Fat flush diet reviews- Should you try it?

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Welcome to my fat flush diet review where I will be revealing this in an unbiased way so you found out the full information about this program.

With obesity growing yearly it is vital that people take care of their health and specifically look for natural ways which actually work.

We all know the dangers of leaving fat in the body for the long term so that is why I say this is vital.

The fat flusher diet is a new program which claims to have found the truth about eliminating not just obesity but also belly fat too.

It is interesting that veganweight will be analyzing this program because it has become so popular as of late since most people are looking to it as a weight loss solution during coronavirus lockdown.

Before we start you may be interested in getting my free guide which will help you lose weight permanently if you are able to follow it religiously and reference it as your guide.

Without waiting more time, let’s get started.

Fat flusher diet reviews

Name: Fat flusher dietFat flusher diet review

Website: www.fatflusherdiet.com

Creator: Gary Watson

price: $ 69

Veganweight.com rating: 4 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural product
  • Founder is real
  • Easy and simple to follow
  • No need for gym equipment


  • May be a bit pricey
  • Some ingredients may not be obvious for helping burn fat

What is the fat flusher all about?


The fat flusher is basically a program which helps you lose weight and belly fat by unclogging your system of any fat.

The only thing you need to do is take this supplement daily and waiting for the results to show in your body (more about how it works later).


the supplement is one of the mostly used by people who are normally busy and do not have the actual time.

Who is the creator of the product?

As with all my reviews I make sure to look into the founder to see if she or she is real or not.

With the fat flusher I did find that the creator Gary Watson is real and the story in the sales page can be concluded as real (although it may be hard to actually know).

This is because Gary is well-known for creating health and weight loss products and he owns a company called Wake The Fork Up.

How does the fat flusher work?

Now let’s look at how the product works when you put it in your body to help your burn fat.

The product works by working with your body cells to help eliminate toxins which are known to get into your body through the food you eat daily.

The supplements for this program have an African natural extract which helps manipulate the body with its influence of a powerful hormone called leptin.

Leptin is found to be the number cause of weight gain and obesity in general so that is why Gary trust this product so much.

Once the leptin has been manipulated you will find that your body will naturally be wanting or helping you lose weight.

You will also be incorporating Gary’s morning tip to help burn fat even more which will need consistency on your part.

What are the features of the fat flusher?

Now let us look into the ingredients of the fat flusher to see if it is worth it or not.

When you purchase the program you will get the supplement which you will need to use 100% of the time.


The fat flusher is believed to be made powerful by the African Mango Extract which is in small percentage in the supplement.

Although I could not find this in the supplement ingredients I do know that any type of mango can help with weight loss if applied once in a while.

The verdict

Now we come to the part you may have been waiting for anxiously, whether the program is legit or a scam.

The answer is that the program is definitely not a scam as you have seen the research which I did to dig up about the program and product.

Here is a quick summary of why the program is legit:

  • Creator is real and credible

There is nothing as frustrating then getting program which has no specific founder you can point to. This is bad for even trusting the program.

With the fat flusher diet plan we already know that the program is basically real and his name is Gary Watson.

Gary Watson is not only real but he is very credible because he is well-known in the health industry and has produced many products.

His latest company is called Wake The Fork Up

  • Science backs up claims of the company

As we saw that the research I did actually agree with the methods that are shared in the program about the supplement helping you lose weight.

Although I do support this program however when it comes to long term effects I do not agree 100% with it.

The program believe you need only this supplement to lose weight and no exercise at all.

When it comes to a holistic weight lose I believe you do not to have diet and exercise as these will help the body sustain weight lose.

There is no magic pill in the world, you must know this.

Yes the supplement can work for a few months to some degree, but if you still have bad eating habits it will not work for you.

So I do advise you to use this supplement along with other weight loss exercises which you can find on YouTube for free.

However if you need more structured programs which show you a diet and exercise program then the following should work best:

If you do not like any of these you can always check for more on my review page.

Final thoughts

Losing weight is something anyone should take serious as it has become one of the obvious pandemics in the world all thanx to our lifestyles.

Most people who are looking to lose wight end up falling for the wrong diets and weight loss programs which end up being a waste of time for them.

This is why one needs to find natural programs or products which can have long term measurable results.

This is what Gary Watson has done for people so they can be able to achieve their results for the long term.

He created a product which is natural and works to eliminate the root cause of obesity and also leave you feeling healthy.

The supplement is based on manipulating the fat causing hormone called leptin so one can lose weight.

Upon doing research I did find that the product can be effective due to what other health authorities say with their research about leptin.

Although I do not agree completely with Gary when it comes to just using the supplement to lose weight by just a supplement I do agree that the supplement is effective.

The good thing is that it has a money back guarantee which is beneficial for you to use it risks free and check it out yourself.


I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them behind, I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Fat flusher diet review

Easy to use and founder is real and credible

Gray is a well known figure in health and weight loss and has been helping many people around the world.

Reader Comments

  1. Kenny Lee

    I’m really getting into natural, alternative weight-loss stuff these days. Spending hours working on a laptop isn’t doing my belly fat good. Will be checking out the supplier’s site.

  2. Melissa

    I never knew African Mango Extract could help with leptin levels. I agree with you in that diet and exercise are important in order to loose weight, probably the most important versus any pill/supplement. Thanks for the great information!

  3. Philip

    Hi Thabo,

    I really needed to find this kind of information because I am 40 now and I am getting a little wide around the hips haha. Oh well, but still, much needed advice and where to go to get the right products to help me locate something like the African Mongo Extract
    Is this product available globally? I will check that out Thabo and thank you kindly for your highly and clearly detailed review.

  4. Deb

    I agree that a healthy diet and daily exercise are the most important factors for sustainable weight loss. While supplements may help I would encourage people to make sure the ingredients are completely natural. I was completely unaware that our Leptin levels were responsible for weight gain or loss. I will to find more information on this. Do you know what effect age or having diabetes has on the Leptin levels within our bodies?

  5. Christy

    Interesting effect on leptin. Thanks for sharing the information. We all want to be the best versions of ourself and this product will definitely support that naturally.

  6. Andy

    Thanks for an interesting article. It seems you have mixed feelings about this product. I can see that you are a proponent of a more holistic approach to weight loss which incorporates diet exercise and some food supplements as necessary. I would guess this comes under the category of a food supplement. It isn’t clear to me though whether this is a product that could be taken regularly or only for a limited time until a certain desired effect is achieved. Is there a risk that your body could just become accustomed to the main active ingredients if you were to take too much or this or too often?
    Thanks and best regards

    • Thabo Khoza

      Yes I do have mixed feeling since I believe in the holistic approach when it comes to weight loss. This is helpful for long term results that a person is looking for. I would say you can take it for long since it is natural but make sure to also do your own exercises to go with it.

  7. Partha Banerjee

    Hi Thabo,

    This does seem like a product that could work well for weight and fat loss.

    I am well aware of the role that ghrelin and leptin play in feeling hungry and suppressing hunger respectively.

    So, a product that helps to produce leptin, which will automatically inhibit hunger, does seem like a viable solution when it comes to losing weight.

    Fantastic review as always and keep up the great work.

  8. Simon

    I’m not too impressed with the look of this product – Milk Thistle though is a herbal extract that can be used in a more subtle way to help with fat metabolisation, but exercise is still a vital component of fat loss all the same.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Simon

      Thank you for your feedback. There are many others you can choose from. Indeed not everyone will like one product vs another. One should choose what will work for them.

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