Eat the fat off review-What they are not TELLING you

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Losing weight is on many people’s priorities and the need for weight loss solutions is getting more and more popular every year due to the lifestyle changes we are faced with.

Today I will be reviewing one of the few unique weight loss program in the world which focuses on the mind and the body at the same time. This will be the eat the fat off review.

As with all my reviews I aim to be unbiased by doing all the background check and everything else within the program in order for you to see if it is worth the money or not.

With most of my reviews I hardly give a 5 out of 5 because I am strict when I evaluate a program so as you know I have never given any program 5 out of 5.

However, with this program my thorough research led me to giving it a 5 out of 5. So read on to see why I rate this diet as the best out of all diets I have reviewed, if not the world currently.

Without further ado let us get started, shall we.

Eat the fat off reviewEat the fat off review

Program name: Eat the fat off diet


Creator: John Rowley rating: 5 out 5

What is the eat the fat off diet program?

The eat the fat off program is a diet which focuses on making the body and mind  work together in order to lose weight easily.

Unlike other programs (like the underground fat loss and Custom keto diet) which have been focusing on diet and exercises this one emphasis the need for your body to be in line with your mind for faster results.

John Rowley developed this program due to a gap he saw that most diets were only focusing on exercise or diet.

Who is John Rowley?

As with all my reviews I always check the author to see if he is a real person or just a scam artist. This is needed because it will make you comfortable to purchase a program.

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Luckily for this program John Rowley is a real person and on top of this he has credibility to his name.

John Rowley is a fitness expert and media personnel who has been in the industry for almost all his life and he has been helping people with their fitness goals over the years.

It is only recently that he decide to do a program to help people with weight loss as he saw a gap on all the programs that they did not incorporate the mind and body.

He created this diet with the help of Dr Dimitrios.

This is the method he has been using as a fitness expert with his clients before and has worked well.

Pros and Cons


  • Holistic program (body and mind)
  • Can be used and followed by anyone.
  • 90% effective compared to all other programs
  • Rapid weight loss results guaranteed
  • No diet or exercise needed


To be honest I only found one disadvantage I found with this program.

  • Only available digitally

How does it really work?

The eat the fat off program focuses on your body functions to enhance it to help you lose weight.

The program focuses on a special enzyme which is responsible for every person who eats anything but still lose weight. Most people do not know about this enzyme and that is what causes the problem.

This is the reason this program focuses exclusively on make sure your whole body is in line for maximizing the production of the enzyme.

This enzyme is called the Lipase P enzyme.

What the program essentially does is to show you the right food combinations which you can eat as much off and still do not gain weight at all.


This is because these foods will maximize the production of the weight loss enzyme called Lipase P enzyme.

What are the features of the program?

It is always good to see what you get when purchasing a program so that you will see if it is worth your while or not

So for the eat off your fat program you mainly get an e book which talks about how the mind and body work when it comes to losing weight.

The book is detailed with just about all the information needed for you to successfully lose weight in a short time.

In the program you will find recipes of the foods needed for you to focus on.


You will find a lot of tasty and easy to make recipes for this program which will help you to still stay on course with eating nutritious and tasty food.


You will also get tricks of how to easily speed up the metabolism which is what causes many people to gain weight.

Basically if you have slow metabolism it will be super hard to lose weight. We all have slow metabolism as we get old so the trick is to make it be faster which this program helps you with.

Research backing

I did research about the claims of this program to see if they are really true. It is important to know this before purchasing a program like this.

So here is what I found:

Lipase enzyme for helping you lose weight?eat the fat off review

According to BBC UK enzymes are responsible for breaking down different large molecules into smaller ones.

They said different types of enzymes are responsible for breaking down different types of molecules and Lipase is said to break down fats and oils (called lipids) into fatty acids and gylcerol.

Forbes also agrees that the lipase is powerful for weight loss efforts that people are looking for. They even said scientist found ways to increase the work that is done by the lipase to help with rapid weight loss efforts.

Food pairing for weight loss?

According to food pairing is one of the best ways to lose weight. This was highlighted by one of the most well know nutritionist called Alexandra Caspero, MD,RD.

Eat the fat off review

They say that certain foods are great for helping not only lose weight but to make the process more rapid.

