Cinderella solution review- The inside information

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Weight loss is one of the most talked about topics out there and that is because for most people it is the most toughest thing to do as the evidence from Science daily confirms that most people in the world are obese.Cinderella solution

Now, most weight loss programs have focused more on males or unisex and none have really focused on helping women only.

Cinderella solution is the first of its kind to focus on women weight loss exclusively and what makes it more unique is that it was developed by a woman as well.

I have been reviewing a lot of weight loss programs and I am happy to review this one for you since it is totally different to any that I have done before.

Before we start I would like to congratulate on doing your research about this product. This means that your chances of being scammed are very slim.

You have come to the right place since I will thoroughly be unloading this for you so that you see if it is worth your time and money or not.

So here are the reasons why you should read on further:

  • I constantly review programs which I have used or what my readers recommend related to weight loss.
  • I have been able to reverse my life threatening disease using programs I found that were helpful and focusing on a vegan diet. You can read my story here.

Now that you know a little about my intentions about this review let us start.

Cinderella Solution Review

Name: Cinderella Solution


Price: $37

Founders: Carly Donovan rating: 9 out 10

Cinderella overview

Cinderella solution

The Cinderella solution is a weight loss program which focuses on helping women lose weight in the fastest way possible in a very natural way.

The natural way is that it helps enhance hormones like cortisol, insulin and estrogen which helps what is needed for fat loss and weight loss.

This weight loss program focuses on food combinations which give you as a woman the best weight loss support.

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If you are worried that it is one of those diets/programs which will make you to eliminate many foods causing you to starve in order to lose weight then you will be happy to know that this one is totally opposite.

In this program you eat well while losing weight at the same time imagine that!

This may seem a bit too good to be true but read on as I explain how the programs works and how it will help you.

For the quick summary before we start check out the video below

Pros and Cons


  • Natural weight loss program-no side effects
  • Very affordable
  • Works quicker
  • Guide is easy to follow and understand.
  • Developed by a fitness expert.
  • Not a restrictive program.
  • Bonuses available.
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • One of the most unique program.


  • Only made for women
  • Not a lot of testimonials yet
  • Available online only

What is the Cinderella Solution program?

I am assuming the main reason you wanted to know about this program is to dig deep and know what it is and what it can do for you, right?

In this Cinderella solution review this is exactly what I will do for you, so sit back, relax and read on.

This is a weight loss program for women of all ages who are looking to lose weight quick and in an effective way. It comprises of 2 phases to accomplish this, which are:

  1. Phase 1- Ignite phase which lasts for 14 days
  2. Phase 2-Launch phase which lasts 14 days

So who is the creator of the program?

As a ritual it is important for me to find out if there is an author or creator and if they are actually real.

Luckily I found out that the creator is a real person and you can actually see here on the sales video.

This to me was very impressive as most programs have creators you can not really find out who they are and  not visible at all.

In fact other programs the author is just an avatar which is fake mostly. This is why I loved the Cinderella Solution.

The program was developed by a health and fitness expert Carly Donovan who has been struggling to lose weight for years and when she fell into a critical condition it made her find a solution to lose weight quickly.

The program is very well laid out for any woman of any age to be able to follow.

The program mainly focuses on food pairing which helps with regulating hormones (like insulin, cartisol and estrogen) which will cause fat loss .

Some so called health experts have dubbed this diet that it will not work in the long run, however most people are benefiting from it and  this is why I had to thoroughly research it. Here are some of these experts talking about the diet below.

After the video read on and see why people are benefiting from it despite “so-called experts” have said it won’t work.

There we go.. Remember anything that is new and seems like it will take over the experts’ jobs will be criticized at first.

I am sure you know now that normal companies and most experts of the media work for these companies or have an invested interest. This is the reason no one was able to cure my clogged heart arteries until I did my own research and cured myself.

Anyway back to the review. Where was I ?

Ohhh I was talking about what the program has…

The program also has an exercise component which is optional which is not intensive and will work well with the foods you are eating.

The Cinderella Solution is very new and most of its claims may seem a little bit too hard to believe at first and you will see when you decide to purchase the program.

However, I will try to explain more about this program/ diet.

Who is the program for?

Cinderella solution review

I also like to get into who will actually benefit from this program so you do not waste your time with something not suited to you.

