Best vegan protein bars- Trust me you only need these 6 bars

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If you are a vegan you already know that you need to fuel your body with the proper protein and to do that you need the right foods. Just like meat eaters we as vegans love to indulge on snacks such as protein bars to get our protein.

With so many vegan bars in shops it is hard to get vegan bars with just the right amount of protein. Ever since I became a vegan in 2010 I Best vegan protein barshave had so much exposure to eating vegan protein bars and finding the best vegan protein bars has helped up my protein.

Vegan protein bars have been my go to snack,along with nuts, when I go to competitions since I am a vegan athlete or if I need a quick snack when traveling( Yeah I do a lot of it).

If you have read my article which talks about vegan foods high in protein you will know that I mentioned that protein bars are one of the foods to consume to increase your protein content.

In this article I am just going to give you only the bars I have personally used that have helped me in my sport (dancing) and I have used over the years because of their best protein content and their low additives which provide cruetly-free processes.

Please be aware these vegan protein bars are selected due to what I have been trying to accomplish as an athlete which is to have enough energy to perform my sport.

This is the reason why I know that it can greatly help those who are just needing it for their normal daily activities since they have the highest protein to help athletes.

How healthy vegan protein bars are chosen

Best vegan protein bars

The criteria I have used over the years, when choosing the best vegan protein bars is by sticking to what constitute a vegan protein bar.

Below are the guidelines I have always followed as a vegan to choose vegan protein bars, These content per bar:

Protein content: Must be have a minimum of 6 grams.

Sugar content: Must not be more than 8 grams or it must be sugar-free

Artificial content and sugar alcohols: opt for none of this as it is toxic to the body

Fiber content: Must have a minimum of 3 grams.

So you can rest assure these bars I am about to show you stick to this rule. So grab your favorite one from the Choices I am about to show you.

Maximuscle Promax Lean High Protein Bar, Chocolate Salted Caramel

best vegan protein bars

Per 55 g of bar

Protein content: 20 grams

Sugar content: 1.6 grams

Fiber content: 7 grams

Price: GBP 24.53

Cheapest place to buy:



This bar is a great snack substitute due to this high protein content for vegans looking to increase protein especially athletes.

The maximuscle promax bar is derived from a green tea extract and also is filled with peanut butter, which are great health combination for keeping the heart healthy.

These are my go to snacks due to this heart health benefit and I have been eating them for 3 years now and I will never leave them.

The fact that the sugar level is so low is that makes me love this bar even more.

In fact this chocolate was what I ate the most before I discovered the PhD Nutrition Diet protein bar which I will talk about just now.



PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Protein Bars, Double Chocolate

Per 65 g of bar

Protein content: 20 grams

Sugar content: 1.6 grams

Fiber content: 9.6 grams

Price: GBP 28.95

Cheapest place to buy:

Does not ship to SA



This vegan protein bar was a recommendation from my vegan friend in France who has been a vegan for all his life as a dancer. When I went to a dance competition he gave me this chocolate and I was addicted instantly.

This is because really gives you enormous energy with its super taste and I have to say when I had it I kept wanting more.

The PhD brand has re branded their bars over the years for reasons such as following the market trends and what the people love.

This bar has high amount of fiber than most bars and this can cause some people to pass gas when eating it especially for long periods of time.

I aim for once a day for this bar when I am not involved in a physical activity and it works out well.

I only can have these when I travel to Europe since the company does not ship to my country.

So I only buy in bulks on my trips to Europe which is the downside for me with this bar.



YouBar High Protein Bar, Vanilla Chocolate Chip

best vegan protein bars

Per 43 grams of bar

Protein content: 12 grams

Sugar content: 2 grams

Fiber content: 12 grams

Price: $ 45.98

Cheapest place to buy:


Do you love a chocolate you can give a name?

Well if you do you will find this chocolate a great fit. When you order it the company gives you the option of giving it a name of your choice. How cool is that.

