CarboFix Review- What you should know before buying

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Welcome to my carbofix review where I let you in on what you need to know before using this program so you can make an informed decision.

Just like all my reviews this review will be as unbiased as possible so you can have all the information to help you with your decision.

Living in such a fast paced world it is no surprise why most people end up being faced with obesity or unwanted fat that lingers in the body.

Finding a product which helps in this can be a long term solution or a short term solution depending on how effective that product is.

The carbofix is a new product which promises to give results which will end up being long term if followed well.

To see if their claims are valid I decided to do all the dirty work of finding out this through deep research and analysis.

So without further ado let’s get started with the review.

CarboFix ReviewCarboFix Review

Product name: CarboFix

Website: >>Click here<<

Creator: Matt Stirling

Price: $49 per bottle (1 months supply), $42 per bottle (3 months supply) rating:. 5 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural product
  • Creator is real
  • Creator is credible
  • Excellently researched


  • Product only available online

CarboFix Overview

The carbofix is a fat burn solution in the form of supplements which is said to make your body increase your metabolic rate within a few seconds.

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This supplement is natural and is said to have been made with all the ingredients that help your body turn any excess fat in your body into energy so you can quickly lose weight.

The carbofix is easy to consume and is said to not have any side effects in your body while giving you the fat burn mechanisms.

The secret behind turning your body into a metabolic machine will be revealed to you so that you can be able to make your body work within 3 seconds.

Who is the creator of the supplements?

Now let’s check who made the supplements so we can be able to have a reference to and also be able to reference should we have a problem in the future.

The creator is this product/program is Matt Stirling who discovered this secret when he went to see his wife’s grandmother in Ecuador.

CarboFix Review

Matt studied health and fitness in London and was also the owner of a fitness studio for 8 years where he has trained many people succeed and get results.

He has also trained many people all over the world for more than 16 years where he consulted them to help them achieve the fitness and health goals.

He is indeed very dedicated when it comes to fitness as he is a living example to his clients.

What makes it more appealing is that Matt is still a young person who is vibrant and full of energy to help just about any person achieve their health goals in life.

Since the product has a creator we can have a trust that we are dealing with a real product unlike other products/program like the diabetes Freedom.

How does carbofix work?

CarboFix Review

It is vital to know how the supplements will work when it goes into your body so you will have a basic understanding of what is happening.

The supplements work by a protein enzyme which causes a switch in your metabolism so that it will burn fat very quick and efficiently.

The enzyme is called AMP- Activated protein kinase.

This is said to be lying dormant in our bodies/genes and if activated it will work wonders for abdominal fat burn.

When it is effectively activated it can do the following in our bodies:

  • Speeds up even the slowest metabolism
  • Improves heart health
  • Reduce diabetes type 2
  • Increase your lifespan

The AMP-enzyme is said to help turn sugar and fat in the body while decreasing hunger.

You will also learn that some fruits you eat may have a bad impact when it comes to losing weight because of the presence of fructose/fructane.

This is what is emphasised in this product and is the key to why many people finding it hard to lose weight.

The fructans are a type of carbohydrate and are harder to break down for some people which becomes a problem.

When the fructose/fructanes are present in your body they cause your blood sugar to shoot up and ultimately have get stored in your cells causes things like weight gain and insulin release.

When insulin is released this causes more fat storage. It is said that it is impossible for you to lose weight with the presence of insulin in your body.

What are the features?

Now let us look at what the ingredients in the supplement are so we know what we put into our bodies.

Now the product is very explicit when it comes to its ingredients and here is what they have and show:

  • berberin

This is the main ingredient in the product and it is to help with breaking down carbohydrates easily in your gut.

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It also lowers the production of sugar in the liver which is said to help with fat burn since there is less insulin in your blood.

  • Cinnamon Bark

The cinnamon bark is the next ingredient which is aid to have the effect of controlling the AMP-enzyme so that it does not store any fats in the cells of your body.

  • Bentotiamine

Bentotiamine is said to help reduce inflammation for your body because Matt says that inflammation actually prevents your body from losing or burning fat.

  • Alpha lipoic acid

This ingredient according to the creator is used to increase insulin sensitivity in the skeleton muscle by activating the AMPK.

The program also says this ingredient will help increase fat burn in the long run which is the whole purpose of the product anyway.

  • Chromium

The final ingredient in the supplement is called chromium which is useful for is the main source of the AMPK  and is said to help affecting glucose in the body to help increase fat burn.

