5 Ways on How to stop eating too much sugar

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I would be lying If I were to tell you that I have never had a sweet tooth before and this is what got me in trouble and led me to being a vegan and being selective with what I eat.

My new lifestyle was even able to help me let go of my sweet tooth that I had for a long time and could not get any solution for it.

This is the reason that I wanted to share this information with you and give you some of my tips which have been helpful and I have been using for many years.

If you have bumped into this article you may also may be having the issue of not being able to stop eaten too much sugar or hectic you just want to get healthier and not have too much sugar.

In this article is definitely for you and I hope you will enjoy it. If you haven’t gotten my free weight loss guide to help you get rid of your weight permanently on the long term with my tips you can get it here.

The dangers of too much sugar

Let us first look at the dangers you may encounter over the long term if you have too much sugar. This will be reasons enough to help you want to lessen your sugar intake as much as possible.

  • Diabetes

This is the number reason that most people end up wanting to cut their sugar intake as a high intake of sugar over a long period is a well-known culprit for diabetes even though it is not direct.

Taking control of your sugar intake means that it can be a lifesaver indeed.

  • Weight gain

Too much sugar intake can also be a culprit when it comes to causing weight loss. This also what I saw once I started eating sugar in moderation.

  • Cancer

According to the cancer.org.au sugar can contribute a lot to cancer over being eaten in excess over a long period.

  • Skin Acne

According to a study mentioned by healthline it was shown that people who ate sugar (especially added sugar).

  • Increase chances of heart disease

According to health.havard.edu an increase in sugar is linked to an increase in high blood pressure and inflammation which both contribute to heart conditions.

1. Introduce nuts into your snacks instead

Normally people have too much sugar without even knowing it and the culprit is usually because they pack on sugar on their snacks. I know I was also guilt of doing this.

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It is better to rather introduce snacks which are not unsweetened like nuts and the like.

2.Do not go shopping while you are hungry

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The worst mistake you can do is to go shopping (especially for grocery) with an empty stomach. This will cause you to have cravings that you may not like since they will cause you to end up getting something to snack on and this usually includes eating sugary things.

3. Make drinking water a habit throughout the day

how to lose weight on a vegan diet

This lesson I still do struggle with but I find that it does help a lot when it comes to not overeating especially snacking on sugary foods and drinks.

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This does not have to be hard it can simply be you having a water bottle with your office hours or during the day if you are mostly at home.

4. Snack on dark chocolate.

I accidentally bumped into dark chocolate while I was trying to cure myself of having had clogged heart arteries, which was also the reasons I became vegan.

Little did I know that dark chocolate can actually help with not only clearing your heart arteries but also it can help you avoid snacks with too much sugar since it is a better alternative.

This is a better alternative even to milk bars which also have their own high sugar content.

5. Eat peanut butter

Peanut butter is also another great food to have if you are looking to snack on some sandwiches. Other alternatives of spreads have loads of sugar which can have a bad effect on you.


Final thoughts

When it comes to sugar it is vital that you reduce the amount that you eat and this will be able to help you avoid many other disease.

Many people have trouble when it comes to do this and this is because sugar is in many of the hidden food and snacks that we have.

I also had a lot of trouble with this myself a decade ago but this all changed 10 years ago when I discovered a diet that helped with my health which is called vegan diet.

If I had not done that I could have occurred a lot of danger for myself.

Here are the 5 tips that helped me reduce the sugar in my diet:

  1. Introduce nuts in your snacks
  2. Add water throughout the day
  3. eat more peanut butter
  4. eat dark chocolate
  5. Do not shop while you are hungry.

These are all the things that you can also use for yourself to help reduce the amount of sugar you eat during the day.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any comments or questions then you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.


Reader Comments

  1. Erlene M Schwartz

    Your post is very timely to me and my husband. I will have him read it also. We both have some issues with too much sugar. I am able to get away from it and eat cleanly, but he has a bigger problem with it. I appreciate the information you shared; especially about the fact that too much sugar causes many diseases. That should be enough for us to stop, but sugar is so addicting!!

    Thanks for your post,

  2. Sylvia

    Hi Thabo, Thank you for this excellent article. I am also very much into living a healthy lifestyle, and the vegan diet is very beneficial. I have suffered from an autoimmune disorder for decades, Hashimoto Disease, and found out that the best diet is the Paleo diet for me, with 80% vegetables and some fruits, mostly raw in summer, but in winter, I like it warm. Healthy fats are a must. I cook a lot of bone broth, and it cures the gut. The meat part is very low; I eat more fish because that is better regarding Hashimoto. This diet automatically eliminates sugar that is causing inflammation in the body. Drinking pure fresh water throughout the day is a must because it detoxes our cells, hydrates them, and takes the hunger feeling away.
    Do you know Markus Rothkranz? I learned to make my chocolate myself from him. It is so tasty and so healthy.
    Thank you very much for your important points! I know the beginning is always difficult to change to a healthy diet. I don’t eat any grains anymore because I have a gluten and dairy intolerance. The energy you receive from leaving away sugar is enormous. Sugar also feeds cancer! Most people are overweight from the sugar and depleted of energy because the sugar is harming their microbiome. The gut needs to be repaired. 🙂

    • Thabo Khoza

      I am so sorry to here this about the disorder that you had (autoimmune disorder). I also had a condition which was able to be eliminated by the vegan diet which is why I have been following the diet for a long time.
      Great to hear that the paleo is working well fir you. Yes fats are vital as long as they are healthy like I always advise.
      No I do not know Markus.
      I also have intolerances when it comes to dairy which is why I turned to the vegan diet. I sometimes do eat a bit of meat on occasion as I need more protein since I am an athlete.
      Yes sugar does fuel cancer as I said indeed and which is why I love having it in good moderation always.

      • Kedia

        Very interesting post! I’m also into healthy lifestyle and I was able to heal my body when I found out that it was food/my diet that was killing me. With Functional Nutrition I leaned the functionality of real food and how to use it to gain or optimise health. I’ve not adopted a particular diet but I’m glad vegan diet helped you.

  3. Matt Lin

    People say that sugar is more dangerous than cigarettes because we overeat sugar every day. Your tips are helpful and easy to follow in our daily life. Controlling the sugar intake is also very important for people diagnosed with Diabetes. My mom suffers from Diabetes, so our whole family pays attention to sugar, even when eating fruits. If I need to pick one of your tips, drinking water throughout the day is the most effective way.

    • Thabo Khoza

      hey Matt

      yes sugar can be something huge if not controlled well and we do need to ensure we have it in moderation. Sorry to hear that about your mom. Hopefully these tips can help her be able to mitigate the issue.

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