Easy Power Plan Review-Is this really legit?

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Welcome to my Easy Power Plan Review where I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to this product so that you will be able to make your own informed decision at the end.

With the world changing and requiring more of use to use our own things (independent of government) and also the need to ensure we conserve the earth it is vital that we use such things which will do only this.

The electricity production and other factors have been said to impact the earth negatively. More than the electricity is one of the most essential aspects of our lives.

With all of us relying on electricity for our everyday use the most important factor is whether we can get sustained electricity or not.

A new program called Easy Power Plan is easy and promises to help any person not only produce their own electricity but be able to keep it sustained for continuous use forever.

However, is the program really worth it and does it work. Well we will find out today about it.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Easy Power Plan ReviewEasy Power Plan Review

Product name: Easy Power Plan


Creator: Ryan Taylor


veganweight.com rating: 4 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural program
  • Easy to do by any person
  • Video tutorial
  • Less maintenance
  • Materials weight less
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Needs time to construct
  • Only available online

What is Easy Power Plan?

Easy Power Plan Review

The Easy Power Plan is a program which is a DIY solution to create your own electricity which will not only be produced when you need it but also be able to be sustainable for the environment.

The program is a step by step guide which will give you the skill to be able to produce your own electricity in whatever place you choose to stay in.

The program is also developed by an ordinary person who has been looking for sustainable ways to keep the electricity available when he did it.

Who is the creator of the Easy Power Plan?

The program was developed by Ryan Taylor who is a 45-year-old teacher who lives in the United States of America.

Since he is a geography teacher he has been studying this subject of using nature to create power like electricity.

Ryan decided to create a solution which would help counteract the electricity fluctuations and electricity bills in his life.

He was also wanting to not keep on relying on power companies for electricity so that one day if they decide to change the rules and make it difficult for people to get (example a huge world crisis) then he would be secured from all of this bad events.

How Does Easy Power Plan work?

Easy Power Plan Review

The Easy Power Plan gives you a guided plant on how to make your own power plant which can produce electricity in a very sustainable manner.

The unique thing about this system is that it does not use any fire, fuel to be able to produce the electricity which is why it will not ruin the environment like other ways which produce electricity.

The system works by magnetic charge/energy which is similar to how an electric vehicle works to charge and fuel itself.

The process is simple because all this does is to convert the direct current from battery to an alternative source which will then create the power needed.

This whole process set up is called dynamo which uses one magnet and two coils which work together to create energy.

This whole process works under a turbine in an electric field which all work via further solar panels to create energy into electricity.

The energy you will get will be more than enough for use of many home appliances while still saving money.

What are the features of the Easy Power Plan?

Now that you know about this system and how it works it is now time to take a look at what are the features of the Easy Power Plan.

The system will not need you to get help from an expert to assemble this as it is step by step so any person can make it.

Here are things which you will be needing as stated by the guide:

  • Batteries

The battery will be useful for helping with restoring energy when the main source of power for the system is temporarily not available.

This is thus vital especially during the night when there is no energy from the sun and all. You may also need more batteries for back up should there be insufficient natural power especially if you live in places which are generally cold and the sun is rarely out.

  • Solar panels

The whole system mainly works with solar panels so you can be sure to know that when you have these that they will be able to assist you in this regard.

  • Charge controllers

This will be needed to help prevention of overcharging and also ensuring the battery stay regulated.

  • Cables

You will need cables for various things such as ensuring the system has protection of its electronic circuits.

The cables are also needed to prevent environmental damage from heat and moisture.

  • Test kit

You will need a test kit to check if the system is working well or not.

  • Inventor

The inventor is perhaps one of the most vital parts of this whole system that you will need because it will be able to help convert your raw energy (Direct current) into alternative current.

Is the Easy Power Plan safe?

This part is one that could mean getting such a system or not, the safety.

Luckily the system does not use any form of fuel or anything which could cause explosion like a common generator.

You will also not be omitting any bad gases and the like as this is all based on using nature fully.

The only thing you will not to be cautious about is not to put batteries in a bad place around the house which will likely cause an explosion.

Also, try to keep the all cables away from water of fluids as this may have an impact on it.

Science behind Easy Power Plan

I will look at some science just to verify the works of the system if you do not know or believe.

  • Direct current to alternate current

According to explainthatstuff we are told that the current is basically a form of direct (DC) to alternate (AC).

This is the foundation of electricity.

  • Need for inverters for electricity production.

According to science inverters are the key when using solar panels to convert DC to AC.

As we can see that already the science does show that the fundamentals of the system do work and have been proven to work.

Is the Easy Power Plan a scam?

The Easy Power Plan is definitely not a scam at all and we can see this by various factors which I will highlight below:

  • Creator is real and has experience in the field

With the Easy Power Plan being made by Ryan who is in the filed of working with nature and science we can see we are dealing with a product that does have fundamentals of working.

  • Scientifically backed

The science does show that Direct current can be used and turned into alternative current via solar and uses of battery.

  • Environmentally friendly

Using something which will not harm the environment is proof that the system is made authentically and to help sustain the environment.

It also shows that any person can be able to use it easily.

  • Money back guarantee

Having money back guarantee is good to show that the creator does have huge trust on his program or system indeed.

Final thoughts

Having alternative power/electricity of our own is very essential these days and it will be able to help give us the best freedom when it comes to controlling our consumption and also help us save lots of money for electricity bills.

The Easy Power Plan is a new system which gives you step by step process to creator your own power supply.

The system is also made by a geography teacher who wanted something better so as not to rely on the power companies.

The program is made with many steps which enable you to be able to create a power supply which will not limit you when it comes to using home appliances.

The Easy Power Plan requires that you have a few essentially to use the program:

  • inverter
  • Batteries
  • Charger controller
  • Solar panels

The system is also safe to do as it does not use dangerous things like fuel and explosives like generators.

The system works by converting the Direct Current into alternative current which is what will give you the best electricity.

The system also comes in money back guarantee which means it is risk free for you to you for 60 days.

I hope this Easy Power Plan Review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you are looking for. If you have questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

Easy Power Plan Review

Natural and effective system

This program has been shown to work for many however more people still need to prove it does work.

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