Biotox Gold Review- Is this new supplement legit?

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Welcome to my biotox Gold review where I take you on a journey of fully understanding what this very new supplement has to offer you.

This new supplement is said to help burn your fat by different ways and the main one is the increasing of the metabolism.

The program claims to be very different to other supplements which also promise this result. In here they not only promise that but also promise that you will still be able to eat whatever you wish.

With many people looking for ways to lose weight and many products not delivering it is good that I review this product in a very unbiased way.

What does this mean?

This means that this review is merely to help you make your own decisions when it comes to this product with all the facts given to you.

I hope you enjoy and find value, let’s get started.

Biotox Gold ReviewBiotox Gold Review

Product name: Biotox Gold

Website:>>Click here for website<<

Creator: Bionutrition company

Price: $57 for one bottle (discount as you buy more) rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural product
  • Good for weight loss and overall health
  • Creator is visible
  • catered for any and any gender


  • Less mention of how motilin hormone is incorporated into the supplements
  • Not FDA approved (which checks if food is safe or not)

Biotox Gold Overview

Biotox Gold is a new supplement which claims to have a unique way to help your body become a fat burning machine simply by the act of cutting of your fat storage capacity in your body.

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The supplement is natural and works with the mechanisms of your body which already exist such as your fat cells so that they work more.

The supplement also helps maintain a good health overall due to the fact that it also focuses on other aspects like maintaining your blood sugar levels.

What makes it have a unique touch to it and probably the hype is due to the fact that it also helps with eliminating join pain such as arthritis.

Who is the creator of the program?

Biotox Gold Review

Looking at who created the program is vital as it will help with the trust factor which we are looking for when it comes to seeing if it is legit or a scam.

The product was created by a company called bionutrion which makes varies products to help people with their health.

How does the biotox Gold work?

It is vital to know how a product you are about to buy works so you will be reassured for your usage to hopefully see the results.

Biotox Gold basically works by targeting a specific hormone to help reduce the fat storage in your body so that you will not need to use your will a lot for weight loss.

This hormone is called motillin which is they say helps with the overall cleaning of the body and help unclog anything your body is preventing with regards to fat burn.

They claim since the hormone is always working it may need a boost for others so it can help with fat burn quickly.

What are the features of Biotox

Here is another important part in any product you consume; The ingredients you will be getting for the product or supplement.

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Let us explore what the biotox Gold supplement is made of.

  • Grape seed extract

If you are familiar with fruits you will already know is a powerful fruit which is known to have many vital nutrients and antioxidants for the body which means it keeps the body healthy and fresh and fights off diseases.

This is one of the main ingredients that make up this supplement.

  • Eleuthero

This supplement according to the product is that it helps in holistic health and this means it reduces stress during times where the body will normally be at stress.

  • Capsicum

Capsicum is one of the ingredients in the mix which is said to deal with eliminating gut bacteria that is not necessary.

This will in turn cause suppression of your appetite

As we can all these ingredients are basically all natural meaning you are not putting your body at risk for anything.

What does science say about the claims in the product

Now let’s look at the claims to see if the product is actually telling us the truth or just trying to sell us on the idea.

“Grapeseed ingredients check”

According to grape seed can actually be used as a fat burner since its function is to lower the fat absorption in your body which causes weight gain over time.

According to another source it also found that the supplement was helpful as it helps maintain weight.

Both of these correlate well.

“Capsicum and eliminating bacteria for weight loss.”

Most studies do not talk about capsicum causing weight loss the only thing they mention is that these ingredients is filled with dietary fiber which will mean it has an indirect effective of causing weight loss.

However there was a study that was done which seems to show a link of bacteria and weight loss but this was limited to mice not human.

Now it is time to talk about the hormone which is said to be altered in the use of this supplement, the motillin.

“Motillin for fat storage elimination claim”

According to self hacked motilin is a hormone responsible for bowel movement which in turn will cause weight loss overtime.

Final analyis

As we can see that the science does confirm that the ingredients of the product are actually good and will work when in use for weight loss.

Who is the Biotox Gold for?

It is also vital to have a look at who the product was designed for so that we will know that we are not wasting our time when we purchase this product.

This is because some products are for people who are people who want fast results while others are for those who want long term permanent result and are willing to wait to see results.

