Fortune Reading Reviews-The biggest scam yet?

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Welcome to my fortune Reading Review where I will be telling you all you need to know about this program so that you will be able to make your own decision.

Most people want to have a life where they can be able to have a clear picture of what their future may hold and this is the reason people end up having anxiety since they do not like the uncertainty of their lives.

The issue though is that most people go about the wrong way when it comes to this which ends up putting them in awkward positions like having to go bad people who end up robbing them or doing something bad.

The fortune reading is a new program which goes about this in a more structured way.

However, how effective is it? and should you really trust it?

Well we will be doing a deep review about to help you discover the truth at the core of this program.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review

Fortune Reading ReviewFortune reading reviews

Product name: Fortune Reading

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Michael DE Angelo

Price: different price packages staring with a trial. rating:3.5 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Creator is a real person
  • Easy to follow
  • Can be done at the comfort of your home.
  • Some evidence


  • Uses a new way that is not normal to people
  • Only available online

What is Fortune Reading?

Fortune reading reviews

Fortune Reading is a comprehensive holistic program which is made to help any person be able to amplify their gut feelings and also the way they see the future.

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The program is made from ancient principles which come from Greece and have been helping many people around the world with their lives.

Some people have also reported that this method can also be used in a negative way which is why it is advised to only use the information or the approach in a way which will be good help you and those you love positively.

Such methods are slowly taking on the mainstream as more people in the world are starting to wake up in terms of how much power a human being has and how much they can harness with the right information.

This information which has been hidden for years can benefit any person who wants to use nature to create the things they want.

Who is the creator of the program?

Knowing the creator of the program is great because it helps us know who we are dealing with when it comes to the program and thus just to know where they come from with his/her approach.

The creator of the program is Michael De Angelo who had suffered some fair share of bad experiences in his life.

Michael is an average Joe like anyone else who lived a normal life like anyone else. However one day he had a huge car accident when he was going to the things he enjoyed which left him paralyzed, unable to walk.

After he had been hospitalized and left by his girlfriend whom he had dated for a while he was shattered.

It was only after he met a new girl by the name of Amy that he was able to discover this holistic approach in his life.

Amy advised him to take this approach since she saw that nothing was really working with his constant appointments with the doctors.

After trying holistic healing he was able to heal about 30% as he was able to walk. Since this was not what he wanted fully Amy told Michael to go to a Greece sanctuary that she knew.

After going to the Greece sanctuary Michael was able to find what he was looking for:He found the ways ancient Greeks used nature to heal and sense the future.

He met a lady by the name Magdala who showed him the oracle of Delphi which is used to discover a glimpse of the future and how it is used.

He also learnt about the Pythia which has been long known to use metaphysics to tell the future with its formula.

After doing the practices like meditation session with Magdala Michael started getting all sorts of coincidents and what looks like in the eyes of a normal person while he was on this visit.

One example is that he won $2000 without him doing any sort of work.

He then decided to continue to work on this and make it into a program which any person can be able to follow in their own home as he knew that it made be hard for most people to go to the place that he went to in Greece especially in the times we live in with so many expenses and restrictions.

How does Fortune Reading work?


Now that you know a bit about the program it is now time to take a look at how the program actually works so that you get a bit of an overview.

The program is purely based upon metaphysics as I said and this will allow you to be able to gather things clearly without being interrupted by time and what the naked eye can see.

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This means you will be able to go beyond the senses which is what things like cats can be able to see and sense.

You may have heard or know that cats are great protectors of people as they can even see spirits and have been used in ancient times to be guardian angles of temples.

Although you will not be seeing any spirits at all you will be able to have a higher sense in terms of feelings and spotting things easier than a normal human being.

What does science say about this program?

When we look at metaphysics research you can see the evidence that the future of time and the past can be examined in some sort of way.

These are by certain calculations which show how the universe works even though more research is still being conducted for this on a daily basis.

There are a few articles which actually highlight this well so my other guess is because science is always discovering and such things will be made clear as it has not been realized yet.

What are the features of fortune reading program?

These are ultimately the things that you will be getting in the program which will allow you to be able to see the future in a different sense of your body:

  • Connection Roadmap

This part will help you be able to reach a deeper connection when it comes to friendships and general life relationships.

  • Personality Roadmap

This part is where you are able to learn to trust your heart and gather information according to your life and abilities .

