coronavirus obesity risk-The reason you need to lose weight

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Obesity is rated as one of the most dangerous conditions worldwide and this crisis is increasing yearly.

As we are facing a deadly virus called coronavirus it is worthwhile finding out coronavirus obesity risk for those living with obesity.

coronavirus obesity

According to obesity has increased over the last 50 years where it has reached the point of a pandemic.

They all say that having obesity has a huge impact on your social life since it reduces your life expectancy by leaving you vulnerable when it comes to deadly disease like stroke, diabetes and hypertension.

Coupled by the fact that we are currently facing coronavirus, how can this affect you?

Let’s find out in this article.

Before we start you may be interested in getting my free guide for losing weight which is absolutely free.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

The link between Coronavirus and obesity

coronavirus obesity

When it comes to coronavirus obesity risk we need to look at the facts which show how these two (coronavirus and obesity) are linked.

According to recent studies have shown that obesity causes an impaired immune system which eventually deteriorates the body.

This is the reason that a person who has obesity ends up being exposed to many chronic diseases like diabetes and stroke.

According to the coronavirus is said to impose dangers mainly to people with a weak immune system like old people and those with chronic conditions.

Since being obese makes your body have a weak immune system ,as I have just said, you can see why you are at high risk of getting coronavirus.

The other worst thing with this coronavirus is that most people are at home and not really moving their bodies.

This leaves the peoplecoronavirus obesity with a weak immune system even more vulnerable to the virus as their immune system will get even weaker.

So is there a way you could be able to protect yourself from being at high risk?

Yes of course! and this is the reason I wrote this article for you so you can be informed and protected ultimately. The next section I will expand on this.

Ways to prevent obesity during coronavirus

As you have heard that your weak immune system of being obese is what causes you to have problems with not being able to fight off the coronavirus so you need to strengthen your immune system.

So how do you strengthen your immune system?

The ways I will recommend will work for people wanting to lose weight or just to improve their immune system or both.

There are 5 ways you can increase your immune system and they are:

  1. Getting a proper diet for strengthening your immune system
  2. Exercising your body regularly
  3. Follow a weight loss program at home
  4. Reducing stress
  5. Drink more cold water
  6. Get enough sleep

I will expand on each of these (on the next sections) so that you can know:

1. Getting a proper diet

coronavirus obesity

A diet is one of the keys when it comes to your well being and will forever be.

With strengthening the immune system for coroanvirus protection I would say that you need more than just a diet ,but have all the nutrients needed (more about this later).

So what diets do I recommend?

In one of my articles called coronavirus diet I did talk about the best diets which you need for coronavirus and they included:

For more about all of these and how they will help you mitigate the coronavirus you can read the article called coronavirus diet.

2. Exercise regularly

coronavirus obesity

While everyone is at home it may be hard to exercise, however you do not need a lot of time and a lot of space to exercise.

Heck, you can even exercise in your bedroom or in the living room (well if there is no one there).

The aim is to ensure your blood is moving because if you have a weak immune system it will end up causing you hypertension and more chronic diseases.

You can just focus on cardio exercises which require only 5 minutes per time and a small space (check video below).

3. Follow weight loss programs at home

Now if you are not able to be discipline in having the right diet yourself and keeping yourself accountable to exercising daily then you may need an accountability partner.

coronavirus obesity

If you do not have one then a weight loss program can be an excellent tool for this due to the fact that you will have a system or project you will do during these lockdown days.

What a great way to follow a program which will only need your commitment for these days.

On top of this you will be able to lose weight for probably the rest of your life depending on the program and your commitment.

Now, you should still be cautious you do not choose a program which will be a scam but one which will be helpful.

Luckily I review weight loss and health programs daily on this website to rule out the scam ones from the legit ones.

You can check them on my reviews page and choose one you like. There are ones which are my # 1 recommendation are they are the following:

  • The Cinderella Solution (for women)
  • The underground fat loss
  • Venus factor (for women)

4. Reduce stress

The best thing you can do for your immune is to reduce stress because this is what suppresses it the most.

In fact according to stress produces a hormone called cortisol costeroid which acts to drastically suppress the functioning of the immune system.

They also say that stress can tend to have an indirect effect on a person where they end up behaving bad like smoking which reduces the immune system even more.

  • Drinking cold water regularly

In one of my article called How to lose weight without running I wrote about the effects that cold water has on the immune system.

The more cold the water you drink the more you increase your metabolism which improves your immune system.

This is because it takes your body more energy to heat up cold water than regular water when it goes into your body.

But please do not over do this and it could cause damage to your lungs later in life.

5. Get enough sleep

coronavirus obesity

Sleep, as I have talked about before, is essential to weight loss and it is because sleep is the best re booster of the body and mind.

Sleep also prevents you from having cravings at night which are not needed.

It is no wonder weight loss programs like Eat Sleep Burn have focused on sleep as one of the main tools for weight loss.

Final thoughts

Losing weight is one of the best things a person with obesity can do during this coronavirus lockdown because not only are you at risk but you are likely to contract the virus easily.

This is because the coronavirus targets a weakened immune system and this is the case with obesity.

There are 5 ways to increase your immune system which do not need any drugs but persistent and they are:

  1. Proper diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Natural weight loss program
  4. ‘Drinking cold water
  5. Getting enough sleep

These can all be done at the same time to achieve optimal results for weight loss. Remember you decide if you want to be strong against coronavirus or not it is not your obesity which does if you take the right steps.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Reader Comments

  1. Chris

    Great article! Obesity also leads to cardiovascular disease. I have seen several reports where deaths related to Coronavirus were highest in patients with underlying cardiovascular disease. Great tips for maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your body in great shape during these times!

  2. Fiona

    Great points in this article. It is so important to keep our health in mind especially during this time. I know I find myself grazing so much more during this stay at home period!

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