This is said to happen in the skeletal which makes the AMPK increase more in the body.

The chromium also helps in lowering your blood pressure so your metabolism will work effectively.

Chromium is also said to be great for lowering your hunger so that you do not accumulate unnecessary fat which will cause you to have a rebound of weight gain and loss.

These are the main ingredients in the capsules and Matt says that it took him nearly a year to be able to put these in capsule form because he wanted to make sure he chooses the most natural ones and the ones with no chemicals in them.

What does science say?

Normally I look deeply at the science to see if the program or product is actually legit however for this one I just did a few confirmations because Matt already showed that he did a lot of research

He actually shows all the research he did so my job was to validate some of these and below is that:

Claim 1: AMP-enzyme can switch your body to an increase metabolic rate.

According to research that was done on mice in a lab it was found that by activating the AMPK in mice who were fed a high fat diet the mice couldn’t gain weight at all.

Claim 2: Insulin causes fat storage”

According to MedicalNewsToday it is said that insulin helps the body absorb more glucose which will ultimately cause weight gain.

Claim 3: Chromium for inducing AMPK

According to researchgate it was found that the presence of Chromium was not only vital for helping the body with needed nutrients but it was found to enhance insulin responsiveness via AMPK.

This is ingredient directly influences the AMPK in a natural way.

Claim 4: Alpha lipoic acid and AMPK in skeletal muscles

Researchgate also confirms that the  the present of alpha lipoic acid is vital as it directly activates AMPK through the skeletal muscles which stimulates glucose uptake.

Final conclusion of science

When we look at all the science and research done by well known research companies we can see that the claims that are put in the program are basically in line.

This means that the product is basically made in a way that agrees with all the science and also shows that indeed it was thoroughly researched well before being put out.

Is the CarboFix safe?

Talking about safety we have to address many issues such as how it is made and also what the supplement has inside.

Firstly we have seen that the supplement is made of the most natural ingredients which have been carefully selected and also well researched.

This should give us more confident when it comes to using this supplement.

The supplement is also made under the best FDA standards to ensure it can be consumed without any side effects or issues in the short and long term.

This is because these ingredients are all used by the author’s mother in law and has been using for many years.

How much does CarboFix cost?

The price for the CarboFix is divided into different packages to suit your needs and here are the basic packages you will get:

Package 1: $49 per bottle

The first page is one month’s supple of supplements which will cost $49.

Package 2: $42 per bottle (for 3 bottles)

This is the package which is fast becoming the most popular as you get 3 bottles which will mean the supplements will last you for 3 months.

Since the guarantee is 60 days this package is a great one to actually see if the results are produced by this product for you.

I think this is the reason this package is becoming popular.

Package 3: $34 per bottle (for 6 bottle)

Taking this package will last you 6 months and is also cheaper per bottle. This is mostly for people who already want to stock up and know they will use it for a very long time.


CarboFix Testimonies

It is also good to get testimonies for a product that we are about to get just to have a good overview about it.

Unfortunately there are no testimonies currently for people outside that are visible purely because the product is still relatively new.

Generally what can end up going for is for the ones in the products page because that is the proof of what the creator did for people before releasing to the general people.

However with all the evidence we can see that the product is highly effective and has all the elements of working.

How does CarboFix compare to other supplements?

The other aspect to look at is how this supplement weighs up compared to other supplements in general.

Having done thousands of product reviews online since 2018 I can a sure you that CarboFix is one of the most effective.

Even though I still believe that you still need to do the hard work for weight loss like normal however it is great knowing that this supplement can be of great help.

Now there are many of its competitors out there like Resurge and leptitox which have been very effective for many.

What I like about this supplement is that it is the most natural one that I highly recommend and here are the reasons I say this supplement wins compared to others:

  • Creator is real and evidence

although other supplements may tend to show a creator but this one is different since the person is basically very visible.

More than that he walks the talk as he is a fitness specialist and used something in his life to create weight loss for himself and others.

This is why I gave this supplement the highest rating there is. If you are a frequent reader of this website you will know that I hardly give 5 out of 5 ratings.

  • 100% transparency

Aside from seeing the real creator we can also see that all the evidence is put by the creator and he puts all information out there for you to show you his research.

This is unlike other products I have checked because one ends up having to do the actually digging himself which I normally do on reviews for many supplements for weight loss.

Who is the CarboFix for?

