Are soybeans good for you?- Interesting perspective you never knew

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Most vegans or vegetarians or plant based eaters always ask themselves this question: are soybeans good for you? This question can only be answered by thorough research and people’s reaction to it over time.are soybeans good for you?

Soybeans’ health has been questioned over centuries whereby some people felt its function to the body is negative like tempering with hormones.

There are other aspects which say that the soybeans are positive to the body because they help in other positive ways.

So which is the correct side of soybeans? The good or the bad?

Well in this article I will answer this question for you so that you can know what you are putting in your body.

What is soybeans?

Before I answer this question ” are soybeans good for you?” let me just define what soybeans are.

Soybeans are food high protein food that can be used for food and for industrial use.

There are for color of soybeans that exist like the following which all have different uses:are soybeans good for you?

  • Yellow soybeans
  • Green soybeans
  • Black soybeans
  • White soybeans

There are also baby soybeans,which like edamame, are used for salads and the other food options. The edamame is a green and young soybean.

Some soybeans like yellow soybeans are used to make tofu, temp and soy oil which can be used for any food preparation like cooking oil.

Soybeans are not only used for eating but can also be used as industrial materials.

When the soy oil is taken out of the soybeans are used to make the following materials:are soybeans good for you?

  1. Ink
  2. Paint
  3. Biodiesel
  4. Candles

The above are just a few things are made from soy through industrial use and of course there are many more options than just these.

Historical facts about soy

In the ancient times Asians have always been eating soy as their main source of protein and generally as a substitute of meat.

are soybeans good for you?

Since then Asians people showed to have less disease and had fewer cases of illness compared to other continents like the Western people.

Due to these seemingly healthy benefits of Asian people this was linked to Asian people’s choice of food which is soy.

So is the good health of Asian people linked to soy and soybeans?

are soybeans good for you?

Based on research this is not the case at all.


This is because the research that was done was not a direct linkage but it was merely an association research. So in This article I will be talking about the recent research about soy.

Benefits of soybeans

Soybeans being the fundamental food of all soy foods tends to have more benefits than negatives. Here are the benefits of soybeans to your health.

  • Heart health

are soybeans good for you?

According to today dietitian soy foods are a great source of improving cardiovascular health. This is because the soy has less saturated fats and also due to the rich fatty acids and high protein.

What makes the soy more heart healthy is due to its high isoflavone content which compliments protein to reduce cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL) which helps make the heart healthy.

  • Decrease certain cancers

are soybeans good for you?

In the past soy has always been linked with causing cancer cases like breast cancer, However recently studies have shown otherwise.

According to ASCO university breast cancer is reduced significantly by the consumption of soy. This however can only occur if soy is eaten in proper quantities.

This quantity is just like how the Asians consumed soy whereby they have always limited to 20 milligrams( mg) per day.

Eating this in excessive is one of the reasons where cancer can increase.

  • Obesity

are soybeans good for you?

According to Cleveland clinic soy is a great way to boost your fiber content which greatly assists in fighting obesity.

This has been one of the reasons why Asian people tend to have smaller bodies and less obesity cases compared to western countries.

Substituting meat with soy-based products few times a week can go a long way in helping fight obesity.

  • Postmenopausal bone loss prevention

Soy has phytochemicals called isoflavones are linked to reducing bone loss in women who are old (over 50 years).

Negative impacts of soybeans

As much there are more positives that soybeans has there are, however, some negatives and they are worth knowing.

  • Mineral deficiency

Not getting adequate minerals and vitamins is by far the number one reason why soybeans can be bad for you.

Soybeans or soy tends to be filled with protein and some minerals however they cannot be utterly complete.

This is the reason why vegans like me supplement to ensure we get all the vitamins we need.

For instance Vitamin B12, protein, Vitamin D and calcium are the big missing minerals that you tend to not get enough of with eating only soybeans or soy.

If you are not a fan of supplementing then you should ensure you eat soy or vegan food that will have the above minerals in high abundance.

Below are some foods that you can focus on to ensure you meet the required minerals.

  1. Vegan food high in protein
  2. Vegan food high in calcium
  3. Vegan food High in Iron
  4. vegan food high in vitamin B12
  5. Vegan food high in vitamin D
  • Preventing protein digestion

are soybeans good for you?

Even though soy is packed with good protein it still has the effect of not helping with protein absorption.

This is because soy is packed with trypsin and protease inhibitors. This is what causes gastric distress and protein not be absorbed.

This is why I always eat enzymes producing supplements(which help improve protein digestion) like masszymes to help increase my protein production in my body.

  • It causes you to fart

This is another unfortunate part of eating soy. Due to soy having high prebiotic and fiber content this causes any plant are soybeans good for you?diet eater to fart.

This prebiotic feeds our bacteria which causes us to produce a lot of gas. (sucks I know)


Now that we have looked at the research and the pros and cos of soy it is evident that soybeans have more pros than cons.

The studies seem to support all the positives of eating soy mainly due to its high content of fiber and cholesterol lowering effects.

Having said that, it is vital to ensure that soy or soybeans are not over eaten due to having the reserve effects of the pros.

An example is that if soybeans are eaten in proper scale of 20 milligrams per day it will produce the positive effects.

So answer this question: Yes soybeans are good for you as long as you eat them in a good manner like how the Asians have always done it.

Take home messgae

Soybeans have been used by Asians for centuries and we have all seen how Asians tend to have healthier bodies and less illnesses.

This has always been linked with their soy consumption. Although this is half the truth it is still an important indicator of the health of soy or soybeans.

Soybeans are can be used not only as food sources but also in industrial usage in producing candles, ink and paint just to name a few materials.

There are many positive effects of soybeans and soy like boosting heart health and decreasing breast cancer which outweigh negative effects like mineral deficiency and releasing gas (ha-ha).

The great thing is that the negative effects can be mitigated by eating certain foods or supplements.

I hope you this article of; are soybeans good for you? was helpful in giving you the answers about not just soybeans but also soy in its entirety.

If you have any comment please leave them below I will be more than happy to engage with you on the comment section below.

Reader Comments

  1. Kathy Joyce

    Thank you for such an interesting article on soybeans. As a vegetarian I often buy soy based products but never realised how beneficial they are to your health. I was interested to read that eating soybeans can help reduce bad cholestrol. I take statins, and try to avoid saturated fats

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey kathy

      Yes it is very good for you and I am glad that you eat in regularly. Soybeans can help in many aspects as I mentioned like fighting obesity at its core.
      People should never be scared of eating it in the required portions though

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