Fat Burning Exercises for Women-These you work wonders

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Materialize your dreams!

For me, fitness is my confidence. It gives me strength to carry myself with boldness and courage.

So, what about you? How much self-confidence do you possess? Befuddled?

Don’t worry! I’m here again for the rescue. But today I will not review about any neoteric program. Rather, I will stick to the traditional remedy and that’s fat burning exercises.

Exercises or workout plans are the most renowned and conventional methods of burning fat. And I agree this is also the most tiring way. But isn’t every success backed by a story of hard work and perseverance?

In a woman’s life there might be phases like pregnancy which may lead to extensive change in their physique. But is that the end of your beauty? Of course not! A little bit of determination and assertiveness can bring back your charm again.

It’s time to get up and start! A glance at the mirror won’t make you sigh anymore!

Fat burning exercises

Before mentioning the list of exercises, I would like to talk about some facts of fat burning workouts.

First thing that you should remember is, every individual is different and so is their physiology. Bodies react to exercises differently.

A relatively obese person will lose more weight with minimal exercise whereas someone having less body fat may need to get engaged in vigorous exercise to burn calories.

Moreover, all types of exercise may not be suitable for everybody. So, go through the whole process before starting and also if that specific exercise does not work for you, try a new one. But, definitely don’t give up!

Here’s a bunch of exercises given for you.

A. Fat burning exercises at home

  1. Burpees

This is an exercise with plyometric movements which involves your quads, triceps, lats and shoulders along with your chest.

Let’s see how to do it:

  • First take your position with feet, shoulder-width apart.
  • Then, send your hips backward as you bring down your body in a low squat towards the ground.
  • At that point, place your hands directly outside of your feet and jump your feet back, permitting your chest to contact the floor.
  • In order to haul your body up into a plank, give a thrust against the floor with your hands.
  • And afterward bounce your feet only outside of your hands.
  • Leap intensely into the air with your weight in the heels and your arms overhead.

In case of some exercises, a written description isn’t enough to do it perfectly. So, here’s a video you can watch for perfection.

  1. Mountain climbers

This exercise works on huge number body muscles along with helping in burning your belly fat.

Here’s your instruction for carrying out mountain climbers:

  • Move into a high-board position by placing your wrists legitimately under your shoulders.
  • Draw the belly button inwards in the direction of your spine and also keep your core tight.
  • Drag your right knee close to your chest and afterward take it back to plank.
  • Next, drag your left knee near your chest and bring it back.
  • Keep on rotating sides.

Watch it here.

  1. The bicycle exercise

This exercise is ranked one of the best exercises as it works with abdominal muscle activity, body rotation and also abdominal stabilization. This is how you can try this out:

  • Keep your hands at the back of your head while lying on your back.
  • Lift knees to your chest. At the same time raise both your head and shoulder off the floor.
  • Bring your left knee and right elbow close to each other and straighten the other leg. And do vice versa.
  • To stimulate a peddling movement, continue switching sides.
  • 3 sets with 12-16 redundancies are recommended.

Watch it here

  1. Side planks

Side planks have always been there for obese people throughout years. Each of us know how incredibly helpful this is. So, let’s take a glance into the process directly:

  • Start by keeping your feet together and one lower arm legitimately underneath your shoulder.
  • Lift your hips and contract the core until your body is in a single line from head to feet.
  • Retain the position without letting your hips drop down for the assigned time for each set.
  • Subsequently, rehash on the opposite side.

There are different types of side planks:

  • Kneeling side plank
  • Raised side plank
  • Side plank crunch
  • Side plank with lateral raise
  • Gym ball side plank

Watch it here

  1. Crunches

Fat burning exercises for women

I’m sure everyone of you has heard of crunches. In fact this is the one, of which you will regularly get advised of.