Below is what one doctor says about mind and diet for weight loss


This theory backs what the creator of eat the fat off said. We can see that we can thoroughly rely on the information said on the program.

Who is the program for?

The program is really for people who are tired of diets which make them exercise or do follow the next diet to lose weight simply because they do not work or they take too much time.

Below are the lists of people who will benefit from this diet:

  • Very busy to follow weight loss program diet requiring exercising
  • People looking for rapid weight loss results over a short period.
  • People who are patient to see the results of their weight loss goals.


There are a good amount of testimonials for the results of this program and although the results may not be the same for everyone the program promises what it says.

Here are a few testimonials:

eat the fat off review

eat the fat off review


The verdict

So as you might already know i really am in favor of this program as it has all the components to make you not only lose weight but to lose weight fast.

This are the facts which makes this program very legit to me:

  • Author/creator is real

Knowing that the author is a real person who is a media health expert and fitness expert this makes me very comfortable with the program and its authenticity.

The author has also created many books to help people get healthy so it is no brainier to see that he know what he is talking about.

  • Claims in the program are backed by science

After doing thorough research I was happy to see that science backs everything in this program which means no side effects will be faced with using this program

  • Testimonials from real people

Many people are raving about the effectiveness of this program meaning it really does work for any person.

Final thoughts

Many diets promise to help you lose weight only by eating a strict diet or exercising and this has been the case for many years.

It is only know that modern science is seeing that this is not the only way to lose weight rather the use of the mind and body together can help achieve this.

A new program called eat the fat of is doing just this and is currently helping a lot of people achieve their weight loss goals faster than before.

This is not a hype because after doing my research I found out that science does back the claims of the diet.

The creator of the program is also a media fitness expert who has been helping many people to lose weight and get healthy so it shows that he know what he is talking about.

The program is about 90% effective than most diets and I do recommend trying it out since it is risk free anyway to see how it will help you.

You can try the eat the fat off program risk-free here

I would be happy to hear how effective it was to you once you have tried it for at least two months. This is a great period to actually check out the effectiveness of any program you invest in.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave the below.

Eat the fat off review

Fats results and scientifically proven

The diets works very well and it needs not exercise or diet. It is merely based on the body and mind working together to help you lose weight.

Reader Comments

  1. Philip


    Belief in the cure is just as important as the cure itself. I am not too sure who said that but I believe in that wholeheartedly.

    However, this is not to imply Eat the Fat Off Diet Program is all about positive suggestion. I see you have proved that they have the ability to help those achieve a better lifestyle and so I am looking further into them.

    Thank you kindly as you answered all of my concerns and questions about this particular diet program.

    Regards, Philip.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Philip

      Yes that is true belief and a state of mind do help but what this program does it it basically tricks your brain in making your body cells lose weight.
      So it is not like some positive thing voodoo

  2. lee

    Working with clients in the fitness industry a long time I agree that the mind is an important element that can often be overlooked.
    Proper diet and exercise are key, but often if a person has it in their mind that they won’t lose weight or accomplish what they want to do, they never will.
    Being positive and having belief you’ll reach your desired goal will make it happen.

  3. EcoCatherine

    Great review, this definitely sounds like something I would like to try. Can I ask you to explain more about the recipes included? Are they individual recipes of weekly plans? Are they affordable? Thank you!

  4. Chantelle

    Interesting article. I do believe that eating healthy and combining certain foods with one another helps you achieve the best and most long lasting results ever without having to feel sad about what you are eating. Eating healthy can still be delicious and not torture. I should tell some people about this program. Thank you

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Chantelle

      Great to have you here and I am glad to see that it could be of good use to you. I wish your friends can be able to benefit. Please let me know how it goes it them. I would like to get testimonies from them too.

  5. Satz

    This is interesting… instead of starving yourself and depriving your taste buds of the foods you love, you can lose weight by eating the right food. What I understand from your post is that It focuses on getting the right foods into your body to not only feel great but to have your body follow in suit

    • Thabo Khoza

      Indeed, most of the diets tend to be restrictive but as for this program it breaks the barriers associated with all of that so you can be able to enjoy life while losing weight

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