Eat stop eat review- is this a revolutionary program?

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Welcome to my eat stop eat review and I am glad you have taken an initiative to do your research when it comes to choosing weight loss programs. Many people do not do this.

This is important to do since we are faced with many scams online where programs do not work or the creator is behind to take only people’s money.

Obesity is also one of the biggest obstacles for most people since it is a big problem in the world as

The Eat stop eat which was developed by Brian is basically a fasting diet which has been customized and made to focus on cutting fat faster.

Let us look at what the program is all about and if it is worth your time or not.

Eat stop eat reviewEat stop eat review

product name: Eat stop eat


Creator: Brad Pilon

Price: $10

veganweight rating:. 4.5 out of 5

What is the eat stop eat diet?

Eat stop eat is essentially and ancient concept for helping lose weight which has just has been made modern.

In the past people used to do this method of fasting and to ensure they are not only healthy overall but also that they maintain a healthy weight.

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The eat stop diet is basically a weight loss program which tells you how when to eat your food rather than telling you which food you must eliminate like conventional programs.

Brad so this gap in diets today and decided to make a program which included fasting so that people can still eat what they like to eat while lose weight.

This was what I really liked from the program more than anything.

Pro and Cons


  • Program is not restrictive
  • Program is super affordable
  • Program is electronic (no need for physical books)
  • Very easy and simple to follow.


  • The main manual can actually be very lengthy to read.

How does the system work?Eat stop eat review

In this program all you have to do is to restrict your eating for a certain period of time of your liking. This is called fasting.

For example in the program you are given a choice to either not eat any food for 24 hours for 1 day or 2 days per week. That is basically the main part of the program.

I know that it sounds super simple and it is and that is why most people are not resorting thos program duet to its benefits.

This way basically helps to keep your calories low and also to help your body hormones to work well but giving them some adequate breaks in between.

One main organ which gets assisted is the Insulin as you will be giving it time to recover and work well.

What are the features of the system?

Now let us look at what you will get with the program so that you know what you are getting yourself into by purchasing this program.

Below are the items you will get with this program:

  • Main manual which is over 100 pages
  • Quickstart booklet to help you know a little a bit about what the program is bout.

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Science behind Eat stop eat


It is also good to have a look at the science behind the program so that we will know if the program is really backed by science or not.

according to webmd fasting for weight loss is an old practice done for weight loss and they say the practice is still very effective even now.

This one fact proves that the methods put in this program are in effect very effective for weight loss.

Further science also says that the program is very effective  in terms of how it is structured. It is said that the spacing out the way we eat our food is goo for helping weight weight loss in the long run.

Who is the program for?

the program is basically for anyone who wants a simple approach to lose weight and doesn’t have time to keep following a strict diet or program to lose weight.

The program is also for people who are very busy and do not have time to actually make recipes and eliminate food.

Lastly I really believe this program is for everyone as it has no side effects and it is simple to understand despite the long manual you have to read (sighs!).

How much does the Eat Stop Eat cost?

The program is only a one time payment of $10 so this means that with that you will get all you need and will not need to on going costs like going to a specialist.

The other thing is that the program is a better alternative to conventional medicine like drugs and the like so you will have no side effects going forward.

The verdict

Now I am sure you have been waiting to hear my thoughts about this program so you will know of it actually works or not and if it is a scam or not.

You may have already guessed by my positive thoughts that the program is legit and that I do trust it (which is usually rare for many in reviews I know).

Below are the reasons that this program is not a scam and that it works:

  • The creator is real

There is nothing I hate than reviewing a program which has no real creator because I really have to dig and search for them and also it makes it hard to find out since you can not contact them and ask them question thoroughly.

  • Program works on ancient methods and also those in the bible

The program is really backed and I can really say all the methods you will do are those we should all be doing and are easy to do.

According to me the program is good, however it may be a bit restrictive thus you may need to implement other techniques to help you be able to lose weight easily and effective so programs like the Eat Sleep Burn program can be way better since it involves sleeping regimes and some small and effective techniques.

The reason I say it is a good alternative is because of the fact that it also does not involve a lot of exercising just like this too except it is more comfortable.

Final thoughts

Looking at the eat stop eat diet we can see that the program is basically based on ancient ways of being healthy and having a slim and healthy body.

Brad who created the program used fasting as the main drive of the program as he saw the gap that modern weight loss diet have which is not including fasting.

Unlike other diets which make you choose certain food and eliminate others this program is basically giving you the freedom to eat anything while you are also losing weight.

The only thing is mainly tells you is when to eat your food in order to maximize your weight loss efforts.

The program is super affordable which makes it easy for anyone to use.

The program is simple to follow which makes it even a preferable option for anyone who is looking to slim their body.

The program is also made for those who looking for weight loss program which incorporate allergies.

However the only negative in this program is that you need to read a lot in order to understand and apply what is in the book.

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But to mitigate this you can also use the quickstart guide which is a summary of what is in the main manual.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Reader Comments

  1. John

    A very interesting article to say the least. I have never heard of this approach before. I will for sure look into it more. Your website seems to have a lot of healthy information in it and the book looks really interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kevin

    It sure make a lot of sense to fast once in a while as we live in a world of abundance of food, our body can get tired from constant eating, fasting for once or twice a day sure make lots of sense to me as it allows the body to take a break from constant digesting of food. nice article by the way.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Kevin

      I do agree with the fact of fasting once in a while because it helps the body be able to regulate itself well in an effective manner.
      This is one of the reasons maybe why the program works well.

  3. Kayla

    Thank you so much for this post!
    It’s really helpful to understand the difference between this type of weight loss program vs. more modern programs. It definitely sounds like an easy-to-implement program into everyday life.
    I also really like the fact that it addresses allergies – I’m severely allergic to a couple foods so this would be helpful to use to avoid that.
    Thanks again!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Kayla

      This program can indeed work well for you if you have allergies. I am also like this so that is the reason why I can relate to you and this program. Ancient times have always worked well.

  4. Wjtera

    Hey John,

    Lately I’ve been wondering if I’m now just a stomach. I’m well within the weight for my height, but it just seems the body constantly needs fuel. This book is timely for this question I’ve been wondering about. I’d be super concerned not to eat as I eat for health. But it appears that this book could be an excellent guide for knowing when or under what conditions I may temporarily refrain from eating, how I return to eating while staying healthy.


  5. Steven Cook


    Great article and I really like the layout of your website. It’s very informative, and has great tips for anyone who wants to eat healthy. Eating better is now very important especially since everyone is in lockdown.

    Thanks for sharing


  6. Habib

    Hey Thabo.

    This program seems to be a magical for women for weight loss. I never have come across anything like this before! You can eat whatever you want but you still loose weight!? That’s like almost too good to come true. But I am also aware that this program has good reviews and it’s bound to work and a ‘real’ person created this amazing eat stop eat plan.
    I am sure to give it a try.
    Thank you for the review.

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