Celebrities who are vegan-the huge trend

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Not only is a vegan diet becoming popular to the public, but it is becoming popular with celebrities too. This trend seems to be increasing yearly.

Celebrities who are vegan tend to have different reasons to choosing a vegan diet and usually it is related to fame seeking but most of them turn to this diet due to health reasons.

Although many celebreties are on and off when it comes to the vegan diet it is still best to put them up here.

In this article I will talk about vegan celebrities.

Venus Williams

celebrities who are vegan

When I start talk about celebrities who are vegan Venus is the first one that comes to people’s minds due to what the diet did for her health.

Venus switched to vegan diet due to being diagnosed with a life threatening disease called jögren’s syndrome which is said to be incurable.

The vegan diet was recommended to Venus by her doctor to help with managing her condition.

Her sister Serena Williams also decided to join the diet in an effect to support her sister through the condition.

Venus has reported that the diet has really worked well for her and has even helped her with her performance on the court.

Many people thought when she switched to the diet her performance was not going to be the same again of which they were proven wrong.

Venus and her sister, Serena, have been doing very well on the courts even through changing their diet to vegan.

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Norvak Djokovic

celebrities who are vegan

Norvak Djokovic is another tennis player who turned to the vegan diet for health and ethical reasons. This tennis play has raved a lot about how the vegan diet has helped improve his performance on the court.

The tennis player is so passionate about plant based eating to the point that he has even opened a restaurant called Eqvita.

However I would not consider him truly or 100% vegan since his actual diet just focuses on plant based meals not necessary vegan.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson’s reason for becoming vegan is a bit similar my story, It was related to heart disease that he developed. Although his was a bit deeper than mine since it involved arthritis and a near death experience.

This former heavyweight boxing champion turned to a vegan diet in 2010 and soon after reported that this diet gave him back his health almost instantly.

Mike Tyson was reported to have lost 100 pounds as soon as he turned vegan.

One dietitian said that Mike Tyson should focus on eating foods high in protein like beans and nuts.

He was also told to eat food that is going to help absorb iron in his body like vitamin C filled foods whenever he eats iron rich foods.


In 2012 this famous singer, Usher, decided to turn vegan and this was after a catastrophic event of the passing on of his father duet to a heart attack.

After that Usher has never looked back at all since he has experienced great health improvement in his life.

When I was writing this article I nearly did not put Usher on the list due to him still eating chicken and beef.

His diet would be more associated with semi vegetarian or pescatarian.

Usher has been on and off in the vegan diet due to complaining that the vegan diet is very expensive and too hard to sustain since it is hard to get people who eat a vegan diet who make good food.

What Usher said is typical of most vegan newbies and that is why they end up giving up on the diet.

That is the reason why I wrote a dedicated post which answered whether the vegan diet is expensive or not. And I explain why it is not and why most vegans mistakes that vegan end up spending a lot.

You can read it here.

Thom Yorke

Celebrities who are vegan

Thom Yorke the English Musician is a huge vegan diet follower. He even has said that people who eat meat are real creepy as reported by Radiox.

This singer became a vegan after hearing a song by Smiths which said “Meat is murder” and after that he never looked back.


Celebrities who are vegan

Madonna the very well-known personally is known for following a strict macrobiotic diet which is largely classified as vegan.

According to UK Telegraph it is said that Madonna travels with a nutritionist who is always making sure to make sure she follows the diet well.

Although most vegans have said that Madonna is not a true vegan due to the fact that her diet has been said to include fish.

Truth is that she does insist on having a vegan diet for 90% of her meals.

Madonna has reported that she has always failed with not eating junk food. In fact even in her “vegan diet” she insists that she always wants baby cakes vegan treats.

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Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo is a new vegan celebrity who only switched to a vegan diet in 2018 with her family. This Gray’s Anatomy actress turned vegan after reading Dr. Funk’s book called breast: The owner’s Manual.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict Cumberbatch is another film actor who is vegan. He has raved about the benefits of a vegan diet. He was noted to have said that the plant based diet is what kept him in shape for his career in film.

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Natalie Portman

Celebrities who are vegan

Before I finish this article about Celebrities who are vegan Natalia can not be neglected.

Natalie Portman the actress and film producer is a huge advocate of eating healthy or rather of taking better look at her eating habits.

Natalia turned vegan in 2009 after reading Jonathan Safran Froer’s book called Eating animals.

Although the actress went back briefly to a normal omnivore diet when she fell pregnant just to take care of her iron levels and B2 levels in her body.

Final thoughts

The vegan diet has many people turning to it and for getting due many benefits. What is more is that more and more celebrities are turning to a vegan diet the likes of Usher and Madonna.

There are also many sport stars like Venus who are raving about the great benefits of a vegan diet in terms of giving them health benefits.

Although many celebrities have been on and off when it comes to the vegan diet due to many reasons but it still seems like a huge trend among celebrities.

I hope this article was helpful showing you some celebrities who have turned vegan.

If you have any questions or comments you would like to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.



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    I did not know that Mike Tyson was vegan. This is interesting though as it has helped him with his health.

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