8 best vegan sneakers for women-Aim for quality

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Many vegans have started to put their needs on fashion and shoes have become the most popular aspect, particularly vegan sneakers for women.vegan sneakers for women

The best thing about these shoes is that they are environmentally friendly since they use materials like vegan leather and canvas.

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There are many of these sneakers in the market however choosing the best ones can be a bit tricky.

This is why in this post I will be walking you through the best vegan sneakers for women that are of the best quality and best in the market.

Guidelines of shoes

Before we take a look at the top vegan sneakers for women it is vital to know which aspects you are to look at for getting the best vegan shoes.

I will list them below:

  • PETA certified

If a shoe has PETA certification it is the best indication that it uses complies 100% to vegan standards.

  • Vegan certified

Vegan certification is another indication after PETA certification that validates the vegan aspect.

  • Quality material

To deem a shoe the best quality it is best to ensure that is made with the best materials for shoes just like vegan shoes for men.

The best materials for vegan shoes are canvas, recycled plastic and wood materials.

Now that we know what to look for in vegan sneakers for women now let us look at the top shoes.


This is by far one of the top vegan shoe brands for sneakers due to the fact that this Portuguese bran is made 100% of vegan materials.

The materials include recycled bottles and types which make up the most part of their shoes.


Vans has become one of the most loved vegan friendly shoes due to its new focus on animal cruelty-free approach.

The vans brand has really taken the vegan market by surprise since these shoes are not only vegan but they are very stylish.

With its unique and creative name of “half cabs” it closely resembles the name of a car. This makes it more appealing to the young generation.

I am sure you will be fascinated by seeing these shoes too just like I did. In fact, I loved the unique design which is not the same as the other vegan brands.


Looking for best and stylish vegan sneakers for women? Native shoes are your best bet.

This is because this brand is the best for causal wear. The shoe brand from Vancouver is 100% vegan since it is made up of recycled materials like plastic bottles.

What is more, this brand is continuously making new shoe styles which are eco-friendly. The brand also aims to have all their shoes 100% vegan by 2023.


vegan sneakers for women
vegan sneakers for women

As the name suggest these shoes are animalcruelty-free and they merely make such shoes.

The brand focuses more on vegan shoe making more than anything else so you will be spoilt for choice for vegan shoes.


Looking for shoes which are light and can be used for light walking? then these vegan sneakers for women are the best choice for you.


The shoe brand Ahimsa was inspired by Gabriel Silva who turned vegan due at the age of 21 to take care of the environment.

This shoe brand has 100% vegan shoes and they have different colors to choose from such as black, silver and white.

7. Vivobarefoot ababa canvas

When you are looking for shoes which are super light and feel as if you are wearing nothing then vivobarefoot sneakers are your best bet.

These 100% vegan sneakers are made by hand in Ethiopia and they are made with the strongest material for vegan sneakers, canvas.

The sole is very thin yet it is very hard and strong which make it easy to wear for outdoor walking and also for casual walking.

8.Merelle shoes


merelle shoes are a very stylish vegan shoe brand which is becoming increasingly trendy even to non-vegans.

These shoes are mainly for sports and their design says it all.

The best thing about this shoe is that it is very versatile since other people use it for hiking of house work activities.

These vegan shoes are made of Gore-Tex which is a material which is waterproof and very tough and breathable.

Final thoughts

When it comes to vegan shoes it is vital to ensure that the shoes are labeled as vegan or certified as vegan.

If that is not possible that always ensure you know the materials used for that shoe. Some of the most prominate materials are canvas, vegan leather, plastic materials to name a few.

There are many great vegan sneaker shoes which you can buy however if you are looking for trending ones then vegan sneaker brands like merelle, AHIMSA, Native shoes, vans half c abs are one of the best,

I hope this post was helpful in giving you the best vegan sneakers for women.

If you have any questions or any comments to add please add them below.

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    Vegan shoes!!! Wow… I just stumble upon this game and was blown away that this is a real thing, vegan shoes! Pretty amazing and kudos to Vans for being a popular brand name that is taking some responsibility for creating such footwear!

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