The program is for women of all ages who have been struggling with weight problems and those who have tried almost all diets and programs with no success.

However if you are a man you have plenty program to look at like the 2 week diet , The underground fat loss manual and  red tea detox which are also very great weight loss programs.

The Cinderella solution is also for people who are not willing to do a lot of exercises as the exercise component is very minimal.

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If you love the focus on foods for losing weight then you will benefit immensely from this program since it is unlike other program which requires you to exercise a lot in order for you to see the results of the program.

However, if you are looking for another program which focuses on mainly belly fat you check out my underground fat loss review which helps in belly fat loss efforts.

If you are basically looking for a program, whether you are a women or man that involves no exercising and won’t take too much of your time than I would advice looking at one of these program:

What are the features of the program

With any successful program you will want to know what you will get by purchasing so as to determine the value.

For the Cinderella Solution you will only pay $37 to get absolutely everything.

and what is everything? you may ask

Well below is a list of things you will get:

  • Cinderella main manual

This is the main manual which is fiiled with a lot of theory related to women hormones which affect weight loss or weight gain,

This manual also has food combinations which need to be taken in order to induce the metabolism of the female body to produce fat loss hormones such as cortisol, Insulin and estrogen.

The manual is pretty long with 76 pages, but this is because it has two phases that you will need to do as a female.

  • Quickstart booklet

If you are lazy to read over the main manual of theory with 76 pages you can use the quickstart booklet which will run you through all the aspects you will do.

  • The Cinderella University book

This book focus on teaching you about the three women hormones which cause weigh loss (Insulin, cartisol and estrogen). It also talks about lifestyle changes that women need to take to lose weight quickly and permanently.

  • The movement sequence guide

This book focuses on the workout component of the program. Although it is not a compulsory book to follow as you get help from other books that I mentioned above, but it is very useful to ensure effective results.

This is a 30 page manual which has the exercises that you will need to do step by step or in a sequence.

Do not worry they are not intensive exercises at all. In fact you do not even need to go to the gym to do them. That is how simple they are to do.

You generally just need dumbbells and a yoga mat to fulfill this exercise component of the program.

  • Bonus Nutrition blueprint

Carly has included a bonus book for you as well where she gives you what she used exactly to lose her 84 lbs of weight.

Research backing of the program?

Cinderella solution review

With any program it is always good to make sure it is scientifically backed or has some sort of backing so this is a component I will talk about now.

According to and Medical News there are 10 hormones that are Cinderella solution review for weight gain in women and these are:

  1. Cortisol
  2. Progesterone
  3. Melatonin
  4. Estrogen
  5. Insulin
  6. Testestorone
  7. Ghrelin
  8. Leptin
  9. Thyroid
  10. Glucocorticoid

As you can see three hormones that are in the Cinderella Solution are also on this list as culprits for weight gain.

Let us expand on these just a bit, shall we?


Cortisol is basically a hormone produced during stress and the more a woman is stressed it gets increased into the blood stream and produce fat as explained by stycraze.


Too high or to low levels of this hormone can also lead to weight gain so it does need to be properly co-ordinated.


We all know the effects of insulin resistance to diabetics and this in turn causes weight gain problem

We can conclude that as far as science is concerned the program is on point.


With many programs it is good to check out people who have benefited from the program.

Luckily this program has testimonials in their pages/website and also in outside sources so this makes it easier to trust. Here are just a few testimonies of the program you may want to check out.

Below a real woman who has used the program, No BS:

One of her actual client from Facebook who used this program successfully.

These are just a few of the ones who have used it and worked well.



So you may be asking: ” is the Cinderella Solution Program” a scam?

The simple answer is no, it is not a scam it is a legit program which works for women.

The reason it works is because it focuses specifically on hormones of women which is what other weight loss programs have missed in the past which led to weight coming back after being lost.

I would say this is one of the best weight loss programs for women out their.

If we also look at scientific research we can see that the program is not thumb sucking the effects of the three hormones just to lure you in.

Final thoughts

There have been many weight loss programs on the market which have been helping people however few have specifically focused on helping women.

This is where Cinderella solution comes in as it focuses exclusively at helping women to lose weight.

