)
  • Fake testimonies
  • Too long to listen to the video, reading the script is better.
  • The sale video repeats itself too much without giving you the solution.
  • No physical book

How does the heart burn no more program work?

The heartburn no more program is all about using natural methods or natural ways to permanently get rid of that nagging acid reflux pain.

The program focuses on a 5 system approach which you must follow until you get the results they talk about.

You will be mostly focusing on certain foods and also on enhancing your physical body to be at the optimum.

This will include getting the best quality and right amount of sleep. You will also be told about how to sleep to help get rid of the acid reflux.

You will also be doing some exercise which will help lower your acid reflux. These exercises are simple and easy to do.

You will also be doing a lot of meditation to help your mind get peace so that you get rid of the stress which causes acid reflux.

>>You can check out the heartburn no more program for yourself risk-free here<<

I want to warn you that you will have to love reading because the book is quiet long to read and the information is too much.

But if you decided to purchase this program I would say the pages to focus on most would be page 60 and 48. That is where most of the solutions are anyways.

What are the feature of HeartBurn No more?

So what will you get when you purchase the program?

When you purchase the program you will get the main ebook about curing heart burn and you will also get the 4 bonus books.

Let’s talk about what you will get in the book:

  • Chapter 1

This is basically the introduction of the book and how to get the best results from the book. It also has 10 facts about the book.

  • Chapter 2

This chapter gives you a whole lot about what the heart burn and acid reflux is. It includes the following sections:

  1. Signs and symptoms
  2. Risk-factors for having heart burn and acid reflux
  3. Medicine vs holistic ,natural approach.
  • Chapter 3

The mini program

  • Chapter 4

This chapter talks about the solution which is the 5 step it is divided as follows:’

  1. The 2 day reflux
  2. Dietary changes
  3. Powerful Antacid reflux supplementation
  4. Internal cleansing
  5. Kill candida
  6. Exercise , stress control and sleep optimization
  • Chapter 5

Talks about how best to prevent heart burn.

Research about the facts of the program

Now let us see if the claims behind this program are in fact real or just made up.

I want to tell you that most of the medical research in this book is taken from what already exists on other major websites like HealthLine and Harvard Medicine university.

Although I am not saying the solutions that the book has do not work, however this is plagiarism at its best.

In fact you can go online to these websites and get all this information that the program talks about on the internet for FREE.

I will show you one example of this:


This extract from the book is just like what Harvard Medical University talks about as shown below:

The only difference we can maybe compliment this program with is that they took all these “well known” ideas and packaged them into a program which is a system for someone to follow.

Who is Heartburn no more for?

Heartburn no more review

Before you buy any product or program it is worthwhile to check if it is well suited for you or not as this will help prevent getting any product which will be not worth it.

Although I would not really recommend this program to anyone I will list the people who can just check it out and see if it will work for you since it is risk-free.

Here we go:

  • People who are looking to be discipline to see the results
  • People who do not want to use any medicines or pills.
  • People who are looking for methods that will work without any risk.
  • People who are willing to try the program for at least a month.

>>You can check out the hurtburn no more program yourself here to see if it suits you risk-free<<

Heartburn No more Testimonies

The only thing I want to say about the testimonies is that there is a good chance that they are all fake or the creator used his friends to get testimonies, we already saw that the Jeff Martin guy is a stolen identity.

The reason I say fake testimonies by friends is because most of the people who operate this way also like buying testimonies from either fiverr or ask their friends.

According to Marketwatch.com there are 10 secretes to uncover which online reviews are fake or real and two include the following

1. Repetition of “I” by the reviewer

This is 100% case for this product

2. The over hyping of the product/program using the same vocab or words.

This is also the case for these reviews when you read them. Here is a sample below:


Is Heartburn No More a scam?

So is the heart burn program a scam?

The simple answer is an Easy YES.

There are many reasons why this is a scam :

  • Too much plaigarism

The program as we saw took research which is freely available and packaged it to make it their own. This is why I do not agree with.

  • The creator is fake

We saw on this review that Jeff Martin is a fake person and they actually use a fake picture to lure people in. Lack of ethics is too bad.

  • The program is way too hyped

As soon as you start reading you will see that this is one of those typical scams where they promise you quick results for you to buy from them quickly.

