Do vegans eat fish? Learn the truth

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As a vegan I have gone through many hurdles of battling what my body actually wants and turning vegan wasn’t the hardest to follow at the beginning however I have had trouble with many things.

One of the things I have had to battle with in my vegan journey is finding out what type of food I need to eliminate as a vegan. The main one being fish. So In this post I will be telling you if a vegan east fish and or if they should eat fish.

The simple true for this question is that vegan do not eat fish at all. However, I will talk about how this can affect people who are ill-informed.

This article will talk about my experiences and also about the things that I have come to learn to be a vegan and also how this diet nearly costed me due to lack of information.

Brief overview of the vegan diet

Do vegans eat fish

A vegan diet is one of the hardest diets out there to follow however it is one of the best for losing weight and also for curing any heart condition.

A vegan diet is basically the consumption of plant foods (vegetable and fruits) and it eliminates any animal food like meat and fish.

Unlike a vegetarian diet where you can eat animal-by products like cheese and milk, the vegan diet will eliminate animal-by products.

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There are many types of vegans which are divided into subcategory. And you can check them in my article called the vegan diet.

Why vegans do not eat fish

Do vegans eat fish

Here is perhaps the most important part of the article you have been waiting for.

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As I said before and above vegans do not eat fish at all as fish is a type of meat or rather a living organism.

Having said this there are many reasons why people decide to go vegan and the following are the main ones:

  • Ethical reason
  • Health reasons
  • Personal reasons
  • Religion reasons
  • Peer-pressure

Let us look at each of these briefly:

  • Health reasons

This is, by the way, the reason why I became a vegan myself. You can check my story on the about me page.

Basically most people become vegans due to the fact that their health is at stake so they opt to go vegan for the sake of improving their health.

This is usually an involuntary choice for most of these people as their health is at stake.

Some people use the vegan diet to help them lose weight as it is one of the best diet for this.

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  • Ethical reasons

Due to people seeing it morally wrong to kill and eat animals or any using animals for making food such as milk they decide to turn vegan for good.

This is the trend that make most people turn vegan and this trend seems to be improving yearly.

  • Personal reasons

Personal reasons includes people who turn vegan because they are just liking the vegan diet and want to be part of something healthy for their lives.

Personal reasons could also include health reasons making people turn vegan.

  • ReligionDo vegans eat fish

Some religions could pose many restrictions on peoples diet and making them eat most plants most of the time. This process could cause a person to turn vegan in the long run as their body ends up preferring this option.

  • Peer pressure

Other people can also be influenced by other people such as friends or family or even the media and this could cause their choices to change.

This is the trend that most people are in right now as mentioned by Pacific Standard.

The effects of not eating fish for vegans and how to overcome it.

Eating fish or any seafood gives you a lot of benefit which are super beneficial to your body and most of these are essential for living a long life.

Here are the following benefits for eating fish or including fish in your diet which could sometimes be hard to get it from other food types:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids

This nutrient is vital because it helps us with getting rid of many life threatening diseases like heart disease and cancer.

This is because omega 3 fatty acid is known as lowering blood pressure and also slowing the growth of plague in the arteries.

However, if you do not eat fish there are other ways to get benefits that you get in fish such as omega 3 and I recommend you take the option I will tell you.

Do vegans eat fish

You must focus on using supplements called flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oils can be obtained in many ways such as in capsule form or in oil form. I personally use capsules.

I find it easy to put in my mouth and drink it with water.

How most people who are new get effected without knowing

Now let us get to the aspect where most beginner fail at when starting the vegan diet and that is by not taking into account many nutrients that they lose since they have just turned to a plant based diet.

This is why you see most of them end up turning to eating fish or supplementing with fish and thus still calling themselves vegans.

I remember that I used to do this myself and I didn’t understand what I was doing at first, back in 2010.

So just remember that when you here a person who is a vegan who say they are vegan but eat fish that they are just confused.

A vegan eats no meat at all as I said before.

Final thoughts

Most people like to ask if a vegan can eat fish in their diet or not. The simple answer is NO, A vegan diet doesn’t eat fish or any animal flesh or anything that breathes or has a mother.

The reason most people end up doing this is because they are trying to supplement with fish all the nutrients that they may not be getting from their vegan diet.

Remember that people turn vegan due to many reason so it is understandable why most of these people end up wanting to supplement with food like fish or something else.

If a vegan is not getting the full nutrients there are many ways that you can used to get your nutrients.

The best way to get omega 3s which you get from fish is using flaxseed oil.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you also benefited. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

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