Best vegan dog food- feed your dogs right

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Dogs are just adorable to keep as they make the best of friends and I know that ever since I had a dog this was more true. Last year I took a huge risk and ask myself if my dog could eat like me ( a vegan diet).

After loads of research and asking veterinarians I was able to discover the true answer for this question. I then started looking for the best vegan food brands that could help me in this regard.

In this article I will be talking about how sustainable is a vegan diet for dogs and what are the best vegan dog food brands that will make your dog stay healthy and have optimum health like other carnivore dogs.

Are dogs capable of being vegan?

best vegan dog food

Well this question was answered to me last year when I went to the veterinarian/vet and she prescribed foods that the dog must eat as a vegan.

and I was really shocked…

She also emphasized other aspects to keep in mind before starting this diet for a dog.

Basically she said YES, dogs can eat a vegan diet and this is even better if you start this diet earlier for the dog.

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Dogs by nature are carnivores so if you switch to a vegan diet immediately it can sort of impact the dog.

So I would advice doing the transition slowly until your dog gets the hang of things.

Having said that if you are deciding to give your dog a vegan diet I would advice you to focus only on best vegan dog food brands.

The reason for this is that some dogs may tend to not want to eat it for too long when it is a bad brand… You get what you pay for…

Funny enough dogs can suspect something not me I tried it with my dog and it caught me ( ha-ha).

The other aspect I would like to highlight is that when you are deciding to give your dog vegan food bear in mind that this will be largely determined by what your dog reacts to.

The important tip is for you to monitor your dog in terms of food he/she enjoys, what he/she is allergic to and what excites them.

By doing this prep work it will be easier to choose which brand will work best for your dog.

Oops I almost forgot…also just like we, as humans, have deficiency it is the same with your dog so you need to know this. If you neglect it this will cause harm to your dog.

Now here is my pick of top vegan dog food brands.

Vdog kinder kibble vegan adult dry dog food

For the best vegan dog food brands I am starting with Vdog kinder.

The reason I am starting with this brand is because it is the one I gave my dog and I chose it due to seeing a lot of great reviews (5 star reviews)from everyone online for this product.

Yes the product has fulfilled what I had expected since my dog is striving with this vegan dog food.

Benefits of this vegan dog food brand

This vegan food brand seems to help with reducing any allergies of a dog. This is what happens to most dogs that eat this brand of food including my dog who looks a bit energetic than before.

The ingredients are great and the nutrition in the box are very precise in showing that your dog will get all the nutrition they need.

Negatives of this food brand

To be honest I would not say there was anything negative with this dog food brand.

However, I would just say that it may not react well to other dogs but all in all most dog owners report great results as well.

I even checked reviews you hardly get less then four starts on this dog food brand.

Price: $55.99

Best place to buy Vdog:

Natural balance vegetarian dog food

Here is another great best vegan dog food brand that has dog owners happy and satisfied. This vegan dog food is similar to Vdog in that the ingredients are not harmful to the dog’s systems.

If you want a vegan dog food brand that has a complete nutrition compared to most vegan dog food then this is your best pick as it has just that.

I have not personally fed my dog this but reviews are pretty good about it being similar to Vdog brand in terms of quality.

Benefits of the Natural balance dog food.

The best part of this vegan dog food is its affordability. When you go online you will realize the cost is very affordable when compared Vdog brand.

If you compared the quality of ingredients you get from this vegan dog food you will soon realize that by taking this product you are saving yourself large amounts of money while you will be getting the same quality as a Vdog food brand.

The other positive aspect about this food brand is that it has all the nutrients your dog needs. This aspect is even highlighted on the package.

  • Great ingredients

The ingredients in this vegan dog food brand are Brown rice, oat groats, barley, potato and peas.

  • Full vitamins for your dog

The natural balance has all the nutrients and vitamins needed by your dog so you will not need any supplements for your dog unless a veterinarian recommends so.

So with this product I do suggest you go to your veterinarian/vet just to ensure your dog is getting all it needs. This will just help give you a piece of mind. (Remember it is always best to be safe then sorry).

Negatives of this vegan of food brand

The only negative of this product is that some reviewers have noted that this food can cause some weird balls to form in your dog’s poor.

Although this is may not be a huge concern,but it may be worth noting if your dog has a lot of indigestion issues.


Best place to buy Natural Balance:

Nature’s recipe healthy skin dry dog food

Does your dog have skin or fur/coat problems? or do you just want to keep their skin and coat healthy?

Here is a product that mainly caters for the skin or fur of your dog and it works very well since it is filled with omega 3.

We are all aware the good benefits of omega 3 for our skin and nails. This is also true for dogs too, so it is no wonder why most reviewers rave about the skin benefits this product gives to their dogs.

Nature’s recipe is made to give any dog the best nourishment needed with the best and non harmful ingredients which have no meat or any dairy products.