Disappointed with a tummy with extra fat? Here’s the remedy:

  • Lie down horizontally on the yoga mat or ground.
  • Twist your knees but keep your feet flat on the ground. Remember to keep your feet hip-width apart.
  • Subsequently, you need to raise your hands and take them at the back of your head. Thumbs should be kept behind the ears and the head on your palms.
  • Avoid interlocking of fingers.
  • Take a deep breath in the current position.
  • Then, gradually lift your upper trunk off the floor, breathing out at that point. Try not to change the position of any other body parts during this period and afterward return to the lying position, breathing in when returning down.
  • You can breathe out when you lift your trunk once again.
  • Be conscious about keeping up a three-inch separation between your chest and jawline so that you don’t get a strain on your neck. Be certain that the emphasis ought to be on the tummy, not simply the lift.

Watch it here

  1. Twist crunch

In case you want to try any crunch variation, then twist crunch should be first one to come in your mind. This gives very effective result within short time. Know the process:

• Twist crunch is same as the regular crunch upto keeping your hand under the head.

• Difference is here that you need to raise the right shoulder and tilt it towards your left. But at this time don’t move the left shoulder.

• Then, do the same thing in case of the left shoulder.

• 10 crunches per set are efficacious. Try out minimum 2 to 3 sets.

• Be careful about pacing your breath with the exercise and do not deprive yourself from oxygen.

Watch it here

  1. Reverse crunch

Looking for a core muscle strengthening exercise? This is the right one for you. By working on the deepest muscle of the stomach (transverse abdominals), it helps you to get rid of the lower belly fat. Look at the process of performing reverse crunch below:

  • Lie flat on the ground keeping the arms at your sides.
  • Raise your feet off the floor in a way that your knees make a 90-degree angle.
  • Raise your head and shoulders off the ground by contracting the abdominal muscles.
  • Exhale at the time of contract and again breathe in when you drop down.
  • Continue doing up to 3 sets with 12-16 redundancies.

Watch it here

  1. Lunge twist
  • You have to start with keeping your legs hip-width apart along with your knees marginally bowed.
  • Then, bring up both your hands before you, ensuring they are lined up with your shoulders and keeping them corresponding to the ground.
  • Take the lunge position and bring the left foot forward.
  • Subsequently, with the trunk, curve your upper body to the left.
  • Next, attempt to arrive at your outstretched arms over your left side. Consider highlighting the left from your belly button.
  • Finally, move your arms gradually to the middle and step forward with the contrary foot and contort to the opposite side.
  • At the beginner level it is recommended to do two sets consisting of 10 steps in each of them.

Watch it here

  1. Walking

Surprised? Don’t be! Mere walking can also help you in shedding your belly fat.

Though it seems plain compared to other exercises, walking every day for 45-60 minutes can prove to be magical. It also prevents over training which may cause excessive secretion of cortisol leading to belly fat increment.

  1. Yoga

Yoga mainly helps in boosting metabolism by building muscle and improving endurance. And this is in return aids in shedding fats. Wheel, Chaturanga, chair and plank are some types of yoga which will highly benefit you if you are suffering from obesity.

You might be thinking, why did I mention this inspite of having so many other options. I focused on this because yoga does not only help maintain physique but also aids in spiritual development. This helps in self-development of people who are also facing depression along with obesity.

B. Low Impact exercises

Now, I will focus on some of the low impact exercises which you can regularly practise in your home and also on gym without being extremely tired. These won’t even hurt your joints. Just get a pair of dumbbells and get started!

Full procedure of performing each of them is recorded below:

  1. Deadlifts
  • Stand holding hand weights with your feet marginally closer than shoulder-width apart
  • While keeping your back impartial, flex at the waist and bring down your chest in the direction of the floor.
  • Keep your legs straight however not bolted. In between these moves, your butt will go back naturally. Try not to curve your back.
  • Drop down as far as possible while keeping the loads in near your legs.
  • Breathe out and lift your chest back up to the initial position to finish one round.

