Avida CBD Reviews-Should you try these?

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Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has widely been used to treat countless health issues for ages (1). However, in recent times various research studies have provided sufficient scientific evidence on CBD’s colossal therapeutic effects.

Since then, CBD has become the talk of the town. Owing to the massive healing nature of CBD, nearly all major superstores in the United States started to keep CBD products in their stores. A few benefits of CBD to mention are pain relief, alleviation of anxiety and depression cures acne, an anti-inflammatory, possesses neuroprotective properties, and much more.

People of all ages can benefit from CBD’s tremendous health benefits. Due to the ever-increasing demand for CBD, the need to establish online stores keeps getting stronger. Many online brands developed their online presence and started to sell CBD products. Today, several online shops offer a variety of potent CBD products for their customers. It is, however, crucial to evaluate which brand is providing the most authentic CBD products. By authentic CBD products, I mean the products we have enough social and practical proof of.

With a bit of research, you may know that Avida CBD is by far one of the best CBD providers among the lot. In this review, you will understand what Avida CBD is all about and how buying CBD products from Avida CBD can help you.

About Avida CBD:

With the intent to promote health and an active lifestyle, Avida CBD steeped into the flourishing CBD market with their impressive CBD products in the initial days of 2018. They initially introduced nicotine-free CBD Vape juices in the community. In a brief time, this incredible brand has established its credibility in the general population.

From the time of its foundation until now, Avida CBD has successfully launched CBD vape juices, CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD gummies, and CBD pens (inhalants)

The core motive of Avida CBD

The core idea of Avida CBD revolves around three basic principles, which are explained below:

  1. 1. What makes Avida CBD better than its competitors is that the Avida CBD experts strive to educate their consumers on what they are paying for. For Avida CBD, transparency matters a lot, and to maintain it, they make sure their CBD products are double-tested. Avida CBD products are tested both by Avida’s quality assurance department and an efficient third-party lab.

Each of Avida CBD’s products is listed along with the most recent test results to help you assess the potency and efficacy of a product.

  1. 2. Avida CBD has come so far in a notably shorter period. That’s sole because this brand sells the highest quality CBD at comparatively lower prices. Avida’s second goal is to provide exceptional quality to its consumers while keeping it unbelievably affordable.
  2. 3. The third and most appreciable effort that Avida CBD tries to sustain throughout the process is optimal consumer experience. Avida CBD believes in a “Customer Service that Cares”
    and encourages their customer to reach out unhesitatingly. (2)

Pros and cons of choosing Avida CBD


Some of Avida CBD’s many pros to make it YOUR go-to CBD brand are discussed below.

Risk- Reversal

Yes, you heard it right! the company will refund you 100% of your money with no question asked within 30 days of your purchase. Any purchase made can be returned within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the results.

Diverse Choices to Purchase

Choosing Avida CBD gives you an advantage over other CBD brands to select from the wide range of different CBD products. Surprisingly, this three-year-old brand has several different CBD products ranging from CBD vape juices to CBD gummies, CBD oil tinctures, CBD disposables, and many more.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Avida CBD ensures to provide the optimal quality of CBD products. They perform double testing on all their products, ensuring that the end product is potent enough to produce high-quality health outcomes. In Avida CBD, along with in-house quality testing, a third-party lab test is also performed from a trustworthy laboratory. It serves as a Unique Selling Point (USP) of Avida CBD and makes them stand out from the competition.

Taking the lead with their Customer Service

If you frequently shop online, you must know the significance of customer support in establishing an online store’s credibility. For Avida CBD, customer care is something they are most concerned about. Their customer service representatives have proved the company’s plan to be truthful with their prompt and effective communication.

For improved customer experience, Avida CBD offers free shipping all over the United States.

ECO friendly

Since the Avida CBD products are derived from hemp crops, they are the most eco-friendly products to be consumed without the fear of polluting nature.


No genetically modified organisms are utilized in the production of Avida CBD. Avida CBD products are 100% organic with 0% chemical treatment.


Since the crops are grown in a controlled environment, no pesticides are used, ensuring high-quality CBD products with no harmful contamination.


Although Avida CBD’s cons are so negligible to be discussed, since I promised to provide a comprehensive review, below are a few downsides of buying Avida CBD products.

It May Seem over-priced to some

Even though Avida CBD is relatively new in the CBD market, its prices may seem a bit higher to new CBD users. Having that said, one must understand that the quality Avida CBD is providing is worth the money.

Shipping policy if you live outside the U.S

If you’re located outside the United States, I have bad news for you. Avida CBD is currently shipping only within the U.S.

If you are allergic to CBD

Taking Avida CBD products can be harmful to you if you’re allergic to CBD or other cannabidiols. Be sure to get your CBD hypersensitivity tests done before you order Avida CBD.

Avida CBD Oil Tinctures

You can find many CBD oil tinctures with different carrier oils. They are available in a bundle offer with topical balm. When applied to the shoulder and neck, a generous amount of topical balm alleviates the pain caused by anxiety and stress. The technique to use oil tinctures is to take the desired volume in dropper and gently release it under your tongue. Keep it under your tongue for around a minute and swallow afterward.


$59.98 for 500mg

$89.98 for 1500mg

$135.98 for 3000mg (3)

Avida CBD Gummies

Avida CBD cares for its customers and always comes up with ideas to facilitate the consumers. If your everyday routine does not allow you to include any other form of CBD, you can opt for Avida CBD gummies. Extremely convenient to consume, these CBD gummies come in multiple delicious flavors. Gelatin and preservative-free, these CBD gummies help you relax and reduce anxiety.

Cost: $39.99 for one container, which has 10g of phytocannabinoids. There are 36 servings per container. (4)

Avida CBD Vape Juice

Vape juices are probably the quickest and most cost-effective way to consume CBD for regular CBD users. Avida CBD vape juices have gained a lot of popularity ever since the brand came into being. With Avida CBD, you have plenty of exotic vape juice flavors to choose from as per your taste. You just need to have a vape mod, and you are good to go with any of Avida CBD vape juice products.


$24.99 for 250mg

$34.99 for 500mg

$44.99 for 1000mg

$54.99 for 1500mg (5)

Avida CBD Disposables

As the name suggests, Avida CBD disposables can be discarded after their use. Vape pens are yet another efficient product by Avida CBD with the intent to provide their users with all possible options to consume CBD. Vape pens are CBD vape juice filled inhalant devices and do not require the user to buy any rechargeable vape mod. This is the most potent product of Avida CBD and is available in many delicious flavors.


$19.99 for single pack

$59.97 for 3 packs

$119.94 for 6 packs

$239.88 for 12 packs (6)

Is Avida CBD a scam?

Now that we have a comprehensive review regarding Avida CBD and the CBD products it offers, many people would think if it is real or a scam?

To bring your negative speculations to an end, customers using Avida CBD products have positively rated the brand and their experience with them. It is a clear indication that Avida CBD products actually work, and you can give them a try too, because why not?

The money-back guarantee offered by Avida CBD serves as another proof of their concern towards customer satisfaction. You can try buying the products from them and see if they work for you. In case it doesn’t work, you can return, and in case it does, it’s a win-win situation.

Final thoughts

To conclude, I would say given the copious benefits of CBD, such as reducing anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and other physical and mental illnesses, one must give CBD a try at least once in their life. Avida CBD products are by far the best ones for someone looking for a premium quality CBD experience. Your health is important and deserves to be served with the BEST!

Stay Healthy!

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