You will learn about certain blind spots and all the rest of it which you may have been blind to see since you were young.

  • Health roadmap

This section is what you will be a able to learn how to overcome certain illnesses easily in your life by understanding your physical body.

  • Oracle card story

This is one of the most important aspect of the program as you will be presented with a card that will tell you where you are currently and where you are heading too.

  • Sacred Number

This is a holy number which is going to be a guideline for each of the section like your health roadmap, and personality roadmap.

What are the benefits of Fortune Reading?

The users will benefit by able to understand their personality struggles as well as their health so that they will be able to navigate their lives in a seemingless manner.

The Program/software is also used to enable people to be able to stay powerful by knowing what their strengths are and weaknesses are.

In this sense this can be helpful when people want to do things like business and relationships as it will show them who to better align with in order to see the better results in their lives.

This is why it is said to help you avoid any blind spots that you may encounter along the way easily.

This is just one example and there are many more which you will get in the program which will help you drastically.

Who is Fortune Reading for?

The software/program is for any person who is looking for a way to understand the future so that they will be able to go through life in a smoother way.

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If you are also a person who is constantly bombarded with ways stressing you and you just want to figure out what could be the issue than this is definitely worth a try given that it has huge money back guarantee which you can utilize.

The program is also for females or males and kids or adults which makes it very safe and easy to use just by following the instructions.

How much does the Fortune Reading cost?

Understanding the pricing is also another good aspect which can help us be able to know what we are dealing with.

The good thing is that you can get the program on different packages which will be according to your preferences.

Here are the three packages you will get:

Fortune Reading price package 1: $0.099 per month and $37/month

This is the lowest package where you can get the software at a trial for three days and then later you pay $37 month and you will get the following:

  • Unlimited daily readings for your life
  • Instant Account set up
  • Easy cancellation process

Fortune Reading Price package 2:$159 yearly

This package is the higher type and you get all the things you get in package 1 and more.

Fortune Reading price package 3: Same as second package.

Fortune Reading testimonies

The other aspect to check a program or software is to check what others are saying about it. The program is new so it is hard to actually gather any testimonies outside the website.

For now the testimonies outside the website are what we can rely on for now which are generally showing good feedback.

Is fortune reading a scam?

The program is definitely not a scam and if you have been reading up until this point you will already know.

However just to emphasize I will leave the reasons for this below for you:

  • Creator is real

Dealing with a person like Michael we can have comfort that we have a real person who has experienced the benefits of the program before he made it.

  • Long money back guarantee

Having a 365 days a year guarantee is one of the other way to see that the program is very truthful and the creator is basically confident about the works of this program that he is willing to give you this program risk free for this long.

  • Scientific evidence

There is some scientific evidence about all of what the program talks about especially metaphysics which is what is needed to ensure we can fully trust the programs.

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Is Fortune Reading safe?

Some programs or software like this may pose problems for some as they may need addition software which can pose danger like loud noise to bring the message across.

However, with this software there is non of that which leaves you to still benefit without harming your body in any form or fashion.

How does the program/software compare to others

When we try to compare this program to others that have been made for a similar purpose we can say that the program rates in the top as one of the best so far.

Others which I have checked usually have no actually backing of any sort in a way that we can see like the Astro Tarot Reading program.

The other aspect is that this program is one of a few which has money back guarantee which we can rely on that is so long.

Most usually have money back guarantee of 30 Days, which is still good however it is normally better to have a longer one like this.

Final thoughts

We would all like to have a glimpse of our future and know exactly what will happen. However, this is very hard to achieve given so many barriers as human beings.

The best way is to use things which can help us with certain calculation and then we will be cool.

The new program/software called the Fortune Reading is one of the best ways one can be able to get information about how they can avoid certain blind spots which they have carried all their lives.

The software was developed by a normal person called Michael what had faced a huge crisis in his life and needed to recover.

After discovering the ways the Ancient Greeks used to not only heal themselves but to see the future he was able to use these methods for himself.

After it changed his life for the better he wanted to help others too in this manner.

The software he developed is all about the methods which helped change his life and be able to get rid of any blind spots in his life that could cause issues whether in personal relationship or his job.

The program is good since it comes with money back guarantee of 365 day which shows that Michael is quite confident when it comes to this software by giving you a huge risk free factor.

>>Try the Fortune Reading risk free yourself here<<

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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