These people will not really like the effects of having a magic pill (I am one of those people by the way).

The product only be helpful for people who are looking for results over time because of the fact that the biotox gold works on enhancing the bacteria before it starts helping you lose or burn fat.

As you may know bacteria enhancing is not an easy feat especially if you have had bad bacteria for long.

Biotox Gold Testimonies

Looking at the testimonies is also another great thing to look at because this will show us if people are actually succeeding with this or not.

Biotox Gold is one of the new products in the market and there are only a few testimonies talking about how it is easy to use.

However we have not been able to find a full scope as yet since the product is still new.

The only thing we can rely on is the science validating everything.

Is Biotox supplements safe?

Before purchasing a product or program it is vital that you check if it actually is safe or not.

With the biotox Gold I am happy to report that it is a very safe product that will likely not have any allergies to you whatsoever.

This is because the supplement is made with the most natural ingredients you can ever find in the market as we have seen like Grapeseed.

The product is also made with regards to aligning with food regulation protocols which shows that they do think about people when it comes to this.

Although it is not the best product out the it still does pack a punch when it comes to being safe and also being efficient when it comes to results.

Another aspect which tells us if the product is actually safe is if it aligns with science when it comes to its claims or ingredients.

As we can see that the science does correlate with the product which means that there are no issues.

Here is the part that will sum up all the things I think about the product after my research and checking everything.

Please remember that this is are my conclusion, at the end of the day you must make your own.

So is the supplement legit? The answer is say it is but as far as working goes I can not really say however given the research I did on all the ingredients it shows high chances of the supplements will work.

This is because all the ingredients (or at least most of them are targeting the same thing, fat burn.

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Here is a summary of why I say the product is legit:

  • Creator of the supplement is visible

The creator is seen on the video and she shares her true story. Whether she is faking it or not we can not be the judge of it.

  • Science validates most claims

All science does back up what the claims of the program have when it comes to the supplement and weight loss.

The only issue I have is that the product does not mention how motilin is enhanced and or what ingredients do this. After all my research I couldn’t find any evidence of this.

This is why I wouldn’t say this is the number supplement. So for the reason of the motilin I give it a lower rating. There are others that have checked well with all my checks and they are:

Final thoughts

When it comes to weight loss there are many factors that need to be taken into account such as the detoxification of the body before weight loss can even start.

The main reason most products do not work is because they have ingredients which are not 100% in line with some of these aspects.

There is a new supplement called the biotox Gold which does exactly this. It first cleans the body and than help you lose weight,

It is said to induce a fat burning hormone called motilin and also use natural fat burning ingredients to fast track the whole process.

Although there wasn’t much evidence how the ingredients induce this hormone which was odd for me.

The other aspect is that the supplement is legit since the creator is real and used the supplement herself before giving it to the public to also try.

>>Try the Biotox Gold supplement yourself here<<

I hope this biotox Gold review was useful and if you do have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you.

Biotox Gold Review

Legit but not full information connects

all is well except we do not know how the connection of the hormone called motillin is incorporated into the mix.

Reader Comments

  1. Benson Eghreriniovo

    Hi Thabo,
    Great review. Well detailed and simplified that anybody can understand to make informed decision. I totally agreed with your assessment because what I know been in the healthcare field is that any substance that affect motilin for motility in excess caused diarrhea which I don’t think I want to lose weight through diarrhea and dehydration.
    Really good and I hope others see your reviews before trying the product.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Benson

      great to hear words from someone who has also been in the health industry as a professional. Your analyses confirms what I have been saying throughout this biotox Gold review.

      I hope people can make right decisions so that they can see continued and permanent success for what they want to achieve.

  2. Teresa

    I would question any diet supplement that tells me I can still eat anything I wish and still lose weight. That’s just not going to happen. If you aren’t going to take responsibility for your own health, a pill won’t do it for you. Anything in moderation, that’s my philosophy. Which includes exercise, a healthy diet, and a positive healthy mindset.
    You put together a very good review. Thank you.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Teresa

      Thank you for your feedback. It is always good to take a personal conclusion from the review as you did and be able to decide what will work for you.
      I am happy you are able to do that and I am also happy you enjoyed this review mam. Its my pleasure. God bless

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