Fat burning fingerprint review-Don’t buy this scam program

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Welcome to my fat burning fingerprint review where I will be unloading everything about this program for you.Fat burning fingerprint review

It is no surprise why many people are looking at the fat burning fingerprint program as a way to lose weight since more and more people are being affected by diabetes according to the American cancer society.

This is the reason more measures and real fat burning or weight loss programs will be needed to help these people.

At the moment most of these programs are scams which is sad since people are thinking for their own pockets.

Well the fat burning fingerprinting program is one of those scams and I will be unloading it for you today as to why it is a scam.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Fat burning fingerprint reviewFat burning fingerprint review

Program name: Fat burning fingerprint


Creator: Gary Watson

Price: $37

Veganweight.com rating: 1 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • 60 money back guarantee (risk-free)
  • Natural program
  • The program will not take much of your time.
  • Affordable program


  • Too much false information
  • Only available in digital form

What is the fat burning fingerprint program?

The fat burning blueprint program is basically a program which is said to help burn your fat fast in a way that you have never seen (BTW they all say that).

>>Check out the Fat burning fingerprint program yourself<<

The program not only stops there when making these claims but it also claims that you need one fruit 30 minutes before you go to bed which will make you lose weight.

I laughed when I head this to be honest but I still decided to see what they have to offer.

What was the last straw for me was when they said you will need no exercise to accomplish your weight loss goals of burning fat.

Well that is what they claim works.

So who is the creator?

Now with all my reviews I make sure to look at who created the program so that I know if we are dealing with a real person or just a scammer.

As you might have guessed when it comes to this program the founder of the program is a real person, called Gary Watson who has all the required qualification for promoting health and fitness.

Gary Watson completed his degree in kinesiology and exercise science from the university of Illinois in the United states of America.

Not only is he qualified but he was the founder and president of Wake the Fork up.

If you are curious if this person is indeed real you can check some of his social media accounts like Linkedin.

Since he had a lot of experience and also helped many people with their health issue he decided to start this fat burning blueprint program

So we can pretty much be satisfied that we are dealing with a real person here. Now let’s move on to check the program itself to see if it works or not.

How does the program work?

Fat burning fingerprint review

This program is basically a system which will need 21 days for you to achieve your weight loss.

The irony of it all is that the program also combines exercises which are said to help you lose weight, even though they had had you do not need any exercises but the fruit to lose weight (I guess this was to lure people in).

The program basically includes 3 minutes of a daily routine which you need to do in the mornings to help with belly fat cutting.

You will also be eating fat decomposing foods which will help your body burn fat in your body.

You will also be learning the top fat burning fruits.

What are the features of the program?

To check if the program is actually worth it is better to check if you will actually get true value from this program.

You will also get bonuses when you buy this program and there are 3 bonuses:

1. The fat burning fingerprint main guide

This is the main book which you will be using more in this book since you will be reading and referring to it.

2. Fat burning meals

This is a fat burning guide which Gray gives you so you make the fat burning process quicker by adding the best herbs for your fat loss.

This guide is also there to help your body get rid of toxins which clog up your body and cause more fat.

3. A 3 minutes belly flattening sequence

This guide is an exercise which you need to do in the morning for only 3 minutes which targets to cut belly fat in the belly fats.

From the book you will be learning

  • 7 super fat burning hormones you must have in harmony
  • Fat burning fingerprint Fast-Track Guide
  • The Bermuda triangle of foods; Three foods you must avoid

>>Check out the fat burning fingerprint program yourself<<

Who is the program for?

The program is basically for people who are discipline and who are willing to wait for stay on course to see the results after a long time.

Contrary to what the program advertises that you will easily lose fat it is totally opposite and that is why you will be doing a lot of exercise to get rid of your excessive fat.

The verdict

Fat burning fingerprint review(2)

I am sure you have been waiting to hear what I will say about this program.

Well as you may have read I believe the program is a scam in itself as it has so much false information to lure people in since when they have bought to program they will actually be working even harder.

If you go online you will find no testimonies for people who have been helped and that should scare anyone away

To see if the program works we need to see at least good testimonies.

The program reminds me of all many of the scam programs I have reviewed which try to falsely advertise to entice people.

I always say that if a program lies to you at face encounter that is the first red flag for you.

There are many programs I would advise you to take which actually work and I have done a review of them, Here they are:

Final thoughts
Fat burning fingerprint review

Many people are looking for ways to cut the fat or weight more than before due to the crisis of obesity worldwide.

