Beyond meat burger review- What I found out about this burger

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I have been vegan for nearly 10 years now and have made it my mission to taste any burger that containers a vegan patty and when I found out the Beyond meat burger has arrived in my country, South Africa I had to make it my mission to go taste it.

Although it was a mission for me to taste the burger due to the distance I had to travel, it was a must for me to taste it. After tasting it last December, On a trip, I have decided to give my honest opinion about the beyond meat burger.

In this article I will be talking about the good and bad I found in this vegan burger. I will also give a verdict about whether it is a great burger or not compared to other vegan burgers I have tasted so far.

So sit back, relax and learn from the beyond meat burger review I have prepared for you.

Beyond meat burger overview

If you do not know the beyond meat burger is a new vegan burger which is made by a company called Beyondmeat.

This company has been doing vegan foods for many years and it’s mission is to reduce the impact of Industrial farming in any effort to reduce global warming.

This effort of the Beyond meat company is not isolated as more vegan companies are also using re-branding on their foods in order to attract more meat eaters to the vegan diet and this is what is causing many people turning vegans,

The beyond meat burger is basically made to taste exactly like beef to make non-vegans be comfortable eating it.

Scared of consuming soy?

..Well do not worry this burger is absolutely soy-free…

Pretty cool right?

Let’s looking at the nutrition in it below.

Beyond meat burger review

  • Soy-free
  • 20 grams of protein
  • non-genetically modified

This  information is per the patty you get when you buy it on a normal store for yourself.

The problem with the beyond meat burger patties is that the stock can be limited so it is best to order it online. You can order yours online:

Cheapest place:

The great thing about amazon is that if the stock is not there you can enquire them to send you an email when it is available.

Below is a short video about the beyond meat burger

Now let’s get into the story of how I managed to taste it.

How I managed to taste it

This beyond meat burger review would not be complete without me telling you about my story

It is so funny the way that I got to taste the burger and I still think of how crazy it was.

As I have mentioned before the beyond meat burger comes from a company in America called beyond meat. The company thrives to do the most competitive vegan products on the market.

This is the way they are trying to help reduced global warming effects that come through Farming industrialization.

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So when I heard that their burger had arrived in South Africa, in Cape Town I was eager to have a taste of their burger since I am a vegan.

I searched endlessly online to check if they have branches in Durban, my home city, but had no luck.

I even called the line and they told me they had none. You can imagine how disappointing this was for me.

Eventually my time came when I had to go to Cape Town for a dance competition and I had to persuade my family to visit Beyond meat since it had been my birthday and this worked.

Beyond meat burger review

Now let me tell you about what I liked about the burger.

What I liked about the burger

  • Great taste

Beyond meat burger review

Having tested many vegan burgers I was amazed at the taste of this burger since it was close to tasting like meat and in fact at first, I had thought it was the wrong menu when I took a bit.

Oh and I had to double check with the waiter because many times my plant based order has been mixed up before.

Anyway I was assured of this and I continued to munch and I must say that their vegan burgers are really crunchy and smooth (maybe the reason why I thought I was eating meat).

  • Meaty smell

Beyond meat burger review

The other great thing I liked about the burger is how it tasted. It had a meaty smell unlike all vegan burgers which smell bland.

This was good just to give me that feeling that I was eating something fulfilling (lol that is just me).

Apparently I was told that the reason of the meaty smell is because the vegan burgers are cooked where the meat burgers are cooked (same grill).

This however can be a negative, but in this post I will not put this as fact because I do not have the correct information. It is just something I have heard and have read on some beyond burger reviews online.

Please note I only write about the facts I know or have experienced in my life so that is why the grill story will not be added here.


What I did not like about the burger

Now let’s get into what I did not like about the beyond meat burger.

  • Too oily


This was one of the things that was a total turn off for me because when I am eating a vegan burger I am doing so because I am looking to decrease my saturated fats or bad cholesterol levels.

If you have read my story you will know why I even became vegan… It was to unclog my heart arteries.

