Diabetes freedom review: Why this is the biggest scam ever!

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Diabetes is one of the most deadliest diseases along with cardiovascular disease according to the World Health Organization who record statistics of health and death causes in the world.

This is why most people are looking ways to manage or eliminate these diseases every day with all sort of medications especially diabetes. However, a new system is promising to not only manage diabetes but to reverse it and this is the diabetes freedom program.

In this diabetes freedom review I will be telling you about how this system works and if this system is really worth your money or not.

Just like with all my health program reviews on this site I try to be unbiased so you can be able to make your own informed decisions.

Without further ado let’s get started. You can check out my #1 recommendation for diabetes

Diabetes freedom reviewDiabetes freedom review:

Product name: Diabetes Freedom

Website: www.diabetesfreedom.com

Author: George Reilly

Veganweight.com rating: 1 out of 5

Diabetes freedom overview

The diabetes freedom is a program which works and focuses on reversing diabetes by targeting the root of the problem.

In this program you will be using natural methods which have been used and confirmed by science to work which few people know about (including some doctors).

The diabetes freedom program makes use of a phyto Hack method which is a practical way to make the body get rid of diabetes for good.

The program works with manipulating the genes which cause diabetes to occur.

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So who is the author of the diabetes freedom program?

To see if the program is real let us look if there is a real person behind or not because if not that will be the first red light.

So the author of the program is George Reilly who claims to have suffered from diabetes when he got over 50.


He says that he discovered a secret method to revers diabetes after the doctor had told him that there is nothing that can be done with his diabetes type 2 since it is known to be incurable.

Although I always have an open mind when it comes to people having systems or ways to reverse chronic condition however I make sure to find out the science and research about it.

The reason I am open-minded is because I was able to reverse my clogged arteries disease by myself doing research and trial and error.

So yeah it is possible but I will be verifying the research in the program.

So the first thing that I found was that the author , the so called George Reilly is basically a made up name and if you search him on any place in the Internet you will not find him, so don’t waste your time.

The second red flag is that the program talks about their professor Freeman who is said to be the creator of the cure and who is very knowledgeable.

Even the professor who is being mentioned is nowhere to be found. You may see reviews about the diabetes on the internet who just tell you the information without digging deep because they have not done the true work for you.

This is the reason I write unbiased review like this for you.

I know that so many people not having a creator or author of the program may not be a big deal at all but I just wanted to highlight this fact.

Before making any big conclusions just from the creator/author I will still dig deeper into the program so you have any overview about it and make your own decision.

Pros and cons


  • No side effects since it is natural and no medicine
  • Easy and simple steps to follow by anyone
  • Very affordable
  • Money back guarantee which gives you risk-free


  • There is no real author
  • Fake people and information to sell the product
  • Many review online are fake
  • No real testimonies online which you can rely on.
  • Only available online

How does it work?

Now let us look at how the program works so you will see what you are getting yourself to if you decide to purchase it.

The diabetes freedom program basically works through diet (food choices).diabetes freedom review

You will be eating food which will focus on manipulating the pancreas in the body so that it helps regular sugar levels well in your body.

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The list of foods which you will need to combine (in your meals) will be full of phytonutrients and antioxidants which exclusively work on regulating your hormones as I said.

The food with antioxidants help get rid of toxin in the body which help the pancreas work well as toxin clog your body which interrupts the process of pancreas.

The system works on 3 core steps which makes the engine of the program:

  1. Step 1: 2 month nutrition plan-helps reverse diabetes within 2 months.
  2. Step 2:brown fat boosting-managing and making sure your diabetes stays away.
  3. Step 3: Meal timing tricks-hacks to eat at the right time to help regulate your pancreas well.diabetes freedom review

You basically use all of these steps to eliminate diabetes according to the program.

What are the features of the program?

So what will you be getting when you get this program? This is vital for you because you need to know if this is actually worth it or not.

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Diabetes freedom review

So I will just list of the items you will get:

  • Main manual

This is the actual manual which you will be using to follow all the rules that are needed to reverse the type 2 diabetes and it includes diet.

You will also get advice on what food is bad for diabetes and how to eliminate it in your meals. This is basically all you need to read according to them.

  • Meal preparation guide

The meal preparation is basically what they will show the “how TO” for making the meals needed.