The fat burning fingerprint program has been one of the many programs which are using natural ways to help people instead of them using drugs which have side effects.

The program has a real creator who is called Gary Watson who is well-educated.

However, his program promise people that they will lose weight just eating a fruit before bed but when the customer has bought the program they find it is not actually just a fruit but other aspects like exercise.

This shows that the company and creator have no integrity so it is hard to trust it or to even trust if it actually works.

The only good thing is that you can try it yourself risk free for 60 days to see if it will work or not.

>>Check the Fat burning fingerprint program yourself here<<

I hope you found this program helpful. If you have any comments or questions you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Fat burning fingerprint review

False advertising

The program is a huge scam since it gives the customer false information just for people to buy only to find it is opposite to what it promised

Reader Comments

  1. Bob

    It’s sad to read about weight loss programs that are solely geared at making a profit and not realistic approaches at solving the issue. People suffering from obesity are dealing with real pain and anguish, physically & emotionally. People need to come to the realization that there is no quick fix…They need to decide on a proven strategy and then follow it. Consistency is key.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Bob

      This is exactly the reason I make sure I dig deep to find out the truth about these scam programs so no one can get caught. Indeed quick fixex lead to being scammed and this program is one of those.

  2. James

    I was actually contemplating buying this program. Kudos to you for writing this review. The fact that there are not that many reviews out there on this product is pretty telling. You note “If you go online you will find no testimonies for people who have been helped and that should scare anyone away”….I’m running away from this one.

  3. Pavan Patel

    I like the honest and detailed review presented here. I like the organization of information from the Pro’s and Con’s to how the program works and why it is a scam. The best part is you present alternatives so the reader doesn’t leave fully dissatisfied after hearing about the scam.

  4. Jonas

    Hey man, thanks for reviewing this program.
    Some people have become scared of fatty foods and cut off fat completely from their diets which is ignorant. Especially women need a bit of healthy fat in their diets and on their bodies to keep their hormones in balance.

    It’s very important to understand that fat or carbs aren’t dangerous and a good diet vary depending on the person. Some people need more fat and carbs in their diet and some need a bit less and so on. The overall math in weight loss is very simple and there’s no need to make it rocket science to understand it. I guess, this is what these scammers want you to think it is so they can make more money on people in distress. 🙂

    If you want to lose weight you need a CALORIE DEFICIT. So if you burn 2500 kcal and consume 2750 kcal, obviously you will gain weight. On the flipside, if you eat less than 2500 kcal, let’s say 2250, you will see the number on the bathroom scales decreases. 🙂

    The difficult part is to stick with training and stay away from too much junk food, soft drinks, sweets and cakes etc. A great way to do this is by having a training buddy and make it fun.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jonas

      I like the fact that you highlighted that one needs to be calorie deficiency because most people just eat and do not think of not eating a lot which will help them lose weight.
      These are the people who end up in programs and get scammed.
      Rather a person uses a program which works which will work for them in the long run which incorporates coaching if possible or the one which is scientifically backed .

  5. Steve

    Thanks – I am one of those 6+ decades adults who never seem to have trouble with weight until I hit 50. From that point on it has be a constant battle, unfortunately, more losing than winning. As one of your other readers stated it is sad that there is another program that is geared to just making a profit and not helping millions of people needing help. Thank you for bringing this shameful program to our attention.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Steve

      Sorry to hear the sad news of your weight. As we get older our metabolism slows down drastically and this became a problem.
      Luckily you can still fight to problem with exercises and eating less than you how much you burn.

  6. Natalie

    Hey Thabo,

    I really enjoy how honest you are on your site- I know that when I come here I will always get the truth which I think is so essential in this day and age when there’s so many ‘miracle diets’ out there with crazy claims!

    I definitely agree, this sounds like a scam. I’ve bought programs before where it says one thing and then as soon as you start doing it, it says the opposite! As a consumer it’s so frustrating! Thank you for being an honest voice in all the noise. I really like that you’ve also included programs that do really work. I’m careful about what I eat these days, but I’m always looking for ways to boost my fat burning so that I can eat a bit more of what I fancy and love being educated about food, so I follow this site and enjoy reading it. Thanks for your suggestions on alternatives 🙂

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Natalie

      I am happy to hear someone who resonates with what I am talking about and who has experienced this frustration.
      People need to make sure they check reviews which are unbiased in everything so they do not end up being in scams.

      It is all about not eating more than what you can burn and you will turn your body to a fat burning mechanism.
      The other aspects is metabolism which can hardly be changed so you may need to work on those.

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