Funny vegan jokes- Laugh your vegan lungs out

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We as vegans enjoy laughing too and most of the jokes do not offend least most of us..since we do not take them personally. Are you ready for funny vegan jokes?

Well, be ready to laugh and also to learn a few lingos that we vegans use. These vegan jokes will surely relate to you and will be able to brighten your day.

The jokes are divided into food jokes, people (vegan) jokes and one liners for vegans. I hope you enjoy this article of funny vegan jokes..Let’s get started.

At the end be sure to leave a comment stating which was the joke that you liked the most out of these funny vegans.

Before we start let’s look at what Steve Harvey has to say about Vegans.

Now that you have had a bit of some laugh (hopefully) from Steve Harvey let’s start with some jokes.

Food vegan jokes

When talking about funny vegan jokes it is always great to start with food jokes as this is what most people easily relate to.

Now let’s start with the vegan food jokes.funny vegan jokes

  1. Do you want me to tell you a vegan joke?…I promise it won’t be cheesy
  2. Why are vegan jokes so few?…because they are corny.
  3. Why did the tomato blush?…because he saw the salad, dressing.
  4. A vegan decides to go to the doctor. He has carrot sticking out of his ear, celery out of the other ear and broccoli out of his nose. He then asks the doctor what is wrong?..The doctor says: “well for one thing, you are not eating right”
  5. Why did tofu cross the road?..To prove that he wasn’t chicken.
  6. What do you call it when one chickpea murders another?…..A hummus-cide
  7. If vegetarians eat vegetables then what do humanitarians eat?
  8. What did the lettuce say to the celery?…..Are you stalking me?
  9. Do you serve vegetarians here?…of course how do you like them served?

Vegan people jokes

Vegan jokes would be incomplete without me talking about the people (vegans) and how they relate. I hope you can enjoy these as well.

  1. What did one vegan say to the other vegan?……We have to stop meating like this.
  2. Why do vegans always lose big deals in life?…Because they do not like to meat at all.
  3. Which celebrity tastes vegan?…Halle Berry
  4. What is the best way to keep milk fresh?…leave it in the cow.
  5. What crackers do vegetarians refuse to eat?..animal crackers

One liners jokes

If you love the quick one liner jokes then this section will be very enjoyable to you.

  1. Dear vegans and vegetarians I season my meat with your food.
  2. When I want to become anorexic that is when I will become a vegan.
  3. Dear vegans, stop killing and finishing our source of our food chain.
  4. Vegans call themselves strict environmentally conscious people but they still use paper to write on and still walk on grass.
  5. Become a vegan when animal food stops tasting so good.

Bonus vegan jokes

funny vegan jokes

Upon writing this article I thought to just give you just two final jokes since you have read all the way to this part. These are some common vegan jokes that are used.

I promise these will be worth your while and time.

I have only put two so I hope you enjoy.

  • Me: I had a vegan ice cream

Them: why do you always have to talk about being vegan?

Next time:

Me:I had ice-cream

Them: OH MY GOD I thought you were vegan?

  • The quickest way to become a nutritionist? Talk to a vegan. Suddenly everyone becomes an expert on food when they meet a vegan.

Final vegan jokes for you

Final thoughts

There are loads of vegan jokes that we as vegan hear on a daily basis and I have to say that all of them are funny to listen to especially if you know that they will not offend you the slightest as a vegan.

The jokes in this article were divided into different categories so that you will understand what they all meant and how they relate like vegan food jokes, vegan people jokes and one liners.

Most people tend to find the one liners more funny since they relate well with them as most people who read these jokes are meat-eaters.

On my side I have to say that the vegan food jokes tend to always make me laugh just because I am so use to eating vegan food. My favorite joke is “Can I tell you a vegan joke?… I promise it won’t be cheesy”.

I Know it tends to be on the corny side but for me it is about being different and I just love it.

I used this one at my work[place several times and most people laughed and said it was a good one although not that funny. You see this is what I like the clever kind of jokes.

So everyone has their favorite or should I say they type of humor, So what is yours? write on the comment section below.

I hope you enjoyed this article of vegan jokes and I hope it was meaningful and good for to start or end your day (depending on when you are reading this).

I will be waiting for your comment below. Let’s engage.

Reader Comments

  1. Theresa

    🙂 Well, that was a nice break from the usual articles I read over my lunch break. Thanks for brightening my day! Funny, but true: everyone does become a food expert when talking to a vegan.

  2. Tammy

    Although I’m not vegan, I still enjoyed your jokes! I liked the food jokes the best, especially #4, #6 and #7. We all fall into different categories of just being people and it’s nice to be able to relate to one another and have a good laugh! Nice job!

  3. erlend

    Thanks for a refreshing article! Always fun to read something that is fun!
    There were many funny vegan jokes here
    I can share one too:
    How do native Americans describe vegetarians? Yes, as poor hunters!

  4. bela

    Thank you for really brightening my evening, your article refreshed me! It was interesting to read your post because it was the first time to speak about vegans in such a good and funny way. I’m not a vegan but on a diet for health benefits. But I have just sent two of your jokes to our daughter at once. I also think that you must be intelligent as well not to be bothered by jokes! And also understand that they are a simple way to have a good time.

  5. jagi

    Your jokes are hilarious. I didn’t know there were so many vegan jokes out there. My Mom is vegan, I will have to use these on her for sure. I’ve tried a few in the past, but all she does is roll her eyes. I guess I will cause more eye-rolling, but I will still be laughing.

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