  • Quick start accelerator

This is basically a good habit building component of the program which helps you stay on course for the program. It will tell you about the times of your meals and the like.

it is also worth mentioning that you will also get bonuses when you purchase this program which go along with the program and they are the following:

  • Fat burning blueprint
  • Stay young forever program
  • 33 power foods for diabetes.

What is the research saying?


Now let us look at what science says about what the program claims, to see if the program is actually truthful and legit or not:

  • Genes do not have an effect on your diabetes

So the program states that a person’s genes does not contribute to diabetes. When you look at reliable sources like Healthline and Men’s health this statement is completely opposite to the program.

What is worse the program says you must ignore this advice. Crazy!

What is worse is that a diabetes research center called National Institute of diabetes and Digestive and Kidney disease also agrees with Healthline and Men’s Health about the fact that genes play a huge part in a person having diabetes.

  • Lipid molecule responsible for diabetes

The program says the thing which cause diabetes two is a molecule called lipid and the American Diabetes Association does agree with this as it says that lips and Glucose have a correlation with causing diabetes.

Here is a video that also verifies these facts about the lipid about the program.

As you can see that not  all of their claims are actually 100% correct so they are using We can conclude that the their claims are not 100% conclusive.

I am being harsh on this, because when I use a program I usually want the claims made in the program to be 100% personally.

Granted, they also do show some scientific proof, however it is not sufficient to make an actual conclusion of the program thus that is the reason I had to do my own research to see what the program holds.

Who is the diabetes Freedom for?

Well since the program is natural its is obvious that any person can use it however most people will not even go deep with the program because of the discipline even if it did work.

So for people who do not mind using a program with an unknown author or creator can use it and it will suit them.

As you might know that for me I would not be able to use it and that is why I recommend a better one then this which is more transparent with everything called the deep sleep diabetes remedy.

Diabetes Freedom Testimonies


When it comes to finding real testimonials of the program the only ones they have are those on the sales program which can not really be dependent on.

Just like the red tea detox such program with testimonies of their own are not worthy as they end up paying people to do it for them.

This is the same with the heartburn no more program which I did a review of a few weeks back.

What makes it hard to believe that the testimonies are real is because the author is fake so that makes you wonder what other things are fake and obviously testimonies are the first bit to not trust especially if we can’t find them online.

Is the Diabetes Freedom a scam?


Here is the part that you have probably been looking forward to: whether the program is a scam or legit.

The simple answer is that the program leans more towards being a scam because of the lack of transparency that I mentioned.

I already gave you so many red flags for this program such as the following:

  • Fake authors

George Reilly and Freeman are both nonexistent and you will never find them. So how can you trust such a company with no one to go back to if something wrong happens or if you need support.

  • Testimonies can’t be trusted

No proper and real testimonies exist with this program at all so how can you know if the program really works for people.

  • Research is not utterly aligned

The research the program talks about is not 100% true so that is another huge red flag for this program. When you invest in a program you should be able to get real information.

What I recommend as a solution for diabetes is looking online and finding ways to cure or manage your diabetes because that is what helped me with my clogged arteries.

There is a better product way better which is natural and is in the form of supplements and is new and innovative so you will have no issues at

Some people will prefer a supplement for helping diabetes and for this I recommend VivoTonic supplement.

If you are looking you do not prefer a supplement that you can check out Beliv Blood Sugar Oil Review.

Does Diabetes Freedom work and is it worth it?

After looking into the program I can say that the program can be used since it still has a money back guarantee.

For only this and to check yourself it can be worth it, H The program itself is not 100% awful but I do just have an issue with science not aligning as well as the creator not being transparent.

If these things do not bother you than of course you can use the program.

So I will let you make your mind here.

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Will the Diabetes Freedom work for you?

In this part I want to address a very critical aspect for you and that is whether the program will work for you or not.

We all have different bodies and or systems work different so when it comes to understanding using a program like Diabetes freedom it is vital that you have a look if it may be suited for you or not.

Even though I did say that the program is more of a scam, however to some it may end up working or at least having an effective.

So my advice is if you are still indecisive of getting the program I would say you can just check it out yourself to see if it will give you changes or not.

After all this will all be risk free as you will still have the ability to get a refund should you feel that it did not work for.

That is just a way to validate for yourself because all I am doing here is giving you advice with deep in depth research I have done.

Final thoughts

Diabetes is among the top diseases which are known to be deadly and is hard to cure entirely. Most people end up living with this condition forever.

