6 Top vegan countries- The best countries for vegan travelers

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Vegan diet has become more and more popular and the numbers are estimated to exponentially grow in the future.

This will provide more support for vegans since it used to be a mission to travel as a vegan to different countries as most countries hardly had any vegan food options before. In fact top vegan countries were a dream for us vegan in the past.

Now we are seeing more and more countries coming to the party in offering vegan food options to their citizens and tourists.

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On this post I will focus on 6 top vegan countries that will make your travels worthwhile.

Ready?..let’s begin.

1. India

vegan countries

One of the top vegan countries in my list is India.

India is a country very popular when it comes to vegetarian foods. I have to say that vegetarians benefit more from this country then vegans. Why?

This is because the country prides itself with dairy products. In fact most of their cooking is done with dairy products.. Maybe that is one of the reasons why they tend to have heart related disease easier.

Vegans are also catered for by this country because the only thing you need to do when buying vegetarian cuisines is to ask that they vegan countriesexclude dairy products.

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Most shops and restaurants are starting to cater more for people who prefer to not have any dairy.

Having said all of this remember that vegan and vegetarian are not too different so this makes it easier to shop around for your vegan foods especially if you want to make your own food.

Taste of vegan foods is rather very spicy with some options being sweet

2. Germany

vegan countries

When it comes to top vegan countries Germany is at the forefront due to the countries effort to have animal-free products.

Germany had and launched more vegan products that any country in 2016 According to Mintel research agency.

The best city to visit is Berlin as this is where you will find more options compared to other places.

It is estimated that there are 472 vegan restaurants in Germany alone and this explains the reason why Germany is at the forefront for vegan countriesveganism.

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To add to this, the country has a street called Schivelbeiner Strasse which is a vegan dedicated street since it has stores with animal-free products.

There is a line of restaurants, stores and cafes on this street and it is commonly known as Vegan Venue.

Berlin is also well-known for being a home for the largest vegan grocery store called Veganz and more and more shops being added yearly.

According to CNN this grocery store was the first vegan store to appear in Europe which made Germany a leader in veganism in Europe.

3. United Kingdom

vegan countries

London, in UK, has been considered the third largest vegan city in the world. This is one of the reasons I put it in this list of top vegan countries.

The city boosts 177 restaurants which are said to keep growing. This comes as no surprise since there are over a million vegans in UK.

Due to the large population of vegans in the country vegan meat alternatives are growing exponentially in UK. This is despite the fact that the vegan based diet can be a bit difficult to follow when you start.

This requires vegans to have the responsibility for looking for the right places which can be exhausting.

So the best thing with UK is that there are many vegan hot spots which make veganism very easy to follow.

Below are some of these vegan hot spot cities in UK:

  • Swindon
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow
  • Cardiff
  • Cambridge
  • Sheffield
  • Devon
  • Norwich-The tipsyu vegan restarant

So basically if you visit UK in any city you are guaranteed to get a dedicated vegan place to eat.

4. Vietnam

When it comes to top vegan countries it is very important to add Vietnam into the mix as this is one of the best travel destination for vegans.

The reason Vietnam is vegan-friendly is because their dishes are naturally made with staples such as rice or noodle and then they add a lot of beans to the mix.

vegan countries

You will also notice that most of their vegan and vegetarian dishes are made with nuts to give it a protein boost.

This can be bad though if you have nut allergies so make sure that you are not buying something that can cause danger to your life.

When you go to Vietnam you will also notice that they add a lot of eggplants in their vegan food options and this just shows how much they love plant based foods.

Here is another interesting fact about vegan foods in Vietnam. The taste of the food changes as you change locations.

Here as an interesting fact: As you go towards the South of this country the food will start having a sweet taste and when you go towards the North the food will tend to be more flavored especially with local spices.

As I said, that Vietnam is loaded with vegan restaurants so the most famous one you should never forget to go to when you visit Vietnam is called Minh Chay Vegan Restaurant which is in Hanoi.

This is because it is one of a few restaurants in the whole country which is 100% vegan. On top of this they have the most delicious vegan creme caramel in the world.

If you are looking for vegan restaurants in Vietnam you can check out Happycow as they have them all in different cities.

5. Israel

Israel is considered the world vegan capital and most people who live in the country are so used to a vegan diet that it has become second nature.

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Although not the whole population is vegan but it is safe to say that the majority is.

There are many reason israelites have long since adopted a vegan diet compared to any country in the world. The following are some reasons.

  • Smaller population of people who are open-minded

Since the country is so small any lifestyle trend tends to grow rapidly. This is what happened to Israel.

More over the country has many young people who have migrated to this country and are very keen and open minded when it comes to diet changes.

  • Religion

Vegan countries

Most of the religious people in the country naturally focus on eating vegan related foods or should I say plant based foods.

  • Vegan options are vast

Some major international restaurant stores have even launched their vegan food option menus only to this country. One such store is domino’s pizza which has a non-dairy cheese in it.

It is very interesting to note that it is only recent that this large international food brand has decided to release this option to other countries as well.

Below are some top vegan places in Israel

6. Bali

vegan countries


Bali is one of the top vegan countries and what is more popular for vegans are Bali’s cafes.

Bali is having more and more vegan cafes popping up all the time making vegan travelers more inclined to visit the country.

I am also considering to visit Bali as a vegan as most of my vegan friends have told me that I am missing out.

