Are Ice Cream Cones Vegan?

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If you are like me then you may have liked having ice cream when you were young and even at this age. Even though I ma a vegan I still have ice cream.

However, many people usually ask themselves whether ice cream cone is good for vegans or not. Well worry not as today I will be answering this question:Are ice cream cones vegan?

You may be astounded to discover that sorbet, Italian ice, sherbet, sans dairy frozen yogurt and veggie lover frozen yogurt are various sorts of delicious, frozen treats.

So before enjoying these as a vegan let us see if you can add a cone to it 😉

Ingredients are vital

When it comes to knowing if anything is vegan it is vital to check ingredients. If you are already vegan you will already know how important doing this is vital.

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I am always looking at ingredients before I consume something as this will ensure that I never eat something that is not vegan.

General you want to ensure there are no animal ingredients or animal by-products like cheese and milk.

It is also vital to know that some ingredients may act as if they are vegan but are not and this normally artificial sweeteners.

In the next section we will look at the ingredients of how Ice cream cones are made.


Sugar is generally one of the major parts of ice cream cones as it is there to give it some flavor. Generally sugar is basically said to be vegan.


are ice cream cones vegan

Milk is one of the major food that is non-vegan and since milk is one of the major ingredients of cones this will not be ideal for most people who are strict vegans.

Generally there are 3 teaspoons of milk are added to make ice cream cone and that is the general rule of thumb.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is another ingredient added to make ice cream cone and it is said that it usually takes half a teaspoons of it for every cone that is made.

Luckily vanilla extract is entirely vegan according to so there should not be any worries if you are vegan about this.


Salt is another ingredients that is added just like sugar to give the cone some taste although that would not be too much.

The salt is also vegan so there is no issue to worry about when it comes to this.


When cones are made to help it become dough and have good texture they add eggs into the mix and generally they add two whole eggs.

Eggs are non-vegan since they are an animal by-product which means it comes from an animal. So even if you are vegetarian you still have to be conscious of these unless you are not a strict vegetarean like a vegan.


Butter is another ingredient that is added to give the cone good texture and to stay hard. According to butter is not vegan since it is made from cream which is something from cow and thus can not be taken as vegan as it is a by-product of an animal.


The last but not least ingredient is flour which is vegan according to sources like although they also say that there are some variations that can be used to make it stay long term.

Are Ice cream cones vegan?

Having looked at the ingredients that were presented we can see that ice cream cones are not vegan generally.

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However, since there are ways to make the cone vegan like replacing the animal by products like eggs and milk it does not really happen for most people.

Unless you make your own cone at home as a vegan that you can have a vegan ice cream cone. Having said that Below is to make your own vegan Ice cream at home.

Final thoughts

Most people love having ice cream especially that with cone, however there may be challenges for people who are vegan who are looking to have these.

One of the challenge is having a vegan ice cream itself and the next is to find out whether a vegan ice cream cine is possible or not.

Generally there is no ice cream cone for vegans due to the fact that the cones are made of animal based ingredients like milk and eggs.

So if you go to a regular store the chances are that you will not be able to get any vegan ice cream cone even though you may have a vegan ice cream.

Even the people selling these may have no idea at all and I know this because it happened to me many times.

However, some places usually serve you ice cream with only the ice cream only and those are ice cream shops that actually are aware of his or knowledgeable like the one I went to in Asia, Vietnam (called L’Usine).

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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