Watch it here

  1. Chicken wings
  • Bent your arms and keep your elbows near your sides.
  • Your loads ought to point straight before you, with your wrists confronting one another. This is how you will begin.
  • Then, “Flap” your wings until they’re at the level of your shoulder by taking your elbows out aside and up.
  • Gradually return down to the beginning position to finish one round.
  1. Side extensions
  • Stand straight with dumbbells on the side of your body and palms facing towards the legs.
  • Keep your hands straight with a bit curve in your elbows.
  • Breathe out, raise your dumbbells and stop when you have reached up to the shoulder height.
  • Breathe in as you gradually let your arms down to the beginning situation to finish one round.

Watch it here

  1. Plie press
  • Stand with feet marginally more extensive than shoulder-width apart. Toes should point outward.
  • Clasp dumbbells up in accordance with your shoulders.
  • Tighten up your abs and keep your chest upright. Maintaining this, let your butt down, pressing into your heels.
  • As you drop down, push your loads up as far as possible but avoid locking your arm.
  • Push up and let your arms down to the beginning position to finish one round.

Watch it here

Some other low impact exercises include:

  • Curtsey curls
  • Lunge pull ups
  • Side hammer curls
  • Single leg row
  • Backfly
  • Tricep kickbacks

Exercises at gym

  1. TreadmillFat burning Exercises for women

Treadmill is the most known of all the gym accessories. Even some of us have got a treadmill in our house as well. Running on this incline increases your calorie burn by almost 50%. So, try this out!

  • Start with walking or jogging for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then slowly start increasing the pace and begin running. This running rate should be such that it gives you a hard time to talk without panting.
  • Continue this for 5-10 minutes and again drop back to your jogging pace.
  • Continue exercising on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes by alternating these two paces.
  1. Rowing machine

You can call this ‘fat blasting cardio workout’. Along with burning your fats, it increases your heart rate. Moreover, it’s also known for working with the muscles of arms, shoulders, core and legs.

Maintain a 4 minute rowing circuit.

  • 10 seconds of rest right after 20 seconds of rowing – start with this. Measure the traversed distance in that time.
  • Continue doing this for 8 times and try to cross the previously travelled distance each time.
  • When this is over, go for rowing a quick 500 meters. Keep a note of the time you took for this. Try to defeat yourself during your next sessions.

Watch it here

  1. Captain’s chair leg raise:

This might not seem very common to you but it very beneficial for your belly fat and is also available in most gyms. So if you haven’t paid attention to it before, do it now! Let’s see how it works:

  • To begin with this exercise you need to stand upright on the chair and hold the hand bars.
  • Then keeping the back levelled against the pad, raise your knees towards the chest. To include more intensity, try to keep legs straight while raising them.
  • Subsequently, let legs down.
  • 1-3 sets with 12-16 redundancies are preferable.

Watch it here

  1. Benches

You will find different types of benches available in gym along with weights. Choose the best one for you or consult an expert if you are a beginner.

Generally benches support reduction of weight along with increasing muscle mass and stamina.

Watch it here

How are they beneficial?

Besides shedding our belly fat, the above mentioned exercises also supports our health in the following ways:

  • Diminishes the risk of heart diseases:

Fat burning activities also makes the heart muscles work by increasing the heart rate. Additionally, decrease the odds of creating heart sicknesses later on. They will likewise unclog the veins and improve the progression of blood in the body. Your danger of growing hypertension will drop. Simply participate in the absolute best fat consuming exercises.

• They Can Improve Your Cholesterol Levels

Exercises will assist you with bringing down your bad (LDL) cholesterol. Also, increase your good (HDL) cholesterol. Good cholesterol assists with protecting your heart. It forestalls the development of LDL cholesterol.


Remember it’s never late to start your workout plan. Don’t waste time fantasizing your beautiful form. Give it a real shape. Turn your dreams into reality!

In my article today, I tried to guide you with different forms of fat burning exercises for women. I hope my information here will reach out and help every support seeking women out there.

Has this been beneficial for you? Let me know even if it has given you the slightest ray of hope!



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