Let me reminder: anything worth having takes time. Think of how long it took you to develop the acid reflux.

Would it make sense for you to quickly get rid of it in a flash?

If you are wise you would know that this is not reality in life.

However if you want you can just try it and see if you will get results or not. Because unless you are eating right and stuff while following the program it could possibly work.

But then again you still have a risk free factor by using this program where you can get a refund should you not get the results you want.

  • Testimonies are not reliable

Testimonies say a lot about a program so having questionable testimonies like these only make people trust this program less.

To supplement this program or before you start this program as it focuses on diet I would recommend two good diets for acid reflux and those are the Keto diet and the vegan diet.

>>Check out my #1 recommendation program for heartburn and acid reflux here<<

If you are new to these you can check out the article for vegan diet for beginners and if you want a keto diet that can be tailored for you specifically/personally as a beginner I would recommend custom keto diet.

How does the program compare to other solutions?

It is good to check if there are any other alternatives to this program. Yes there are alternatives however most of these alternatives are more to do with conventional ways which include things like medication or surgery sometimes.

If you are frequent reader of this blog then you will know that I always advice people to focus on natural programs.

One of the best alternative which is authentic is The Acid Reflux Strategy program which is easy to follow too and super effective.

When compared to this program you can rest assured it will work better.

Final thoughts

Acid reflux or heartburn is one of the most prevalent body disorders that affects many people especially as they get older.

While medicine has caused more harm than good it is better to focus on natural ways to help cure the problem .

Heart burn no more is one of those program whereby it claims to not only cure the root cause of the problem but it promises to get rid of the problem for real by reversing it for good.

Upon doing a lot of digging about the program since I was suspicious about how it works I found that the program was a huge a scam.

Many things are not right about the program such as the fake creator who is called Jeff Martin and the testimonies which are questionable.

The program has good medical research backing however all these ways can be easily found on the internet for free.

The only thing they managed to do well was to put all these steps in an easy to follow system.

The other good reason is that the program has a 60-day money back guarantee, which means that if you really suffer from acid reflux you can check it for 60 days and see if it will actually work for you.

This will obviously be risk free for you for the 60 days.

>>You can check out the heart burn no more program risk-free here<<

In any case I am happy you were able to research and find out about the program instead of just going for it.

I hope this review was beneficial to you and if you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Heartburn no more review

Too many fake aspects

The program is filled with a lot of fake testimonies and creator . This makes it hard for any person to follow.

The only good thing is that its is 60 day money back guarantee.

Reader Comments

  1. Philip

    Hi Thabo,

    Thank you for this excellent review of Heartburn No More. I suffer from heartburn greatly even after a few cups of coffee, which, I find very upsetting as I love my coffee. I will try to give this program a go and I see it is a risk free trial with the Heartburn No More program.

    Seems the older I get the body tells me what is good for me and no longer is pretty sharpish.

    Thanks Thabo.

    Regards, Philip.

  2. Ionut

    Hi, Thabo,

    Thank you for this wonderful review!

    I want to say that you really have done a great job here by deeply researching the program and letting people know the goods and the bads about it.

    One thing to mention here is how reliable is their money-back guarantee?

    Since there is a fake person that stands behind this program, from whom actually one may ask the money back?

    Otherwise, it is a great in-depth review and I am sure it will help a lot of people!

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Lonut

      Very great feedback I actually did think about the getting money back gaurantee, I just never wrote anything about it.
      What I have noticed about such program they tend to give you your money back. However it is not to say that they will do as promised as I haven’t changed myself.

  3. jessie

    Thank you so much for the awesome review! I have terrible heartburn sometimes, and I was going to try this out. However, after reading your review I am changing my mind because there is so much fake stuff on it. Why did they have to use a fake photo? That is insane!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jessie

      I am happy that this review was able to help steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the program.
      Yeah the lack of authenticity in this program is what people should know about.

  4. Lis

    I feel bad for the maker of that program. I don’t feel it’s necessarily a bad thing to compile information that is available for free and sell it. People are paying for the convenience of not having to research the information for themselves. Great review over all. I would watch the video if you hadn’t mentioned the length 🙂

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