There are ways to help cure this disease which are natural which you can find online, One program which is making claims to cure and reverse this condition is called the diabetes freedom program.

The program is big scam and I would recommend that you stay away from it since it has so many false claims.

However, without being totally negative about the program there are a few positives like the scientific fact which says a lipid molecule is responsible for diabetes.

For the price it is worth you and also for having a 60-day money back guarantee I would say that it is risk-free for you if you would like to try it out for 60 days to see what it is like.

Basically you can try it for 60 days and then if it doesn’t work you can ask for your money back.

You can try the Diabetes Freedom RISK-FREE

The program is an online one so there will be no need for you to carry any physical items or order extra physical parts, in fact you can download it straight to your computer and start using it.

I hope you enjoyed this diabetes freedom review and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to add them below.

Diabetes Freedom review

Fake system throughout

The whole program as a whole is full of fake claims and information although it is quiet easy to  follow

Reader Comments

  1. Jeff

    Thank You,
    I know everyone appreciates you opening our eyes to this scam online, you know I really feel terrible how people or companies will provide false products to make money taking advantage of people with health problems.

    Great Job

  2. Claude Sikubw

    Thank you for the message of warning. I visited their program website, it looks lousy. I mean, the presentation of information in itself looks so messed up in a way that it does not look a real website. It appears like those dangerous websites that will hack into your computer once you browse them. Plus, except for the “tiny molecule” that they mention, there is no thorough or concise explanation of the program itself that would sound professional.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Yes the whole thing about the program is really not worth the investment especially since this is something to help you in the long run.
      Yeah the website is too weird too and that was my first reaction when I saw this.

  3. Justin

    It sickens me that people will try to manipulate and use people in need or in serious ill-health just to try and earn a quick buck. These scam artists need to be caught and punished in my opinion (if only).
    What annoys me equally is that there are so many scams going around that people who are genuinely trying to help may go overlooked as people are just so weary of being done over.
    Great article and thank you for bringing this to people’s attention!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Justin

      This is always what I think of because I do health and weight loss program reviews and when I see scammers I get very upset and I make sure to note down that they are scams so that they will not fall prey

  4. Sulaiman

    Hi there,
    I appreciate your time and courage to write about scam products.

    Diabetes has indeed become a huge problem, especially this last decade, and I know the reason: Technology.

    With advanced tech, people are becoming less and less physically active and I am one of them. But at least I am not one of those people who mercilessly take helpless people’s money and give no solution for their problem.

    If the program is online and there is no author behind it, it sure is scam.

    Best of luck!

    • Thabo Khoza

      You are very right that technology is one of the worst things and also best thing to happen in our lives. This is the reason diabetes has grown so much which has been caused by weight loss problem issues.

      I am happy you got value.

  5. Jim

    Hi I there I’ve type 2 and read this in detail.
    Whilst there might not be enormous benefits, I think it’s a bit harsh to call it a scam.
    I don’t know anyone personally who’s tried it, but any improved diet and weight loss.plan to lower blood glucose, must be a good thing?
    Why is it a scam, to improve to a more healthy lifestyle?
    Can we do what The plan claims ourselves?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jim

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I used 3 criteria to check the authenticity.
      1. Fake creator:
      As you have seen that the identity is very hidden.
      2.Science is not 100% aligned. For a true program all science is pretty much aligned.
      3. Testimonies were only those on their page. I have yet to see a real person (not advertiser) saying they benefited.

      However it is also good to use it and check if it will work or not so this information of my conclusion is all based on my thorough research.
      may now there are testimonies of people since when I wrote this it was still in its starting ages.

  6. Brian Lowe

    Why is it that when “An-Entity“ is “For-Something”, that Entity is unable to See”/Realize the “Bad-Points” and when said Entity is “Against-Something”, as if by some miracle, “The-Goode-Points” are otherwise “Invisible”. Why? It is the same with “Da-Head-Honcho” and his Follwers who are ready to Make, “Genocide, Slavery & Plunder”, Great-Again after The-Real-Natives have had conveniently “disappeared” thereby enabling that lotz of “Immigrants” to become “Natives-of-Sorts”.

