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Hi I am Thabo a vegan athlete, Welcome to my Vegan weight site. I am happy to have you here. I have been a vegan for 8 years and I have benefited a lot from the Vegan diet.

One of the ways I benefited was losing a lot of weight which became a blessing in disguise because it made me get interested in finding ways of how the body loses weight.

I have always had a huge passion for food but my change to a vegan diet occurred in my early 20s where I wanted to help my mom lose weight after finding out how easily I lost weight.


The reason I moved to a vegan diet was because of an illness that I had when I was 20 years old which was life-threatening called clogged heart arteries.

Basically what happened was that throughout my life up until 20 years old I use to eat lots of meat, fats and sweets.

I paid less attention to vegetables as I believed that my fitness would take care of my health. At the time I also had no proper guidance of nutrition at home.

Over the years this caused my heart arteries to clog up with cholesterol and this was my worst experience I tell you.

What mad it worse was that I started getting a lot of chest pains whenever I ate food.

My father and I went from one doctor to the next trying to get help from this condition but all the doctors could not help us because they saw nothing wrong with me as they said I was very fit.

A friend of mine,who was also an athlete, who was facing the same experience as me was also told the same thing by the doctors (They couldn’t see anything and said he was healthy).

On one weekend he went to perform at a sport event (dance competition) and he had a heart attack ( I know right, Imagine how I was feeling).

Luckily enough he survived this ordeal and surprisingly only then did the doctors admit it was clogged heart arteries (I know this was a bit late to discover).

It was at this moment that I knew that I had to drastically change my diet or else I would also have a heart attack.

This is when I embarked on the vegan diet and to be honest it was trial and error when I started because no one around me knew how to follow this diet.

I started reading magazines and information for unclogging heart arteries and most information was leading to a vegan diet and to my surprise the chest pains started to disappear.

What is more I even started loosing huge amount of weight as I followed this plant based diet (vegan diet).

This intrigued my interest of understanding how the body actually loses weight as most people I saw use to stuggle.

From this vegan diet I started having high amounts of energy when I was doing my sport and I felt lighter than all my competitors.



What sparked my need to guide people on the vegan diet was the trend and request I got from other young and old athletes (dancers) who said they were having something similar of getting chest pains.

This was when I knew that there are some many people out there who can benefit from this diet and my new way of living.

I also thought what if I could also be of help to people who are also struggling to lose weight since I was using a diet which made me loose so much way.

I Want to help people learn how this diet works and also how their body works for losing weight and how they can use it with proper information so as to be nutritious and help loose weight with a proper vegan diet and more.

Most people were also asking me how I lost weight with this diet so I aim to help people with this too.

I will be providing all the research that I do on a daily basis since I also run a dancing club which helps athletes get fit and be able to control their weight.

My dance club is TTDANCESPORT.COM  and that is what I have been running from 2016 until now.



The purpose of the VeganWeight website is to help those who want are starting a vegan diet with guidelines.

The site is also there for those who are on a vegan diet with proper information for using the diet to lose weight and improve heart health.

It is also going to be providing you with all the information for maximizing your body to lose weight from my daily research and readings of new information.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



Reader Comments

  1. Jennifer

    Hi Thabo!
    I would never think that someone as young as you would experience clogged arteries! That’s crazy! I’m so glad I found your site. I am a chef and will sometimes lean into the vegetarian lifestyle because the vegan diet just seems so strict.
    I’m so glad you’re writing about your journey so that others can learn (myself included) about the vegan lifestyle and all of its health benefits. I’m so glad that both you and you’re friend are healthy and feeling better!
    Much success and health to you!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jennifer

      Thank you for the encouragement for my journey to my health. I am glad that it helps you relate as well.
      Yes vegan is strict but for me I have no choice since of my experience of clogged heart arteries.

