Astro Tarot Reading Review- Scam discovered

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Welcome to my Astro Tarot Reading Review where I will be talking you all you need to know when it comes Astro Tarot Reading Review so you will know if you can use this program for your goals or dreams.

With many manifestation programs which promise to help us be able to manifest our goals like health and wealth it is vital that we know the ones which actually work.

The program new program Astro Taro Reading is claims to do readings which will help you be able to achieve all your goals.

However, my job is to scrutinize it and check whether it is worth it of not and that is what I will be doing today.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Astro Tarot Reading Review

Program name: Astro Tarot Reading

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator:Fortune Alexander

Price:$19 out of 5

What is the Astro Tarot Reading?

Astro Tarot Reading is a program or guide which is used to help read your pathway on life which will help you get over any problems you may face.

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It is based on the concept that most people have a problem in life since they cannot tell or read the message the universe is trying to send to them.

It is designed to help you be able to map your life path in any aspect of your life like Health, Wealth, relationships etc.

This is a natural program which means it will not need anything else by you to follow the steps that are laid out in the program.

Most spiritual leaders always talk about the fact that when we can understand the universe it will be easy to be able to follow our path and avoid and trouble.

This program, However is more based on Astrology and I have done many Astrology programs and I can detect the false ones from the real ones.

This is why I will show you if this is good or not.

Who is the creator of Astro Tarot Reading?

The creator of the program is Fortune Alexander who is has been a fortune-teller for many years as what the program claims.

Fortune Alexander used to suffer from life problems when he grew up to a point where he ended up moving to different countries to hopefully end suffering.

It was only after he went to the Himalaya that he was able to find the actual answer of his problems and why things were occurring as they were.

After going through a spiritual journey and understand his path he then decided to help a few people who were having problems in their lives.

After he had helped a few people that is when this program was born where he wanted to get this information out to the world.

Knowing the creator may not be a huge deal for others however for me it is always good to see who the creator is as this will help us with the first verification of trusting the program as it will show us we are dealing with a creator who is real and or is reputable.

Let’s move to the other verification steps.

How does Astro Tarot Reading work?

Now that we know a bit about the program it is not time to check how it actually works and what we may be expected to do when we start using the program.

The program works but first discovering about you just like with any manifestation program does.

Thus the first step is when you will be able to choose two right cards and after that you will be asked to put in your email so that you will be able to get the readings of your Divine destiny.

This for me showed that this program is like others which are doing them same thing and using random stuff to detect or tell you about your future.

The program uses your birth date to tell you all about your future which most programs do however this one becomes a bit weird since it also uses random stuff to tell you about your destiny and thus this means that just by choosing a certain card at any particular time that will be linked to your destiny which does not add up.

It also does not end thereafter you have bought the program…..

After that you will keep getting emails which keep promoting more of the same programs once they have your email. Ofcourse you can unsubscribe once you have bought the program, but that is the main part I did not like.

What are the features of Astro Tarot Reading?

Let us now look at what you will get when it comes to the Asto Tarot Reading so that you will know if it is even worth your money or not.

Again with this program you will get the same thing you get with many other manifestation programs where you get your personalized guide about your mission and the like.

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Let’s go into what you will find in the book so you will have an idea on what to expect inside:

  • Astro Health Roadmap

This guide will assist be able to find the best path for gaining optimal health in your life that will provide the less amount or resistance.

  • Astro Personality Roadmap

This part will help you get a deeper understanding of your true self so that you will start showing it to the world in a way which will help boost your self esteem and also help others too.

  • Astro Tarot

This part will help you gain a better connection with the universe and understand the messages that are being delivered to you.

  • Your Tarot Birth card

This part will give you details on how your path should have been like all along in life and how to twick it to move in that direction.

  • Sacred number

This is basically a guide and shows you where to go to achieve what is truly yours in this life.

What does science say about this?

I have said this on many other programs which focus on Astrology that I am not true belief of astrology as I belief that we control and direct our destiny before.

There has not been any science which proves that this thing actually works for us or not.

However I do tend to keep and open mind at many things thus that is why I checked all evidence if astrology works or not and here are what others are saying (check videos below)

Is Astro Tarot Reading a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting to here, whether to program is a scam or not and the simple answer is that the program is kind of scam since it is using what other programs have been using.

There is still no proof that you can choose a card and that will help you see or know your divine destiny in life that is a load of hogwash.

Until there is something that shows this proof then I can start believing the program and as I have said I know many others which are better than this program.

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Final thoughts

When it comes to manifestation one of the biggest obstacles is not knowing your true path and this can make many people live in anxiety for life.

This is the reason most people do not end up giving up in life and not achieving anything big. Well I have certainly learnt to follow my path and I am happy I did as it has given me all I need in life.

The program or guide called Astro Tarot Reading claims to help you be able to find your true path by simply showing you what the universe wants yo to achieve.

The program was destines by Fortune Alexander who has been doing this for many years where he helped some people with aligning with their path as the program claims.

However looking at proof and did not see anything which shows one can find their path by simply choosing the right card (randomness) and even astrology I am not a big believer in it.

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I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for on this review. if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Reader Comments

  1. Matthew/Deloris

    This has always been on our minds if this kind of tarot reading is true or not, you uncovered the truth about tarot reading.
    We would not someone to tell us our future and don’t believe, that someone can tell what my future holds we just have to live it in reality.
    Trying to believe someone like this like waiting for lighting to hit you, it might, and it might not, but we just have to wait to find out.
    Hope others don’t plan around what this guy tells them, but this extra boost of education on tarot reading and how we both think it’s a scam will help us with what we claimed to be true a scam.
    Thanks again for this truth about tarot reading and how we can not tell the future and what it may hold.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Yes, I do not like programs like this which end up causing you to spend unnecessarily, however funny enough some people still believe all the hogwash showed in the program which still puzzles me.
      People should know they control all aspects of their lives, Good to hear your feedback.

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