    How could there be such a thing as “Saving” when “Worshipping” the Issues of those being “Saved”. For this reason, “ALL-Energy-Transformers” [which include you & I] are “Dual-Natured” whereas there is ONLY One “Energy-Creator” whose “Other-Name” is “Forgiveness”. For this reason, “ReSurrection” is also offered-to The “Repentant”/”Devilish” [but whether “they” are able to truly-repent is another matter]. As such, “The-Last-Judgement” is for “The-Individual” to “Address-Its-Very-Own-Reality”. Therefore, “Divinity”/Reality is NOT about “Religiosity”/Blind-Blindedness/”Imitating-Reality”, Reality is about Becoming/Being Real.

    Be aware that inspite of the decrease in “Carbs & Sugar” intake, the likes of “Diabetes”/”Obesity” will continue its Upward Course/”Trend” and will be The-Torpedo earmarked for The-SS-Humanity. This is because The Real Cause of “Diabetes”, “Obesity” is NOT due to some “Ceremide”/Genetic/Supplemental Twist and so forth. After all, the advent of “The-Electron-Microscope” did not afford “Materialists” to “See-The-Invisible” any better otherwise “Left-Sidedness” like “Cancers”/Cellular-Rebellions, “AIDS”/Same-Sexiness(“LGBT”)-Running-Amok, “Viruses”/Ancient-Vegetative-Matter-That-Have-Gone-Out-Of-Evolution, and so forth will [at-least] be seen and therefore will be counter-able.

    Like it or NOT, “Diabetes” is caused-by “Over-Thinking”, which is a result of “The-Deliberately-MisGuided-Minds [and which is NOT “The-Brain”], which is when “The-Liver” is seen to be “Burning-Out-Of-Control”/”Shrivelled-up”/Overly-Heated.

    There are 2-Minds. Namely, The-Right-Sided-Mind, aka “Egotism”/Supra-Consciousnesss/Macho-ism “Aggressiveness”/”Sadism”/Too-Much/”Overly”/Gross-Masculinity/Activity/”Kinesis” AND “The-Left-Sided-Mind, aka “SuperEgotism”/Sub-Conciousness/Feminism/ “Depressiveness”/”Masochism”/Too-Little/”Underly”/Gross-Femiminity/InActivity/”The-Potential”. When Reality is Separated-Into A-Left-Mind and A-Right-Mind, then Reality had been “Divided”/Relativised into Something UnReal.

    That is when “The-Individual” overly-underly “Thinks” & Imagines that “The-Minds” is “Brain-Powered”. You know, when “The-Brain” is “Covered-Up” by “The-Minds” and is why The-Minds are known as “The-Great-Satan”. This fact is unknown to “Materialist”. You know, when “The-Invisible” is taken as “Superstitiousness”/Blind-Blindedness/”Of-Religious-Faith” [for whatever reason].

    DO NOT Pre-Judge [within your-Heart], what is “Scammy” or NOT. This is because “George” could be genuine but had “Fallen-By-The-Wayside of Commerce”.

  7. Orion

    How could you get a “guaranteed refund” if there is no contact information of this so called “diabetesfreedom” bunch?
    I was starting to order filling out the form and running my basic search on the side. Before I hit the purchase I attempted to quit. When I did I was warned that by backing out now I might be charged twice. I quit the process anyway. Sure enough I went to my credit card account and they didn’t charge me twice, at least not yet, but there was their charge pending. I called my bank and they said they cant do anything until it is finalized. Makes sense but now I wonder how anyone could be refunded if they aren’t happy.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Orion

      Sorry to hear that about you and your experience. If you are looking for a refund you can contact this email:support@diabetesfreedom.org.
      Let me know if you have any problems.

  8. Marilyn

    So glad I found your review of this program. Even though the program was only $37, I appreciate saving it for something else. Thank you for the information.

  9. Afia Alam

    Thank you for posting this review, I only wish I had seen this before purchasing the digital package.

    It’s a disgrace that people will use the desperation of others to make money.

    I didn’t get the full package just the books so will have a look and try it as will try anything to try to get my diabetes under control.

    The Doctors are no help they just want to prescribe medication and made the pharma industry richer.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Afia
      You are very welcome. I am sorry to hear that about you. It is vital to do research before. Yeah most products or programs end up doing this to people because people are desperate.
      Using normal diet is also one of the best things also with exercise.
      Yes you are right about doctors and that is what happened to me and that is why I ended up focusing on natural remedies which work because I paid so much but nothing really changed but natural normally worked and is working not for me.

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