Fat Disruptor review- Is this a scam?

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Welcome to my fat disruptor review where I take you on my full unbiased and research review of this weight loss program.

Just like with all my reviews I want you to make your own decisions at the end after I have given you all the facts about a program.

This is vital to do because burning fat is not easy, with so many people being obese these days thus it is vital to choose the right program for you.

The fat disruptor claims to be one of those programs for people. But let’s leave my research and analysis be the judge of that.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Fat Disruptor ReviewFat Disruptor review

Program name: Fat disruptor

Website:>>Click here for website<<

Creator: Not visible

Price: $37

veganweight.com rating: 2.5 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • No gym equipment
  • No exercise
  • No strict dieting
  • Natural program
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • No creator who is visible
  • Science not clearly backing up claims

Fat Disruptor Overview

The fat disruptor program is essentially a program that helps you burn belly fat and keep it off without the use of any exercises or any diets which will cause you to starve.

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The program is made for both male and female with the mind of making the body automatically end up doing the work.

This is more of a protocol since it is 7 days of strategies to do over time.

Who is the creator?

This review, just like others of mine, are never complete without the inclusion of the creator being checked if he or she exists or not and most importantly if he is legit or not.

As you may know this is vital for being my first step for trusting a program.

Upon the research done I could not identify the creator which really made me start having doubts about the program.

However just because there is no founder it doesn’t mean it will not work so I will go in deeper to find out even more.

But as far as the first stage of no creator, it now has a lower score due to that.

How does the Fat Disruptor actually work?

fat disruptor review

Now it is vital to know how the system works so that you will know before trying it.

The fat disruptor is basically works with a tropic fruit which you will need to add to your diet to help you lose weight continuously.

The fruit is said to help manipulate insulin in your body so that your weight loss journey will be easy and effortless.

The reduction in metablosim that you will get will be helpful for belly fat burning according to the program.

This is a 7 day protocol which you will need to stick to until you reach what you are looking for.

This is a 7 day program that is based upon only 3 simple principles.

What are the features of the program?

Now it is also vital to take a look at the features you will get before you purchase the program so that you will know if it is value for money or not.

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Here is what you will get upon your purchase of the program:

  • PDF manual

In the ebook you will learn the following:

  1. Getting relief from heart related conditions
  2. Ways to improve immunity
  3. Ways to effectively low blood pressure

Science backing?

Now I also make sure to check the research about a programs’s claims and this is no different.

As far as what they talking about when it comes to the fruit which helps reduce metabolism I could not find any related research with regards to this.

The only thing I found was the fact that almost all fruits are good when it comes to regulating metabolism according to research.

They also mention that lentils are also one of the best ways to do this too.

This leaves us with the conclusion that this program has claims that are really general and not 100% specific. I guess They use a fruit since of the fiber content which will guarantee weight or belly fat loss.

Who is the program for?

Let us look into who the program is for because this is vital for any program to actual work.

These are the people it is catered for:

  • People with low immunity
  • People with high fat storage
  • People mainly above 40
  • People looking for belly fat burn.

The verdict

This is perhaps one of the main parts you have been waiting for.To hear my final thoughts about the program.

Just like I said: I will let you do your own decision about this after showing you the facts of the program.

However let me let you in with my conclusion and thoughts: I see the program as partially a scam because of the following:

  • The creator is not visible

For me it shows authenticity when a program has a visible creator who you can see. This prevents you from falling into buying any product.

  • Science is not really backing up the program fully.

After some research I wasn’t able to locate the actually evidence of the science backing up the claims in here.

  • No use of exercises

We should all know by now that exercise is vital for weight loss even if it is like 5 minute exercises. However with this program there is no such exercises on top of the claims not backing these up.

When it comes to if it works or not I am not sure as there haven’t been much real testimonies currently to justify it so you could check yourself if you are interested.

If you are looking for program that are more effective than the following is the best for belly fat:

Final thoughts

Belly fat is a condition that affects every gender due to the body’s natural way of aging.  Our lifestyles are usually the main culprits for developing such.

The new program called the fat disruptor claims to be able to assist you in burning belly fat very fast and effective.

After I did a full analysis of the program I discovered that the program was had many things that did not really add up. The first of which is that the creator is not visible.

This makes it hard for  a person like me to trust (I don’t know about you).

The second aspect is that the science is not really conclusive because the fruit that you are required to consume in the program is said to help increase metabolism (of which all fruits do by the way to some extent due to their fiber rich content)

I am not saying it will not work at all or for you for that matter I am just stating the facts that I have researched about.

In any case you can try it yourself and see what results it gives you since it is risk free for 60 days. Meaning you can use it and if not satisfied get your money back.

>>Try the fat disruptor risk free yourself here<<

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope it was useful to you in one way or another.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to return the favor as normal.

Fat disruptor review

Research is very general

The science backing is too general to qualify the program from working.

Reader Comments

  1. Glenn

    Thank you for doing the research and for writing an honest, unbiased review. There are so many weight loss programs, many good and many not. Without science, exercise, an owner/creator and without caloric restriction, I would consider this to be in the “not good” category of weight loss programs. Thanks again!

  2. Sheri

    Thanks for the transparent, non-biased research on this diet. I was thinking about ordering it – but like you even stated, I couldn’t find any real life testimonials from people who were actually successful using this program. I am very skeptical without a “creator” being visible for this program. We all want a “quick-fix” for weight loss, but frankly we all need to watch what we eat and exercise, especially the older we get. It’s really hard to trust so many programs that pop up out there and we need someone to do real, honest research! Thanks!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Sheri

      Thank you for your feedback. You did a great job to actually find out the full information before buying. It is not good seeing other programs not having actual people (or not being fully transparent). This ends up leading to a very bad name even if it is a good and legit product or program that could work.

      Nothing beats transparency especially for many of us.
      Yes I do make sure to dig deep inside the program so you can make your own decisions at the end of the day.

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