This was the reason why I regretted even ordering this burger and why I was so hyped.

  • Burger color is irregular

At first glance the burger looks normal but when I looked careful it had slight pink color and this was another huge turn off because it was indicating that it was not cooked well.

At first, I thought this was my bad luck but when I so a Facebook status of my friend talking about the burger color I knew it was not my bad luck. It was how the burgers are.

It just seemed to me that they put too many ingredients in an effort to make it look like meat.

The verdict

Beyond meat burger review

If I were to give the beyond meat burger a rating it would be 8/10 because it did not meet all my expectations as a vegan burger.

Compared to other vegan burgers I have tasted before, it would be in the top 3 but not first due to the oily part which makes it totally unhealthy for people like me who are looking to reduce cholesterol levels.

If you are just aftertaste and do not mind the excessive oil then you are sorted out with this burger because it will outperform any vegan burger than you have ever tasted before.

Personally this burger I would highly recommend it for people who are beginner vegans or for people who follow the Junk vegan diet, a subcategory for vegan diet.

Take home message

Beyond meat burger review

Having a burger like beyond meat burger as your vegan burger replacement may not be the best solution if you are looking to lose weight on a vegan diet.

The beyond burger has many going traits going for it like great taste of the burger which is similar to a normal beef burger.

Personally I think this burger is not great overal since the oily part of the burger that just ruins it for me since I am looking to low the bad cholesterol in my body.

If you are looking to lose weight with a vegan diet then this burger must not be part of your daily consumption…

…granted you can have the burger once in a while if you are wanting to lose weight. If you still would like to eat the food more than I would suggest you buy the vegan burger patty so that you will prepare it in a way that will not be unhealthy.

I hope this article was helpful in describing what a beyond meat burger is and also my personal experience with the burger last December.

If you have any questions or comments to add that you can leave them below. will be more than happy engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Jon

    I have had the Beyond Burger, cooked at home, NOT on a grill where I had just cooked a beef burger, and I had a similar experience to yours. It comes so close to the taste of beef it’s honestly kind of freaky.

    I do think the texture is off, there are better in that department, like Morning Star Farms Grillers, but the taste was amazingly close to that of beef.

    I do agree that they go to great lengths to make it appear to look and behave like a beef burger, almost too much. It comes “fresh” as opposed to frozen, you have to grill it instead of microwave it (I find veggie burgers accommodate the microwave just fine if you are in a hurry), all of which I find in the end, unnecessary.

    But oh my, that taste! If you like beef, but are trying to give it up, yes, this is a contender to be sure.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jon

      It is so great to hear your insight too. It seems like we have had the same opinion with the beyond meat burger. Learning to cook is is something I am still struggling with for now because I do not generally like frying my foods. I will definitely try grilling it or something like you, thanx.

      I am still going to order more as I want to change the brand of burgers. I also think if I make it on my own at home it will be more healthier just like you said

  2. val ross

    hi your site is great and very detailed it reassurance that you try before you review and that your very honest with your feed back .people will trust you and return ready for next great story and products .the links on here are very useful too.

  3. Joo

    Reading your review of Beyond Burger really makes my stomach growl. And you really went to great lengths to try tasting it for the first time!
    I’m sorry you had to deal with heart artery issues. And you’re so right that we really should watch our oils intake. Even though plant based oils are generally more healthy, high heat can still make it turn unhealthy.

    I like that you give both the positive and the negative in your review, so it is not skewed too much in any direction, but leaving us to decide if we would like to give it a shot.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Joo

      I am happy that you enjoyed my article. Yes the aim of this site is to help people with my personal experiences with the vegan diet.
      Every product has things we like and those we do not like so that is what I always try check when I test something new.

  4. Phyllis Hollett

    I was curious about the beyond burger and I like that it is soya free. I also though watch the saturated fats, although sometimes it may be a treat.
    What is your favourite burger? I am not vegan but rarely eat meat and I find beans make me feel better then meat.

    Thanks for the post and I will be giving the beyond burger a try.

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