7 Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes in 2022

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If you have been looking to lose weight and have struggled with doing it then you may have heard of meal replacements as people are now using it more than ever to help them lose weight.

What is also good to note is that vegan ones are the healthiest option for weight loss. This is the reason I will be giving you the best vegan meal replacement shakes for 2022 to choose from.

These are good whether you are vegan or not as they will greatly benefit you in the long term in other aspects of the body.

I have done all the work for you and research also so all you have to do is to basically ensure that you choose the one that you feel best suits you.

Before we get started you may want to check out my free guide for weight loss that will guide you to lose weight permanently over a long term.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the article.

Things to lookout for when choosing a vegan meal replacement shake.

Before starting with the 7 best vegan meal replacments I would like to address some facts to consider.

There are things that one needs to check before they decide to take any vegan replacement so as to get the best and I will give you these below:

  • Brand

using a brand that is reputable is very vital when it comes to ensuring not only safety but also when it comes to ensuring you will get the best.

This is because such brands generally know what is up and will ensure that you are taken care of with your health.

There is a reason such brands will be used and it is because of such factors that people follow such brands.

  • Ingredients quality

The quality of the ingredients is one of the best thing to check out as it is what will help you achieve what you are looking to achieve from the shakes.

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Some people may be looking to lose weight and get certain ingredients while others may be looking for a shake that will help manage their weight and no necessary make them lose too much weight.

  • Look out for artificial ingredients

You must also ensure that the vegan meal replacement meals do not have artificial sweetness or ingredients as they will generally do the opposite of what you want and make you gain weight instead.

This means that you must check yourself because other products do not even state this which generally means they do have artificial sweeteners.

  • Look out for animal products

There are also products with hidden animal products that disguise themselves as being vegan or plant based.

This is why if you use a product that is reputable you will have no issue at all with ensuring that you are getting quality for your product.


1. Ample meal shake

When it comes to getting enough protein and fiber ample meal shake has become one of the most used and that is why more people are starting to look into it.

Ample meal shake is also easy on your body when it comes to digestion assistance and that is the reason this meal replacement is one of my favorites.

Many dietitians have also agreed that such a meal replacement shake can be used easy because it covers the right amount of nutrients while giving you good fiber to keep you full for long.

The major downside when compared to other meal replacement shakes is that this shake is a bit pricey.

However, if you feel you are willing to spend more for their quality of protein that comes from pea then it could be a great investment.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons


  • Good amount of protein
  • Good quality fiber
  • Has vitamin B12
  • Gluten-free and GMO-free


  • More pricey option

2. Instant Knockout Complete

Instant Knockout complete is one of the best shakes due to the fact that it is made with some best ingredients for your health and weight loss.

This is because it has flaxseeds and is made mainly with mainly plant based protein that will help you not only stay full for long but will also help you gain more muscles.

Instant Knockout Complete will also be helpful in that it comes with loads of calories so you can be compelled to workout more.

Let us look at the Pros and Cons


  • Many good nutrients in the shake
  • Easy to use for everyday use.
  • Load of omega 3 fatty acids.


  • One flavor only

3. Orgain Organic nutrition shake

When it comes to brands this is one of the well-known and well-used brands in the vegan space and that is why for many people it has been helpful.

This also means that you will be able to use this with no worries that it may not be 100% vegan like other brands in the market.

This shake also comes with a ready-made pack so that you can use it on the go to get the best results.

This shake is also great since it is one of the few that has no sugar which can be good for people with diabetes or how just want to cut back on sugar.

This is the first shake I started off with because I did not know how to make my own and did not have the time to make it myself when I worked in an office a few years back.

Pros and Cons


  • Ready made product
  • No sugar added


  • May not be the best taste for many

4. Organifi Complete Protein


This product is basically all about ensuring that you can have low fat and still get the good fiber that is needed.

This product is also made with less additives which makes it easy for you to not worry too much above having any side effects.

This means that you will also be having good quality muscles with this product as it is used by many vegan athletes and vegan weight loss people.

Let us also look at the Pros and Cons of the product:


  • A well-known product
  • Used by athletes and weight lifters
  • High amount of Protein


  • Limited flavors

5. Garden of Life Raw organic


Most people use this more as a snack more than a protein shake for weight loss due to the way it is made.

It still has loads of good protein as well as good amount of fiber that can be of great help for you.

The only good thing for weight loss is that it has high protein content and fiber and nothing else and it is the reason I put it here towards the end.


  • High protein content (20 grams).
  • Easy to use
  • Best for snacking


  • Not widely used.

6. Vega one organic All-in one shake

This shake is for people who are looking for organic shakes to help them with weight loss and there are a few of those people.

This shake is made with good quality too as it is organic but I may not be a fan of most of their ingredients as they may tend to make others gain weight.

This is because since the shake is organic they ended up adding many irrelevant ingredients in the mix that have no use at all.

However, if you are looking for something pure this is the best shake.


  • Natural and organic
  • Good price
  • Unique shake


  • May tend to make others gain weight.

7.Ka-chava vegan meal replacement shake

This shake is basically for those who are looking for great taste for shakes and are looking to still get the best benefits from this.

This means that for people who are looking for weight loss they can get the best of both with this shake and be able to benefit long term.

This shake comes with 25grams of protein and some people swear by it and I do not blame them with that as this is a good product.

The main issue as to why I put this last compared to others is because this supplement basically never improved their ingredients for a vegan meal replacement and you can tell this by the taste of the product.

It still has that old taste and if you compare it to new meal replacement it is way behind even though it still does the job.


  • Great amount of protein and calories with 24 grams 240 calories respectively
  • Has many vitamins to help mostly vegans


  • has never improved their ingredients and taste of the years.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to lose weight the best way to do it is to use vegan meal replacement protein shakes that you will be able to use.

Vegan meal replacements are great because they are natural and usually have no additives or artificial sweeteners like other regular protein shakes.

However you still need to look at the essential aspects to ensure that you are still getting the best out of all this.

This is the reason I have provided you with some best shakes such as the following:

  • Organifi Complete protein
  • Orgain organic nutrition shake
  • Instant knockout complete
  • Ample meal shake
  • Garden of Life Raw organic
  • Vegan one organic
  • Ka-chava vegan meal replacement

These are all proven to work for weight loss and are the go to for most people who are using a vegan diet or even a non-vegan diet.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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