Benefits of Nature’s recipe

As I have mentioned above that this product is great for improving your dog’s skin due to its omega 3.

More then that Nature’s recipe have been unique in that they eliminate any artificial ingredients in their product which, unlike other dog products, may cause complications to your dog’s health.

They have used ingredients like soybean meal which has protein which again is good for your dog’s skin and fur.

Upon checking the review only about this product I found that most dog owners reported great benefits which go beyond just improved skin and coat.

Most dog owners reported the following improvements after their dogs ate this product:

  1. Improved muscle tone
  2. Improved apetite
  3. Diminished arithis
  4. Improve energy levels and vitality
  5. Improved skin and coat for dogs.
  • Affordable

The best thing about this vegan food is that it is very cost effective at a great value

Negatives of this dog food brand

The only negative of this vegan dog food product is that if you are looking to only cure a coat or skin condition this may not work for all dogs so I would say rather monitor the situation to see if it will work.

So if you find that it does not work for your dog after a few months of feeding it this product then your dog might have a chronic condition which will call for a Vet.

  • Adult dogs only

The other downside is that this product is merely for matured dogs as they will get the benefits almost instantly than puppies.

Also, the ingredients will not work well with your puppies.


Best place to buy:

Halo Vegan Garden Medley stew for dogs

This best vegan dog food is another great product which is made to help dog’s who are sensitive to animal protein since it is made out of purely vegetables protein.

The benefits of this vegan dog food

This dog food gets is 100% vegan which means gets its source of pure protein from peas and when it comes to carbs it gets it from ingredients like potato, barley and oats.

This dog food has also been fortified with other natural vitamins such as blueberries, carrot and cranberry to give it that holistic aspect about it so your dog is taken care of in al aspects.

Price: $29.84

Best place to buy:

PetGaurd Organic Vegan Formula canned dog food

Here is another best vegan dog food which is made with no harmful ingredients. PetGaurd is basically made with organic and natural ingredients and excludes corn and soy.

Benefits of PetGaurd

Since this vegan dog food is made with organic ingredients this makes it healthier than most dog food.

The ingredients are whole foods which includes foods such as :

  • Organic oats
  • Organic brown rice
  • Organic Quinoa and spinach
  • Vitamin E supplement
  • Organic peas
  • Vitamin A supplement
  • Organic flaxseed

As you can see these are all super foods that even humans thrive on.

Negatives of this vegan dog food

The major drawback for this vegan dog food is that it is very dry and most dog owners also complain that it is relatively hard to take it out of the can.

I am also not a fan of dry dog food for my dog so when checking online this is the main characteristic which drew me away from this vegan dog food.

Price: $46.99

Best place to buy:

Top advice

Although I have given you the best vegan dog food brands that exist and everyone is raving about for their dogs it is still worth mentioning that these brands may work well with specific dogs.

So there is no one size fits all unfortunately guys, you would just have to try and see which one works well for your dog and which one your dog enjoys eating.

If your dog has a condition that you are looking to cure you can use these dog foods but if it is a critical condition you may want to check a Vet to ensure all is well.

The best way is to use the combination of two.

Take home message

There are many vegan dog food brands out there but not all of them will be good for many dogs. This is because most vegan dog foods may be added with extra ingredients which help to counter the fact that their is no meat or dairy product.

This is why it is vital to check the top vegan dog foods, like the ones I mentioned above, as they have worked very well for most dog owners.

It terms of which one is the best between VDOG,NATURE’S RECIPE, HALO VEGAN, NATURAL BALANCE, I will leave that to your dog’s description and you.

Try them all and see what works and what does not and go with what works best.

Hope this article was helpful in giving you the best vegan dog foods. If you have any questions or comments you want to add please leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Marius

    This article was very interesting, I had no idea that there is vegan dog food. It’s great that you have explained all the benefits dog can get from vegan food such as reducing allergies. Good that you gave tips and recommendations how to introduce dog to vegan food and what food is best to choose and why. I have one question do you think all dog breeds can use vegan food or there are certain dog breed that can not use vegan food? Thank you so much for this article I find out lots of new things thanks to you!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Marius

      I am very happy if you found this post beneficial.
      As I said on the post that it is up the owner of the dog to check what their dog reacts well too.
      You can also check with your vet about such issues if you are uncomfortable to start

  2. John

    When my last dog got sick in its old age, the vet suggested that I feed her some Veggies in her diet. Not a true vegan diet, just some veggies on the side. I thought this was a little weird, now that I see so many vegan dog foods to choose from.
    I do not have a dog at this time, if I get one starting it on a vegan diet is a long term plan for a better life for the dog.
    Do you have any puppy food examples like the adult foods.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey John

      Yeah true it can be weird to feed your dog veggies since they are carnivore. Yes I will also recommend a vegan diet for any dog especially since there are so many vegan dog brands these days.

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