Does exercise help you lose weight?-What you were never told

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It seems like nowadays with every weight loss program you are required to lose weight by exercising and even the media has been saying this.

So does exercise help you lose weight for real or this was some information passed down from one generation to the next?

Today I will be answering this question for you by digging deep at the actual science and what other real sources say about this.

As I review a lot of health programs I have also seen a huge chunk of these programs swearing by exercise which is what led me to investigate and write this article.

Without wasting time let us get started with the article.

What constitutes exercise?

Normally when we talk about exercise we are talking about the act of physically exerting you to the point where you are tired and also your heart rate is increased rapidly.

Exercising can be any small task like walking or moving about for a long period. It can also include part taking in activities like running, dancing and swimming.

Does exercise help you lose weight?

This is what most health experts define as something that can help you lose weight since it helps burn calories.

Exercises contributes a small portion of weight loss


We need to be careful by relying on merely exercises to help us lose weight as this component only accounts for a small portion on helping you lose weight.

This is because to lose weight according to an obesity researcher from the NIH there are 3 components you need to lose weight and they are the following:

  • Metabolic rate
  • Energy used to break down food
  • The energy used for physical activity

These three are the core of what most health experts neglect and I will go into each of these.

  • Metabolic rateDoes exercise help you lose weight?

This component accounts for about 60-80% of your weight loss issues and this is basically the energy used for basic functioning especially when the body is fully at rest.

People have different types of metabolic rates (some fast and some slow). Those with slow rates are said to gain weight more that those with a fast metabolic rate.

According HealthLine our metabolism is fast when we are young but gets super slow as we get older and this explains when most old people generally gain weight as they reach old age.

Our metabolic rate is the most contributor to weight more than any other aspect and more importantly we usually have not control over it.

Granted we can try exercises and our other methods but at the same time the major part of it will not be controlled or manipulated permanently.

  • Energy used to breakdown food

This is another aspect of our weight loss that we cannot control as it is just in our genes. Although there are pills to help manipulate it will have side effects.

  • Energy used in physical activity

This is the part whereby you have full control over. Basically the more you exercise the more you lose weight.

This has been said to contribute about 10% of weight loss and you can see why most people struggle with losing weight no matter how much they exercise.

How can I make exercise count more

As you now know that exercise has little to your weight loss goals the important thing now is know how to make your exercise work for you to lose weight.

In this section I will provide tips which researchers have found to work:

  • Forget about intense workouts

Although the media always talks about the fact that you must exercise hard in order to lose weight this will not work for you unless this is what you do regularly.

So what works?Does exercise help you lose weight?

Well according to the U. S National Library of Medicine moderate intensity is the best option for people since it is easier for people to maintain it compared high intensity work outs.

They also say that if people can handle high intensity forever then it will work too.

basically the study/research advocates that for any physical activity to happen one need to be consistent in doing their exercises.

What can help you lose weight well more than exercise?

I will go back to the point when I said that you metabolism accounts for the major part of your obesity so the best way is to work on methods which control their aspect.

So what are these aspects?

Well there are few and they include the following according to MedicalNewsToday:

  • Permanent resistant exercising
  • Eating less that you burn (your diet)
  • Enough sleepDoes exercise help you lose weight?
  • Regular eating schedule
  • Drinking green tea
  • Mind power

I will now expand on each of these:

  • Permanent resistant exercise

Suprise, surprise..Exercise happens to come back again as it is said to be the main influence of metabolism.

However this is not any exercise it should be strength training as this will help you build muscles.

Since muscles require more energy to preserve your body will have no choice but to increase your metabolism.

  • Get enough sleep

Your body cannot operate at its full potential if you do not refresh it by sleeping enough hours. Lack of sleep will also cause you to feel hungry most of the time cause you to eat more than what you try to burn.

  • Drinking green tea

green tea has very powerful components which will help you lose weight quickly. Green tea is a great alternative for sodas or sugary juices which contribute to weight loss.

  • Mind power

Without a doubt your mind is one of the most powerful organs in your body and often the most underutilized of all.

This is because your mind is literally the influencer of how your whole body functions (through the subconscious mind)

So if you can be able to manipulate it can do wonders for you. One of the best ways is using hypnosis (subliminal messages over a long period).

When your mind has been trained you will be able to lose weight unconsciously. You can find videos on YouTube.

However if you want a guided plan which will take you every step of the way you will get it.

There is a weight loss progress which works on this very thing and it called the 15 minutes weight loss program which you can follow to see great results.

Below are other factors which contribute the weight loss as said by many experts which debunk weight loss through exercise:


Final thoughts

exercise has always been said to be the number factor to help people lose weight and that is the reason most people have focused on it and a little on other aspects like diet and metabolism.

Even the trust well-known weight loss diet programs swear by the exercise component.

This is not their fault as history has always put this as the best way to lose weight.

However the bad thing is that losing weight is one that cant be conquered by exercise alone since exercise accord to new research has found that metabolic rate counts for 80% of weight problems.

What people should thus be focusing on is rather finding solution to help with increasing their metabolism like resistant training and training their mind as these are some of the best ways to influence weight loss.

I hope this article was useful and I hope you learnt a lot. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to connect with you.

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  1. Kathy

    I enjoyed this article as although I’ve never had a weight problem, I didn’t realise how important your metabolic rate is. I think mine must be quite fast as I’ve always stayed slim, despite my love of chocolate!

  2. S Goad

    What a balanced and healthy approach to weight loss. I really like the encompassing recommendations that you made. I mistakenly thought that to keep that weight off I had to do extreme workouts. Which were ok when I was much younger, now these types are more pain than gain. Thanks for the thoughtful insight into establishing a healthier approach.

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