Do vegans live longer?- These facts will shock you

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We are living in an age where there are some many diseases and the foods that we eat are so processed that it impacts our health and our lifespan.Do vegans live longer?

According to BBC the modifications we have in our food today seem to make it so that we live longer than our ancestors however we are not any special to them.

Most people are seeking the best diets today to help them not only live longer but be healthier. A plant based diet has been linked to being good in doing this.

So the real question that I will be answering in this article is this; Do vegans live longer or is it all a myth?

Let us hear a true life advice from a vegan Dr who lived to be very old

What is the vegan diet special about?

So before we answer this question: do vegans live longer? let us talk about what a vegan diet really is and why it is different.

The vegan diet is a plant based diet which eliminates any animal or any animal by products. It is a subcategory of a vegetarian diet (if you do not know this you can check out the article called vegan diet for beginners).

This way of eating is one of the strictest out of most diets due to its plant foods or should I say raw and natural food forms.

So do I think vegans live longer?

Yes they do, simple and clear.

To answer this question I will provide 8 reasons why vegans live longer than most meat eaters or omnivores.

Be before let me show you a clip by Bill Maher who did an actual experiment about this.


1. Protects from many diseases

Do vegans live longer?

The vegan diet has been linked to protect from many chronic disease such as the follow:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer
  • Acne
  • Diabetes
  • Gut health
  • Cognitive disease

As you can see that most of these are the number one killer disease in the world according to healthLine. So it is no wonder why this diet is a top recommendation for gaining your health.

Although many people still opt for this diet to cure other illnesses the above are the main ones.

2. Vegans eat food with fewer fats

Do vegans live longer?

Since food that is eaten by vegans come at their natural form such as fruits and veggies, it makes vegans not have any fats in their meals whatsoever.

This leaves you with having the most natural and healthiest fats in your meals which is exactly what your body needs.

The fats that are in veggies are the healthiest which are called LDL cholesterol like those found in avocados for example.

There are many vegan oils or fats you can use to cook like soy oil, olive oil and canola oil to name just a few.

To make it more interesting is that these fats have the potential to unclog heart arteries.

3. Vegans are health conscious people

Do vegans live longer?

Let’s face it, in order to be healthy you need to really be conscious of the foods that you eat on a daily basis.

Most doctors or dietitians recommend regular check-ups for your overall health to check that you do not have any health complications.

Guess what?

For vegans, they are always checking up on their health since they are always concerned about their mineral deficiency.

The dietitians checks that we as vegans do end up even making it inevitable to check things like blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Do vegans live longer?

So this makes us be able to fix any problem that we may face and quickly eliminate and fix it as soon as possible compared to our counterpart meat eaters.


4. Most vegans are people who are looking to improve their health

Do vegans live longer?

There are loads of people like myself, who have turned to a vegan diet to improve their health or reverse certain disease.

I turned vegan to unclog my heart arteries.

Since these people, like me, have these ambitions it makes it possible for us to increase our lifespan of our bodies.

The people who join this diet are generally already taking steps to improve their health such as exercising. This makes them a group of motivated for their health improvement.

This is a great cardio exercise habit for these people which makes them have great heart health habits of knowing that they need to exercise daily.

5. Plant based eaters tend to have lighter bodies

Do vegans live longer?

Since vegans tend to eat plant based foods it is no brainier why they have lighter bodies. This aspect alone is tends to eradicate the aspect of fatigue which is common to people.

Fatigue is the number one cause of heart and diabetes since it makes people incapable of doing anything even exercise.

We all know that a lack of exercise will give you many complications such as increase body disease and the like.

This also goes back to the fat accumulation that happens in your body especially the bad fat.

6. Vegans eliminate dairy products from their meals

Do vegans live longer?

So what does it mean that vegans do not eat any dairy products? Well this for know of how do vegans live longer question.

What this means is that less acne or skin problems as dairy is famous for this fact. If you do not know, this is the reason why the skin of vegan or plant based eaters tend to be very healthy and beautiful skin.

Other than this the dairy is associated with many other negatives like high blood pressure problems.

Please note that I am not saying dairy is bad for your skin however I am saying it is the one food group that may affect you your skin especially if you eat dairy product consistently as specified by Livekindly

If you are worried that how while you get calcium if you do not eat dairy products do not worry, for a vegan diet there are many vegan foods high in calcium that you can consume.

7. Meat is eliminated from vegan plates which makes it worthwhile.

Do vegans live longer?

As you already know that vegans do not consume meat at all.

So is meat really unhealthy or what?