Now let’s see who this product is actually for. Here are the people that this product is actually for.

  • People who have tried almost everything
  • People who are looking for natural ways for weight loss and fat burn
  • People who are diabetic and keep gaining weight

Is the CarboFix a scam?

Now this is the part where I tell if the program is actually legit or not and if it will work or not.

If you have been reading all the way to here you will already know that the product is pretty legit and it should work and here are the reasons:

  • The creator is real

Having a creator in any product gives us huge confidence and makes us have a reference that this is a real person and they have also tried it.

  • The creator is credible

The other aspect of the product is that not only is the creator real but he has good credentials to go with it as he has helped a lot of people in this field.

  • Science backed

Not only does Matt show you the proof of why the ingredients should work after his research but I also find the same science backing his product up.

All the claims were valid

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Does the CarboFix work?

To understand if the carboFix really works it is vital that we look at the evidence of the product.

There are two factors which I generally use to confirm if a product really works and they are: Testimonials and the science.

  • Testimonials

As I said above that testimonials are not fully out yet since the program is still new. For good results we would need to wait for at least 2 months.

The only ones we can relay on for now is what they give on on their product page.

  • Science

As you saw above that the science has been shown to be in line with what the product claims. This shows that their product will likely work very well for the intended purpose.

Will the CarboFix supplement work for you?

As we are all different people and have different body make ups it is vital to know that the supplement will work for different body’s differently.

Some people who have a higher metabolism will find that they will react quicker to these supplements compared to others.

If you tend to also have allergies for any of the above ingredients it is vital to take that into consideration that for you the results may not be observed since you will react badly.

So in this case it is vital to check another alternative  and there are plenty and one of the best ones is Resurge supplement and Unity supplement.

Final thoughts

When it comes to fat burn there are many products out there that promise you results however many of these are not natural and end up giving you side effects.

The other aspect is that the some product that claim to be natural are not backed by science upon check them deeply like the lumaslim.

This can may only be effective for a short term or just 50%.

However, a product like the carboFix and the Anabolic Reload are the real deal when it comes to everything being real and being backed by science.

The carboFix supplement are made of natural ingredients which have no chemicals and have been proven to work for any person.

These supplement work in a unique way by boosting a fat burning enzyme called AMP-enzyme which is said to cause increase metabolism within 3 seconds.

This is all valid as I check the science myself which is a great confidence booster if you are looking to use this product.

On top of all this the product is basically risk free for you. This means if you find no value within 60 days you can return the product and get your money back.

>>Try the CarboFix Supplements risk free here yourself<<

I hope this carboFix Review was helpful to you and I hope you found value. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

CarboFix Review

Excellently research and authentic

All information is well researched and there is full transparency

Reader Comments

  1. SAM

    Hi Thabo,

    Never heard of this brand before so it was an informative read, thank you. Besides it’s a product that was created by someone who is experienced in the fitness field, I think that 60 days satisfaction guarantee is proof that they are really confident of their product!

    Wonderful review.


  2. James

    Hey Thabo,

    This is an excellent carbofix review, well done! My dad has struggled with diabetes and he’s had heart issues too so perhaps this will do the trick. Thanks for being so thorough!

    All the best,

  3. Sylvia

    Hi Thabo, Thank you very much for this great review!
    I am always for the natural approach, and I can relate to all of your information. As a nurse, I confirm the science behind the effects of the ingredients. It is the right information, and I like that the product is very natural. I trust it, and you wrote a well-detailed review about it. If doctors would give chromium to diabetics, they would improve very much. I believe that all people with diabetes have a shortage of chromium. Doctors are not trained to have a look into this.
    Of course, overeating and gaining weight has a complete process, like leptin and insulin resistance. Eating the wrong diet surely doesn’t help at all, and if they struggle to adjust their lifestyle, this product will surely help them improve weight and diabetes.
    I will try CarboFix! 🙂

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Sylvia

      Good to hear that as a nurse you can relate to this and that the supplement is very effective.
      I also only like natural products or medicine as this will help us not have any side effects. I will always ensure people stick to natural products so that they will not end up having side effects. The aim is to ensure your product really has an effect for weight loss and not cause other side effects.

  4. A ekufaa

    This is a comprehensive review. I like the fact that carbo fix can help reduce type 2 diabetes. It is a product I will love to try as I am prediabetic.
    In addition, unlike other products on the market, I appreciate that this is a natural product and has been researched thoroughly.
    Thanks for sharing.

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