7 days to drink less Review- Is she program worth it?

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Welcome to my 7 days to drink less Review where I will be telling you all you need to know about this program which is having many people raving about it.

It is no doubt that alcohol abuse is one of the commonly known condition to the point that many people are so addictive.

According to research alcohol abuse affects many people at any age and the numbers are said to increase yearly.

The bad thing is that most solutions which promise to help people get rid of this condition are very lousy and are hard to sustain as they are unrealistic.

A new program called the 7 days to drink less is designed to help make this addiction go away easily and fast with unique and enjoyable actions that will not demand a lot.

Today I will look at the program to make sure it actually works or it is good for any person.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

7 Days to Drink Less Review7 days to drink less Review

Program name: 7 Days to Drink Less

Website: >>Click Here<<

Creator: Georgia Foster

Price: $149

Veganweight.com rating: 3 out 5

Pros and Cons


  • Natural program
  • easy to follow
  • For any person
  • No side effects
  • very affordable
  • Helps you get rid of belly fat
  • Approved by doctors


  • Not quick to produce results

What is the 7 Days to Drink Less?

7 days to drink less Review

The alcohol is one of the most consumed and also hard to control and the 7 Days to Drink Less is a program which uses natural methods or ways to regulate.

The program has you to reduce the consumption of alcohol without having to totally stop drinking like what other programs would do.

Thus, this makes the program easy to follow and easy to use by any person who is willing to leave this bad habit.

The good thing about the program is that it will still allow you to have your drinks when you go out but without using getting excessively drunk.

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The program is based on mental and hypnosis techniques which have been proven to work super far for any person.

Who is the creator of the program?

It is vital to know who the creator of the program is so that you will know whether we are dealing with a real creator or just a scam person.

Luckily the program is developed by Georgia Foster who is an expert in hypnotherapy and has worked with clients to help them with drug and alcohol abuse problems.

Georgia then decided to put this work all in a program which you can be able to use from anywhere in the world.

How does the 7 Days to Drink less work?

Now it is vital that we know how the program works and what will be required once you have purchase the program.

The program is works by you listen to some audio which will work with reconditioning your mind in the long term.

The program comes in many forms which will allow you to be able to use it easily in digital form.

You will also listen to talks or voices which are there to serve as therapy session straight in your home.

You will also get to read a guide which will tell you all you need to know about your habit of drinking a lot and what normally stems it for most people.

The program will also talk about best practices to avoid the habit of drinking too much or excessively. So you will need to read to be able to follow the program although it is not too much.

Also, you do not have to read only there are other sides of the program which work hand in hand with the reading.

This will be helpful for those who are lazy to read and the like.

What are the features of 7 Days to Drink less?

Now that we know what the program is and how it works now it is time to check what you will get on your purchase:

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Here is what you will get with your purchase:

  • The Drink Less Mind Guide
  • Hypnosis Audio
  • Voice over talks
  • Drink less Mind Aftercare Programs
  • Anxiety Reduction Training

As you can see that you actually get more than you can bargain for when you compare it to a physiotherapist session or other methods.

What does the science say about the 7 Days to Drink less program?

Now let us see what the science really says when it comes top the program actually working.

I will look at the different claims so that we can see if science validates it or not.

Claim1:Beta waves done over and over can cause change in brain chemistry

According to US National Library of Medicine National Institue using certain frequencies over time you can be able to change the brain chemistry to one which will work in your favor.

This was a conclusion after a study was done on different people.


Final analysis

As you can see that the claims actually do validates that the program should work and is based on the right principles.

Who is the 7 Days to Drink less program for?

It is also vital to have a look at who will likely benefit a lot from the program so that you will see whether it is for you and if it will actually help you or not.

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Here are the people who are likely to be helped:

  • People who are alcoholic addicts
  • People who have tried all methods for drinking less
  • People who are willing to follow the program for more than a month or a few months.
  • People who do not mind listening only to audio for a specific time.

Is the 7 days Drink less program a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for i=throughout this review, where I tell you whether the program is legit or not.

The simple answer is No, the program is not a scam and here are the reasons for this:

  • The creator is real and is an expert

Not only is the program with a real creator but the creator is also very experience in her field and knows quite a lot when it comes to curing alcohol addiction.

This is why the program was done through the work of the creator which is more than 2 decades.

  • The program is backed by science

As we have seen that the science does back the claims that are made in the program.

Even though we do know that the creator is an expert at this field it is still vital to ensure we look at the science and confirm ourselves.

Does the 7 Days to drink less work?

There are two things I check with all my reviews when it comes to whether a programs works on not.

Here are the 2 vital things; Testimonies and science

Now I have to say I do not have any legit testimonies I could rely on so I will base all this on the science which proves that all claims are good.

This , by itself, shows that the program will work.

Final thoughts

Many people have alcohol drinking problems and they usually never get rid of it and if they try to do so they get presented with methods which do not work 100%.

This is because these conventional programs end up requiring you to keep going back and keep paying or than you do not have time to keep going for consultations.

This is the reason that the 7 days to drink less program was created; To bridge the gap for people.

The program was created by an expert therapist who has 25 years of experience of helping people get rid of alcohol addiction.

After helping people herself in the field she decided to put this program together and put all her knowledge in it and make it possible for people to get helped where ever there are.

The program focuses on audio programs which will work with your subconscious mind to ultimately get rid of the habit.

The program is natural and is made for people who are looking to change their lives fast and in a non aggressive manner.

The program is well researched as per what I checked which shows we are dealing with something legit.

The program also comes with money back program which means that if you feel it did not help you any way you can get refunded, no questions asked)

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I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope it gave you value that you were looking for.

If you have any question or comments you can leave them below, I will be happy to engage with you.

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