The program has two phases (the ignite phase and the launch phase) which are both 14 days in duration each until you finish your goal of losing weight.

What is great about this program is that it does not require huge amounts of exercises and no need to go to the gym, just follow the theory of eating the food that are given there and you will be sorted.

The fact that it is backed by research and is 60 day money back guarantee shows how trust worthy the program.


>>If you want to check out the Cinderella solution click here now<<

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very informative to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below I will be happy to engage.

Cendirella Solution

Women weight loss

Works well and produces result only for women who are dedicated to work on the program

Reader Comments

  1. Dovey

    Last year I was diagnosed with heart issues; since then, I have desperately been looking for a way to lose weight that would not require me to exercise heavily. My personal heart condition has been linked to the stress that exercise can put on the heart.

    Thanks to your review, I can see that the Cinderella Solution maybe what I am looking for. I am glad that you gave an honest, objective review. Often, reviews like this can be so pushy and make a person feel lazy if they can’t focus on exercise. I am glad this review was not like that.

    • Thabo Khoza

      I am so sorry to hear this Dovey. I know exactly what you are talking about because I have been there myself. I would recommend you focus on a vegan diet with your heart issues it has helped a lot.

      The Cinderella can possibly help you with losing weight but living healthy is also very important

  2. Kendra

    Wow, right away I had to go find your story which is a good thing! And then I had to click on Cinderalla story, so thank you for providing such easily accessible links!

  3. Daniel

    Thanks for sharing this Thabo. I am glad I came across this blog. It was quite detailed and well explained.I am definitely sharing this with my Mrs. She’s has been trying to lose some weight but progress has been very very slow.
    She’ll be giving Cinderella Solution a go and hopefully, she’ll get her desired weight level.

  4. Irma

    Great post!

    This looks very interesting. If the author is promoting whole foods for weight loss, then I am in!

    I think exercise for weight loss is quite pointless, which is why it hardly ever works for people. Clean eating is where it’s at! Does Carly recommend any exercise (like for toning or stretching) at all?

  5. Padma

    It’s good to have a weight loss program that is based on real facts and that helps the body to lose weight naturally. The fact that exercise is optional is also good so I do not have to stress about missing a day or two of fitness routines. Now I feel well informed about differentiating the fads from the facts. Glad to have read this article!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jolene

      I am happy you found this review helpful. Yes this part is generally never talked about by the health sector due to the fact that people will start leaving their products as companies.

  6. suzanne

    Hi Thabo,

    Thanks for this review! It’s good to know that it’s designed for women only.

    Being diabetic, and post-menopause, managing my weight is always an issue. I always try portion control and remembering that burning more calories than you’re putting in is the way to go.

    Have you heard if these food combinations are safe for diabetics? That would be my only concern here because they want us to eat certain things at certain times.

    Thanks again,

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Suzanne

      Great to hear review from you. I have written a menopause article about what you are talking about so you can check it out.
      I haven’t heard of foods for diabetics as I am not an expert in that department sorry.

  7. steph

    wow, i really needed this huge information, and i hope more people will know about your website, i can tell you have put a lot work into it so thank you and keep up the good work

  8. Eco_Catherine

    Thank you for such an interesting article. However, I am not quite ready to invest in this program. Do you have any reviews or evidence from other people who have used it to back up these claims?

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hello Catherine

      I am glad you benefited from the program. I will look for valid testimonies and update for you. It is just that testimonies I have seen are very untrustworthy so I did not see the need for this.

  9. Lenka

    I enjoyed reading your article as I have always been interested in nutrition and fitness. I don’t need to lose my weight but I know many girls who do and they always ask me for my advice because I’ve been able to have the same figure for 30 years and it goes back to nutrition a lot. If you eat wisely, you don’t even need to exercise much. I only go for walks with my dog.
    This Cinderella Solution sounds an interesting program focusing on the hormones that cause big problems if they are not balanced. For someone who has tried everything without results this might be worth a try. The price is very affordable, in my opinion. Thank you for this review!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Lenka

      Thank you for your feedback

      Indeed it is said that the diet accounts for 80% of weight loss and this is the reason most people keep failing when it comes to losing weight especially women.
      The Cinderella solution is one of the most user-friendly programs out there as it focuses on the diet. although it would be great if it focused on the mindset too.

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