5 Tips For How To Gain Weight On A Vegan Diet In 2022

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Generally for people who are looking to ensure that they lose weight then you will know that it is better to focus on plant based diets like vegan.

However, what about weight gain. Most vegans usually want to know all about how they never gain weight. So today I will give you 5 tips of how to gain weight on a vegan diet in 2022.

This way of doing it has changed since the food we eat has developed from what it was before.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I have been a vegan for more than 10 years and I have learnt a great deal about this diet which has helped my health.

I have also helped many people lose weight with this using this diet.

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1. Eat more food with fat

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The first tip for how to gain weight on a vegan diet is the one that I started using when I starting knowing the vegan diet years back.

If you are a vegan you will know that the most places generally give you fatty vegan food especially if you go to restaurants for fast food.

So if you are looking to gain weight this could be the best time to ensure that you can gain weight and be able to still feel healthy.

Although the issue is that these kinds of food is not really healthy as it is known as junk food. In the vegan society it is called Junk Vegan diet.

This diet is what has loads of fat and is not particularly there to help you be healthy but hey if you are wanting to gain weight it is good.

The key though is to eat more of these so that over time you can be able to gain the weight you are looking for.

Now I do want to highlight the fact that the fat that you choose can still be healthy if you choose wisely and the ones I highly recommend are the following:

  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Nuts
  • Coconut oil
  • Flaxseed
  • Chia seeds

2. Strength Training

Just eating food with fat will not help you gain good fat but it will make your body store it as fat in your belly fat which is not ideal.

This means that you will need to lift weight that will help the fat get turned into muscles and this helps you with the weight gain in the long term.

Strength training will also help you be able to eat more since it will trigger hunger more which is what will be needed to help you gain weight.

You do not have to have equipment for training, however it could help to have it in the long run if you want to make this sustainable.

If you do not have such then you can still do the following execrices that can still help:

  • Free weights
  1. Push-ups
  2. Dumbells
  3. Kettlebells
  • Compound exdercises
  • Progressive overload

3. Drink shakes

The other thing to have is shakes which is something that will be able to help you gain weight with less effort in the long run.

You can either create your own ones or you could buy it at any store and get one that is vegan and will have ingredients that will help increase muscles.

The good thing is that is the years go there are more and more different types of shakes being developed for different reasons such as helping people gain weight on a vegan diet.

Shakes are said to be one of the most effective for tow things which are gaining muscles and gaining weight although there are some who use it for losing weight.

One of the most well-known protein shakes for vegans is the vegansmart protein powder which I have also used in the past for my well being.

4. Eat more times in a day

how to lose weight on a vegan diet

This is a simple equation of gaining weight especially when it comes to a vegan diet you will need to eat more during the day so that you will help reduce your metabolism somehow.

The more you eat the more you will reach this slow metabolism especially if you will focus on having more fatty foods.

There is a reason those who are trying to gain muscles are told to eat more times during the day and not just follow the 3 times a day routine.

This is because of the fact that your body will be forced to store some food somewhere in your body eventually.

My recommendation would be to eat 5 meals a day, meaning you should eat two additional meals in between your normal meals.

5. Eat more and do less cardio

This is a simple and basic method of weight gain. If you want to make your body gain you will need to put more calories than you take out.

This is why I recommend that you do not have any type of cardio as this can be what makes you lose weight.

This is the reason I recommended strength training to you as this will help with the weight gain process and your overall goal and health.

The benefits of having a vegan diet

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As much as you will be looking to lose weight it is vital to know that you will be getting healthier even if you are trying to gain weight compared to eating a non-plant based diet.

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of course , as I said, you will need to have the right and healthy food so that you will be able to ensure that it will be good for your overall health.

Let us look at some benefits you will get from a vegan diet:

  • Good oral health
  • Better skin health
  • Less inflammation in your body
  • Less chronic conditions
  • Good weight management overall.

Are there product you can take?

If you are looking for some products to help you out along this process of gaining weight doing this then there are many options for you and I will list some best supplements you can add for this and one of them I have already mentioned before.

There are also some vegan weight gainers that you can look into and see if they can work for you.

Final thoughts

When it comes to weight gain the main thing to remember is that there are many components to look at and what you choose will depend on what works well for you.

This also means that those who are looking to ensure that their body good will need to ensure that they follow the tips I have provided.

These tips are basically what I used myself to ensure that I reach goals in the past.

The tips that I have given you are the following:

  • Eat more and exercise less
  • Use strength training
  • Eat more fatty vegan food
  • Drink shakes
  • Eat more in a day

If you can follow this tips you will have no issue when it comes to gaining some weight over time. These are my 10 tips of how to gain weight with a vegan diet.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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