      Wow great to hear that you are a chef so I can a few ways to improve my cooking skills..ha ha

  2. Schalk Zeeman

    I am a bit of a health fanatic and I found your article on a vegan diet very interesting. However I was born in South Africa and as you would probably know ,we do love our steak, so I think it will be incredibly difficult for me to be on a plant based diet only, so when I do eat steak I of course make sure that it is grass fed and organic.

    I am very interested to know whether you think that eating grass fed organic meat in moderation is perfectly fine or do you think that meat should be avoided at all cost?

    I am also curious to know what scientific research is saying on the actual cause of clogged arteries? Someone told me the other day that sugar is actually the main culprit and that meat is not really such a big issue after all.

    I am quite a bit confused at the moment as one day you would for example read that coffee is very good for you and then just the next day you would read that coffee is bad for you. So it should be either one or the other and I am sometimes as a result struggling to distinguish between myth and reality and actual scientific proven research in this regard.

    I am also curious to know what kind of diet you suggest for a professional bodybuilder? Will a plant based diet only allow to compete in professional bodybuilding competitions like the Arnold Classic? Or would the consumption of meat be necessary in order to achieve those kind of results.

    Many thanks.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Schalk

      I am also Born in South African and I struggled a lot when I started the vegan diet since I was surrounded by a lot of meat eaters especially at home.

      This was the cause of what made me have meat cravings but what helped me was that I moved to another city and lived a lone so that helped with my cravings.
      Now I have got to the point where I do not crave red meat at all.
      My personal opinion about eating meat is that if you totally cannot get rid of eating it rather opt for lean meat or white meat (like chicken and fish) as these are the healthiest meat with less cholesterol.

      With regards to coffee to be honest I am not sure since I do not really drink coffee but I can do research for you since I love helping my community here on my site.
      There are vegan body builders and athlete (which I am) it all depends on eating enough vitamins like protein.

  3. Ben

    Hi Thabo
    This is a fantastic journey you have been through and your experience will help others too.
    I didn’t realize being a vegan can be a health benefit too, I cannot be a vegan because I love my meat too much, but if it was to help with health problems like yourself it would be a great option.

    Thank you

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Ben.
      Indeed it has been a great journey as I am living it everyday.
      It has changed my life for the better.
      It has never easy for me to change to vegan until I had a heart artery condition.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Kendra

      Vegan was my first choice for a diet change because it was the only diet which did not give me chest pains when I ate so naturally I eat foods from the vegan diet.
      I have to say it has been very good to me ever since.

  4. Vanessa

    Hey Thabo

    My name is Vanessa i am so glad to find your site i have been vegan for many years i becane vegan after being diagnosed with cancer in 95′ i initially lost a lot of weight and have been cancer free for 24 years i definently feel much better. Lately though i have started gaining weight and i don’t know why i am a strict vegan never touch ANYTHING that is NOT VEGAN read every ingredient before i eat anything i do enjoy cheese and mayonaise and butter but ONLY VEGAN non-dairy and i workout and i know mens metabolisim is different than womens but is there any suggestions you may have to help me LOSE and not gain WEIGHT i would very much appteciate any help you can give me.


    • Thabo Khoza

      Hello Vanessa

      Thank you for your message. I can relate to your struggles with weight. Yes many people have this problem even if they were to change to a vegan diet.
      There are usually 2 reason for this and I will try to explain what I know.
      1. Genes
      Genes usually have the greatest effect on this. Most people may have genes which keep the fat no matter what. The good news is that this doesn’t mean one can never lose weight.
      2. The next one is matbolism due to insulin resistance
      You may also find that your metabolism is very slow which will make it super hard to lose weight. You may find that you get hungry easily. This is because of your metabolism.
      To fix your metabolism you need to fix your insulin. Your body may be insulin resistent which is causing you all the problems.
      So I would advise you try boost your insulin
      You can check this information here.
      You can also check an article I wrote about losing weight as a vegan too.
      You can also try to incorporate one of this weight loss program-Red tea detox program (this is not a must though,but could be used as an effective tool if all else fails and it is risk-free).

      I hope this helps Vanessa 🙂

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