Custom keto diet review 2020- A detailed look

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Losing weight will always be one of the biggest aspects affecting our society and this is for many reasons such as the health industry looking to make bucks from normal people.

This is the reason diets such as vegan and keto are considered the best for combating this. This is why in this post I will be doing a custom keto diet review so that you will know what this is really and how it really works.


Granted there are many ways to lose my weight using a keto diet however having a custom made keto diet specifically for you can possible be great for you.

But let us see if this will be good for you or not or if it is works and how well it works.

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Custom keto diet Overview:Custom keto diet review

Product: Custom keto diet

Author: Tom Hunter

Price: $37

Guarantee: 60 money back guarantee rating: 3.5 out of 5

What is the custom keto diet?

The custom keto diet is basically a weight loss program diet that has been created for women who are looking to lose weight without any form of supplements.

This program was created by a health expert for women called Tom Hunter to help women who have been struggling to lose weight and to keep it off naturally.

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This is based on scientific research which Tom has done to go a step further to help women.

This diet is mainly focused on custom keto diet book which you can get in soft book or hard copy book depending on what you prefer to use.

So just like all my review I always talk about the creator to ensure we are dealing with a legit person.

Who is Tom Hunter?

Upon doing lots of research I found out that Tom Hunter is a very well-known health and weight loss expert who has been in this industry for many years.

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Tom Hunter is also not just a health expert he is into research a lot for the weight loss industry and this explains why he came up with this custom keto diet to help women all over the world which earned him a national health title twice.

Pros & Cons

custom keto diet


  • Good support system.
  • Very affordable
  • 60 money back guarantee
  • Very easy to follow
  • Ingredients you will use are available in almost any shop


  • mainly available on Soft copy
  • May not work for vegans or vegetarians

Who is the program for?

Custom keto diet review

The custom keto diet is designed mainly for women who have been having a struggling with using supplements and gym to lose weight.

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It is also for women who are looking to lose belly fat without any form of pills or those who are tired of falling for scams.

Let me give you a list of people who will really benefit from the program:

  • Mothers who are looking to get rid of stubborn belly fat after pregnancy.
  • Women who have tried all weight loss programs and want something that is natural.
  • Women who want to keep shape of their already good bodies.
  • Women who are above their 40s who are looking to lose weight without pills.
  • All women who are looking to get rid of stubborn body fat with no supplements.

What are the features of the program?

Now let us talk about what you will get when you purchase this diet book program for yourself.

The following is what you will be getting.

  • 8-week meal plan

When you purchase the program you will get a detailed meal plan for 8 weeks which has been carefully made to help you lose weight.

This meal plan is made my certified nutritionists and chefs to help you get all the nutrition you desire.

Upon looking at the 8-week meal plan as I was purchasing it for my mom I saw the professionalism that went into making this meal plan and my mom complimented it as it was well detailed.

  • Nutritional plan

Custom keto diet review

You also get a nutrition plan when you purchase the custom keto diet program and this nutrition plan ensures that you have a great food variety in your meals during this 8 week plan.

  • Detailed recipes

You will also get very simple to follow recipes that you will be making your food with in these 8 weeks and it is so simple that even if you do not know how to cook or anything you will be able to use these.

  • Well detailed shopping list

To make it even more simple Tom Hunter gives you a shopping list you can use for each week to help you with ingredients you will need.

  • Community support

custom keto diet review

When you purchase the program you will automatically have access to a community of women who have undergone weight loss and were successful with it.

You will also meet other women like you who are still looking to lose weight and you will be working together and help one another as a pure motivation to reach your goals.

We all know how hard it is hard to work on your goals alone especially if you do not know if you are going in the right direction.

So do not worry this group will have you covered.

How does the custom keto diet work?

Custom keto diet review

The main function of what the program does is that focuses exclusively on metabolic improvement for women.

Unlike most supplements or diets or weight loss programs which focus on just cutting fat this custom keto diet program works at the root of the women’s weight problems which is metabolism.

Most of us know that metabolism is a huge thing when it comes to weight regulation but often enough many of us do not know how to prime our bodies so that they increase our metabolism to help us have good bodies.

This is the reason the custom diet program is here to show you so that you will be able to have a body which regulates your weight naturally.

Although this program is unlike the Cinderella Solution diet which is deeper and works with hormones to help lose weight it is more natural.

Is the Custom keto diet a scam?
Custom keto diet review

Now let us come to the part where I tell you if this program is worth your time and money or if it is a scam or not?