Well this all depends on the type of meat that you consume and how you prepare or cook it. This is because red meat is associated with many cancer related disease or cholesterol levels as mentioned by HealthLine

However, if you only focus on the lean type of red meat are safe and this will mean better health.

If you, however want to be healthier opting for white meat is a better option especially if you grill it or prepare it without using unhealthy oils.

vegans live longer

Having said of all this other types of meat while give you the bad fats or cholesterol known as LDL which will cause heart disease.

Since vegans eliminate meat totally from their diet they eliminate all the problems linked to meat that I mentioned above such as cholesterol.

Vegan instead substitute meat with tofu which is a vegan food filled with a lot of protein which parallels meat.

Vegan and vegetarians diets are recommended by doctors and WebMD as way of reversing heart disease to people as opposed to using medication.

How cool is that?

I can hear you say what if I do not get enough protein during the day or if I get busy and I can not get protein from a meal like tofu.

Do not worry there are protein powders you can have and my number 1 recommendation is the Vegansmart protein powder which has helped me a lot in my sport ( ballroom dancing).

You can use it as a shake and it can be used as a meal replacement.

If you are a protein bar person then there are many vegan bars high in protein that you can use. You can check out the best vegan bars article that have the best protein.

See there are endless options for substituting your health destroying non-vegan foods to live longer.

8. Vegan diet is very nutty for your health

do vegans live longer

If you are a vegan or are informed about the vegan diet you will know that we eat a lot of nuts or beans which we need to pump up or protein and iron levels since we do not eat meat at all.

Nuts are the number one fighters of reducing cholesterol build up in the heart arteries and are also great for unclogging heart arteries.

In fact that is what I started consuming when I started to unclog heart arteries.

However, not all fats are healthy since some tend to have too many calories which is not good if you are looking to maintain a slim body which is needed for living longer.

Take home message

A vegan diet involves the purest form of our food which are not processed at all which make it the best choice for fighting disease like cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer.

Just as there are healthy and unhealthy meat eaters there are also vegans who fall in that category however when we talk about vegans who can live longer we are talking about the healthy ones.

The vegans who follow the vegan diet 100% have the potential of increasing their lifespan without a doubt.

This is because there are 8 reason why this happens such as the fact that vegans are health conscious and have lighter weight which give the body health a major boost of longevity.

More than this the vegan diet has the potential to literally give you a new beginning in life if you face almost any disease that you want to cure or manage.

I hope this article was fruitful and I hope this question “do vegans live longer?” was answered well. If you have any comments or questions you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Reader Comments

  1. Julie Martin

    From a cardiovascular consideration I totally agree with you that Vegans would live longer. I am a cardiac nurse and will tell you that a plant based diet is the healthiest. I love the video by the way and thanks so much for this post.

  2. Rev. John Harrison

    You did a very great training on the vegetarian diet. We live in a time, where most of our food is processed. We consume to much food, causing obesity.

    I am not against meat or dairy, but do think we need to have smaller portions.

    I also feel we consume to much salt and sugar. A vegetarian diet is a great solution.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Rev

      Yes a plant based diet like vegetarian and a vegan diet are the best in helping cure many illness especially chronic ones due to less sugar and salt in the diet.

      You are right people just need to lessen on dairy and meat or opt for lean or white meat.

  3. dkohara

    That’s a really interesting article. One of our kids is vegan and he’s very conscious of his health, including likely vitamin deficiencies such as B12. He hasn’t lost any weight as a vegan though, he’s still a big lad! I’ll let him see this page as he’ll be interested in your article.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Dave
      Great to hear that your son is vegan and this is really amazing that more people are turning to this diet.
      If he is looking for a way to lose weight then I definitely would recommend that he read my article on how to lose weight for a vegan diet

  4. Rui Ferreira

    I absolutely agree that people eat too much sugar and fats, but i speak for myself when i say that i care deeply about my health and i am not vegan, everything in moderation makes it work.
    I definetely support veganism though, maybe it will be a life choice for me in the upcoming years, keep spreading the message!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Great hearing some views from people who are not vegan. Yes a vegan diet is even better when you are in it rather than being an outsider.
      Before I became a 100% vegan I also ate healthy food so as to keep my system healthy so yeah definitely you do not even have to be a vegan to be healthy
      Great to hear that this article changed your perspective hey.

  5. Sharon Braboy

    This article was very well done & informative since I just started the vegan lifestyle recently I’m open to any additional knowledge. The videos & links are great. I am going to read your article on how to lose weight for a vegan diet next. Thanks!

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