Dream Manifestation Review- Is this another scam?

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Welcome to my Dream Manifestation Review where I reveal everything there is to be known about in this unbiased review.

The aim of this review is to help you make your own decision when it comes to this program after seeing all the research and analysis inside out.

It is no doubt that many people are looking for ways to make a success of their lives in every aspect.

Most people end up not achieving this because they do not follow a proven system of have a mentor who can help them achieve this.

The dream Manifestation is a new program which claims to help you achieve everything you want in your life like your health or finances.

So are their claims really worth trusting?

Let’s check it out.

Dream Manifestation ReviewDream Manifestation Review

Program name: Dream Manifestation

Website: >>Click Here<<

Creator: Norman Allen

Price: $15

Veganweight.com rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural program
  • Creator is real
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Holistic program
  • Helps you improve sleep
  • Helps release stress
  • Very affordable


  • Only available online
  • If you do not like listening to audio it may not be for you

Dream Manifestation Overview

Dream Manifestation Review

The dream manifestation program is a program that focuses on enhancing your life in the most effective and natural way with mentorship.

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The program is made to be fit for people who are looking to improve their lives physically such as losing weight or releasing stress.

The program also helps people who want to achieve success financially too.

The p[program is guided each and every step by audio so you will recondition your mind and your immune system daily.

Who is the creator?

Just like with all my reviews I make sure to look at the creator to see if he is real or not. It is good to know this as this will give us the trust element that we are looking for.

A program with no creator is a bit risky for us and one should take caution when using it if they decided to use it.

Luckily in this program there is a real creator and his name is Norman Allen who has had a huge change in his life in all aspects.

Although he talks about finances in the program he does ensure if you have other problems the program will be best for you because the techniques here ended up helping him in all aspects of physical.

How does Dream Manifestation work?

The program simply works by using different audio tracks to help uplifting your frequency and vibration.

The way that the program makes this all possible is using certain tunes which will lift you consciousness so that you will connect your conscious and subconscious mind.

The unique thing the tracks have is that they try to aim at each individual to enhance their state of being.

The tracks are developed by a sound engineer as to help match any person’s frequency in a natural way.

The audio will also work on your nerves to help them relax so that is why you will so that when you put the audio during your night sleep you will fall asleep easily.

The tracks have soothing voices which will be like hypnosis for your mind.

What are the features of the program?


Now let us look at the features of the program.so we will know if the program is worth it or not.

The program according to me is very comprehensive which means you will get more for what you pay for.

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So what is it that you get. Here is the list of things you get (by the way these are all audio tracks):

  • Ocean Waves

This audio tracks is mainly for releasing stress as it works with the stress release part and sets your mind at ease

  • Flame healing

This is a more intense audio track where it will work on your higher vibration in your mind.

  • Autumn Fantasy
  • Enchanted Forest

Dream manifestation bonuses

Dream Manifestation Review

Norman has sweeten the deal for you by giving you bonuses for the program so you can be able to achieve sustained success and more.

Here are the bonuses you will get:

The oscillation tracks which will be four to help you release and be stress free.

What does the science say?

Now it is good to also look at the science to see if the claims of the program do align well or not even if it is some small connection.

Claim: Audio to effect connect your conscious and subconscious.

According to recent research it has been found that music is more powerful in influencing your subconscious mind than just using your will power of conscious mantras.

Dream Manifestation Price?

The Dream Manifestation was initially made with a higher cost in mind since Norman had done a lot of work to help it became user-friendly it is today.

Working with a sound engineer and dedicating his time is a lot of cost and that is the reason he first thought of releasing it for $225.

>>Try the Dream Manifestation program yourself risk free here<<

However, since he is wanting to help a lot of people he currently has made the price super affordable at $15 for the whole thing.

More than this he has even included bonuses.

According to me this is a lot of value for the price he gives and I hope he doesn’t increase it because it may be accessible to people who only see it late.

Dream Manifestation testimonials

Looking at testimonies is also good to help us see if the program is actually working for others or not.

Since the program is still relatively new there has not been any testimonies except the ones that he mentions (his friends who got help).

So for this one we would just have to see how it goes as time goes.

Thus, that is why I did the research to ensure you at least know if it is likely to work or not.

Does the Dream Manifestation work?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you if it works or not. Remember I am using all my research and analysis so that you will know the real truth and decide yourself.

The Dream Manifestation is actually legit and has evidence of working and why do I say this?

Well he are the reasons:

  • The creator is real

Having a real creator gives us all the trust that the program is authentic. Unlike other programs which have no creators it may be hard to distinguish if it is legit or real (remember other programs with no creators do work, but only a few).

  • There is evidence of the program working

According to the science I did we can see that the program does have backed up signs of working so this is a good trust element of the program likely to work.

  • 60-day money back guarantee

There is also a 60-day money back guarantee which shows that Norman is actually very confident about this program working for any person.

I have done a lot of programs like these in the past and some work and others do not. This one does work.

However here are other sister ones which I also highly recommend that you can look into:

These can be an alternative this if you want something similar especially physically only not money.

However, if you are looking for financial too or alone than the Dream Manifestation is a good one too.

Final thoughts

Achieving success in every part life is what we all dream of and we normally lack guidance from people who know how.

They are usually very expensive or very inaccessible for the average person.

Luckily the dream manifestation is a program eliminates all the barriers for you to be able to use the guided program to reach your goals.

The program is basically bases on audio tracks which work to uplift your mind and vibration so that you can align yourself with the things you want.

The program also works by releasing your stress through the soothing sounds you will hear.

The program is legit and shows it is likely to work due to the fact that there is a real creator and his name is Norman Allen who went through the program after being given to him to change his life.

He has now released it to help others too.

According to research I did it shows signs of working well.

The program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee to give you a risk free trial.

>>Try the Dream Manifestation program risk free yourself here<<

This shows how confident he is with the program since it worked for him and his friends.

I hope this review was beneficial to and if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be happy to engage with you as normal.

Reader Comments

  1. Matt Lin

    Hi Thabo,

    The idea of creating different audio to match people’s minds sounds excellent. I listen to pink/white noise to concentrate sometimes, so I know it will work for me.

    The other advantages that I saw from your review are that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, real founder’s information, an affordable price, and it’s science-backed. For skeptical people, those are strong evidence that we can trust Dream Manifestation.

    I would love to know what kind of tracks from this program that you often listen to? It will also be a useful reference that you can share with us on this.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Matt

      It is good to hear you found value in this review and that you will be able to use it in the future with more clarity.
      The advantages are good and they do tend to bash the cons a lot.
      I have used a similar program which I reviewed which is called the amazing You program which you can use and make sense of.

      Giving you all information I think will hinder you from the benefits of using it as I have tried to go in as much detail as possible without giving too much away.
      Otherwise it would be really no fair to the author if i reveal every single thing.

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