The simple answer is that the custom keto diet is not a scam and it is legit.

This is because it is based on scientific research and very natural which means no side effects for you if you decide to purchase it.

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The other good aspect is that the creator is legit and is a real person who has a lot of expertise in the field of health.

To see that the creator is confident about this product he even has a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you are looking for a women specific program which works with the whole body (mind, exercise and diet) my best bet would be the Venus Factor 2.0

Does the Custom Keto diet work?

The custom keto diet does show that it will work and it will give results due to the fact that it has worked for many people and many of my subscribers have used it in their lives to get the results they want.

The main reason that it works is because of how it is structured as it will let people be able to choose what will work best for them and that is why it is called a custom keto diet.

How much does the custom keto diet cost?

It is vital to know what the price of the custom keto diet is so that we will know whether it is worth that price or not.

The custom keto is a once of payment program which you will be able to get all the things in the program.

The program is a very reasonable cost compared to if you were to try follow a keto diet yourself to use it for weight loss.

Most keto foods are said to be pricey and to make it worse it ends up being hard to put the correct food for your health in the right way.

The custom keto diet is the program basically which can be used to shorten your path.

Final thoughts

when it comes to losing weight women usually have the biggest issues due to their hormones and metabolism so exercising and eating healthy will not be enough to help.

Most weight loss diet are not focused on women so that is why most of these programs fail as the female metabolism hormones are very different to males.

The custom keto diet tries to take a holistic approach of ensuring it covers everything related to women such as giving them support, 8-week meal plan with shopping list for ingredients each week.

The program can be followed by anyone as you do not need to know how to cook to make these meals (everything is well detailed).

More than that the program is risk free meaning that you will not be risking anything by checking how it goes for you and if it is not for you you can get your refund.

So if you would like to give this program a try you can try the custom keto today at a good price and see for yourself.

Custom keto diet

Simple to use

The diet is simple and easy to use by any women who is willing to focus on natural weight loss ways.

Reader Comments

  1. Elmar

    Thanks for your review. So many different diet programs now available and not easy to make sure which one suits you. This kind of reviews will help to get understanding if you need it or not.

  2. LeTisha

    sooo informative! as a woman struggling to lose baby weight this 4th time around, it definitely helps to see a complete breakdown before blowing money on something that may not even be right for me. thanks 4 the scoop!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey LeTisha

      I am sorry to hear that you have been struggling to lose weight. Yes if you focus on programs you actually are knowledgeable about you can improve your weight loss efforts.

      I am happy if you enjoyed my article.

  3. Erick Darke

    Looks like a well designed program to treat weight loss issues at the core.Additionally the fact that is made by a real person who is well known in the industry is a bonus for sure.Also you do get a meal plan which will help in staying on target to get the most out of this program.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Yes Erick I do believe this program can help anyone with their weight loss issues as long as they are dedicated to following this program. Yes I do encourage people to follow programs where there are real people behind it.

  4. Rune Andersen

    Not quite for me as I really don`t have any problems keeping my weight,
    but I notice it gets harder the elder I get, so might be something I have to think about in the future.
    Thank you for a good review of this diet.

  5. Rodney

    After the birth of our daughter, my Fiancé followed a Ketogenic diet for about 6 weeks to help kick start her metabolism. It definitely helped as she dropped about 10lbs, and her cravings for sweets were reduced significantly. I like the fact that you always look into the creator of a product or program as it creates validity in what they are selling. Easy to follow recipes, as well as a grocery list are important aspects to a diet book as it increases the chances that people will adhere to the guidelines. And at $37.00 you can’t go wrong. Great info to reference!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Rodney

      I am so happy that a keto diet helped your woman and that is exactly what it does and your woman is a testimony.
      Yes the author says a lot about what a program really is and what it stands for.

      The price of $37.00 and its simplicity are what motivated me a lot that people should take the opportunity

  6. jessie

    Hey thank you for theawesome review over the Keto diet. I am glad I read this review because my wife is wanting to start the Keto Diet, but she hasn’t yet. I’m not sure if it is right for her. Have you heard of the Paleo diet? Do you know if it might be better for someone?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jessie

      Glad to hear that your wife is looking to get healthier and the keto is worth trying for this especially through the custom keto which is detailed for any beginner.

      Yes I have head of it I just do not use it myself.
      I am not sure about that

  7. Lindsay

    Thank you for your review. I really like that fact that the diet is specifically made for me. I have had friends and family that have had much success with keto diet.

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