In Bali, you are guaranteed to get a well-rounded vegan menus especially since most of the people are religious and health conscious.

Bali is famous for its vegan festivals to entice any tourist into a vegan lifestyle.

Final thoughts

When it comes to vegan friendly countries the determining factors for making it vegan friendly is the fact that they should have at least a majority of its cities with vegan restaurants or vegan cafes.

The top 6 vegan countries are Bali, India, Vietnam, Germany, Israel and UK due to the consistency in delivering plant based options for their citizens and tourists.

When going to these countries it is very important to know the cities that will accommodate you more as a vegan. for example in Germany, Berlin is the best place to go to get the most experience.

I hope you enjoyed this article of the 6 top vegan countries and I hope it was helpful in giving you the most valuable information for traveling as a vegan like me.

If you have any comment that you would like to add, you are more than welcome to add them below and I will be more than happy to engage.

Reader Comments

  1. Rasyied

    I’m a vegan too. very happy to come across this article. But in my country was difficult to find a special vegan restaurant, and I must prepare myself when I plan for traveling to another region.
    Thanks for your article, I’m very enjoyed reading it.

  2. Theresa

    What a cool article! I’m not vegan but I tend to opt for vegetarian/vegan food when I eat out because I like to eat real food, cooked simply, and that seems to be the best option. My daughter is vegan and I’m excited to be able to share this article with her! She is finishing up in college and hoping to do some traveling when she has more time.

  3. Ahearst

    Good post

    As I understand a vegan is someone who doesn’t eat animals and its byproducts correct? Does this include seafood? I like eating fish. oyster, clams, escargot, fish eggs ( or caviar ) and shrimps . I don’t eat meat. So am I vegan?

  4. Ron

    I was initially drawn to this site by the colorful images and pictures – what a pleasure it is to see a site that has ‘life` to it.
    I really enjoyed this site. I am not a Vegan – but the approach used in this site is so good that it makes people aware –maybe for the first time – how much a factor in our daily life is Vegan, and proper eating in general.
    It seems that so many – perhaps most of us –go no further than the taste and the `Special of the Week ‘ in choosing what to consume, and what to order in a restaurant.
    This site may well change that attitude – It is changing mine.
    Great site, and I am looking at food a bit (actually a lot) differently than before I read the articles here –
    Great site

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Ron

      This pleases my heart to hear that this site is changing your life since this is what my aim for this site is all.
      I am happy that the vegan lifestyle I am leading is an example for people who are omnivores.

      I hope this can help you and your family live a healthy life by your eating habits.
      The resources are all here for you.

  5. Zikora

    Beautiful website! both entertaining and informative. I need to make some money to travel to some of this places.
    I grew up vegan too, not so much because we are vegan but because meat was a privilige for the wealthier few in Africa. Now, Its always hard to come up with vegan dinners. This website is helpful.

  6. Jonatan Lundström

    My sister is a vegan, and I decided to send this post to her, I’ve never seen someone so happy, knowing that there’s a community out there, willing to write and help other vegans. Thank you for this article, very well written!

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Jonatan

      That is some great news. I am happy to hear that my article could help someone who is vegan like me with information since I never had this help when I started off as a vegan in 2010.

      I will keep writing to help anyone live this healthy lifestyle.

  7. Satish

    Hey Thabo,

    This is an insightful article, my brother is a vegan (not me), so when i was reading this article i was actually thinking about him as his job involves lot of travelling. In fact he will be traveling to Sheffield in few weeks…and i am happy to know that it is one of the vegan hot spot cities in UK 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the articles, I am sure this post will helpful to a lot of vegans.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Satish

      What a coincident to hear that your brother will be traveling to United Kingdom, One of the vegan friendly countries.
      He is lucky to be travelling there since it is one of the best places I am looking to travel to as a vegan.

      I am sure he will definetly enjoy. Best wishes to him

  8. Mymoena

    Thanks for your great Vegan info! I’m not a Vegan but I do tend to lean toward eating Vegan heading out for the day and I love vegan food as i make them all the time.

  9. Kristina

    Really nice article. Everyone who is vegan knows how things are going related to the food in this world of ours. So it’s always nice to see some places where it’s different.
    I think that we all had situations when we ordered some “vegan food”, and then realized that it is not entirely dairy free. A lot of shops and restaurant do that, but I am glad to see that things are changing. Slow, but people are now way more aware then in few years back.
    I always look for the new places where you can find some real vegan food, so thanks for sharing this.

  10. Tammy

    This information was great! India has so many great spices too, that will spice up the vegetarian food! I had no idea that Germany was that high on the list for vegan’s especially since they are known for their German brats! What I love about that street you mentioned was that, it wasn’t just about dishes that are vegetarian, it sounds like it’s animal free products! I like that, being an animal lover. I don’t buy any product that has been tested on an animal. We just visited the Holy Land last November. The only meat they served in the restaurants was chicken. They had a lot of great vegetable dishes! How long have you been a vegan?

  11. Cherry

    I won’t do it, I won’t. I know vegan diets for but I need something only if it’s chicken or or fish. My husband is a vegan and he is so healthy. He will love this article because he has always wanted to go to Israel and to know they are mainly vegans would put a smile on his face. Thank you
    Be Blessed

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Chery

      Thank you for your opinion. I hope your husband can really find value in knowing he can be accommodated in Israel.
      Israel is a country on my buckelist since I am a vegan and I will definetly go there in the future.

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