Although I have only ordered it once but the customer experience is beyond the taste of the chocolate bar.

The only thing I did not like about the bar is the taste. Maybe the fact that I am not a lover of vanilla made me not like it.

Besides that the chocolate tends to have a bit of an after-taste so that also made me not be a huge fan.



22 Days Nutrition, Fudge Brownie

best vegan protein bars

Per 44grams per bar

Protein content: 15 grams

Sugar content: 4 grams

Fiber content: 9 grams


Best place to buy:


This bar is made from organic rice which makes it one of the unique chocolates I have ever eaten. Being a person who loves brownies I really enjoy having this vegan protein bar when I am looking for a snack during work o increase my protein levels.

The bar last longer than most bars due to it being chewy on the mouth which makes it a great snack.



Nugo slim, crunchy peanut butter

best vegan protein bars

Per 45 grams of bar

Protein content: 17 grams

Sugar content: 3 grams

Fiber content: 7 grams

Price: $2.29

Cheapest place to buy:


Do you love candy bars?

If yes then this bar will be perfect for you just like it is for me. What makes this bar great is the fact that unlike other bars it does not have alcohol derived sugars which can cause bloating.

This bar is great for after work out or as meal replacements or in the morning since it has enough protein help you not lose muscle mass.



Take home message

We are not always able to have a meal in the morning due to our busy schedules so having something quick and light like a bar can help you still have the amount of protein you need throughout the day.

The key is choosing the vegan protein bars to eat so you will have the right amount of protein while still keeping your sugar levels as low as possible, especially if you are a diabetic vegan.

I use selected bars for my intake such as the maximuscle (which is my favorite), Youbar and fudge brownie to name a few.

I use them when I am in a rush and I can not eat a full meal or after and before a dance practice session or competition.

These are all the bars that have worked for me and have helped me as an athlete to stay healthy.

I hope my list of my best vegan protein bars have helped you with the best bars that are great for protein and health.

If you have any question or comments you would like to put give to me please leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you and the community of vegans here.

Reader Comments

  1. Ken

    Something I have been contemplating for some time is losing weight. I have a colleague who has lost weight on a vegan diet. I love my protein bar and was wondering what was available. This was some very helpful information.

  2. Nick Cooke

    One of my goals this year is to try new things, I’m a lover of food so this is top of the list. I’m into health and fitness and understand the benefits of plant based proteins, thanks for giving me some products to try, great post!

  3. Andrea

    Hi, and thanks for the great article. My son eats eggs, but pretty much refuses to eat any meats, so I’m always trying to find new ways to get protein into his growing body. I think some of these would work for him. The plant protein bar sounds like a win-win for both of us!

  4. SkyPath

    I love chocolate! And those looks really delicious, I like you describe what they taste like, really important, and I like vegan protein bar, I ate few times before, so I really interesting about these bars! Thank you for the sharing!

  5. Todd P Matthews

    The Marimax has always been a favorite of mine. Now that winter is changing into spring, I’ll be ditching my higher-carb Clif bars in favor of something like the Marimax as I work toward my summer look. Thanks for all the recommendations and I’m looking forward to trying each.

  6. Sharon

    I’m not vegan myself, but that’s irrelevant when it comes to finding quality protein bars. My philosophy is that any food based on grains should have at least 4 grams of fiber per serving, and protein bars should of course be high in protein and low in sugar. These all fit the bill and sound great.

  7. Jon

    There are quite a few bars here I had never heard of before, thank you. I really appreciate that you detailed the criteria by which you judge a bar up front. It’s helpful to know not just what you like, but why you like it.

    The one brand with which I am familiar is NuGo and can vouch for the overall quality of their products. They definitely have a candy-bar kind of vibe to them, but without the candy-bar regret!

    Thanks again, great info.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jon

      Great to have you back. I am glad you are enjoying my posts and that you can relate to the bars you have eaten. Nugo is really a one of the top brands of vegan bars and I think I will be ordering more of these soon

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