5 reasons why you are working out and not losing weight-Work on these

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Introductory content. We would all love to have great bodies so that we can be able to feel good and do things we enjoy doing. Most of the times this is hard to achieve even with the best exercise weight loss exercises.

Why does this happen? Well today I will be looking at 5 reasons why you are working out and not losing weight.

These reasons are scientifically researched and assessed studies over the years. This is why they will keep working forever.

Remember just like with any methods they only work if you work.

without further ado, let’s get into the reasons

1. Consumption to fat burning ratio is the problem

The first issue when we talk about why you are working out and not losing weight is related to how you eat vs your fat burn.

Let’s face it the fundamental of losing weight is always linked to how much you burn vs your consumption (called calorie deficit). You can not eat more than what you actually burn.

Although most people claim to know this they tend to ignore it or even pay less attention to it. I think this is because of how we are as humans (we will talk about this more later).

What is vital is that the food you eat will always be the number factor as to helping you lose your weight.

According to culvertcity studies have shown that eating less and burning more with exercises is by far the best method for weight loss.

They say this is more efficient than just focusing on just one method for example only diet or only exercising.

2. Incorrect diet and exercise applied

The second aspect of losing weight is focusing on the right diet. Now I have to say that most diets actually do work to help you lose weight.

The only problem is that most people do not apply these correctly. By this I mean they will only apply their diet only when it is convenient or when they are actually in need or feel bored.

This goes for exercising as well. Most methods do work but people apply them in a wrong way.

For example someone might see a weight exercise on YouTube and only decide to follow this only for a few weeks and only do it the way they feel is comfortable.

This then causes most people to end up giving up and not following through since they do not see any results.

The way to bridge this is to have a personal trainer to hold you accountable at every stage of the way.

If you can not find a reputable personal trainer do not worry because there are many weight loss programs which are designed to help you step by step which are online.

and here are some of the best ones I recommend:

You can basically choose one which aligns with your values and go with that until you see the results. The great thing is that most of these have personal trainers within them.

This means you can be held every step of the way.

3. Your genes are the issue

The other aspect people forget when it comes to weight loss is the fact that your genes are by far one of the most influential aspect.

According to tmctohealth there are 7 aspect which influence how much weight you will lose as an individual and here is the list:

  • Your genes determine how you will be resistant to losing weight.
  • How much body fat you can lose during cardio
  • How well your body is able to process carbohydrates
  • How much your body is sensitive to protein
  • How your body responds to strength training
  • How much your body is able to absorb folate
  • How much your body is sensitive to the fat in your diet

All these factors can really be a huge thing that even stops you to a large extent to lose weight in the short term.

This is why it is vital for people to understand their bodies and than try different methods until they find ones which will make their body lose weight eventually.

4. Your habits are not right

The 4th aspect which stops the majority is the one I alluded in the first step. Your habit is basically the number 2 biggest contributor for you not losing weight after your genes.

Whether we like it or not the habits you have controlled every part of your life. Thus, it is safe to say that the very same aspect (your habit) can also help you lose weight.

You see, some people know the right weight loss programs, the right strategy but at the end they will not lose weight.

This issue is not only limited to weight loss but to any success in life.

The people who are able to achieve any success have learnt to have the right habits and practice them daily, simple as that.

These people know that success takes time and they condition themselves for this.

The issue is that some people’s habits will translate from one life stage of their lives to another. For example if you can not achieve financial freedom in one aspect then you can not achieve weight loss usually.

If you struggle with your success in weight loss just look at your habits and be honest with yourself.

The good thing is that we can also chive great habits by changing our mind. You can do this yourself using many things but I do warn that it is a lifetime thing.

However it is said that a bit takes 21 days to form so you do have time to do this well. You can always go on YouTube to get videos to help you.

You can also try true and tested programs which will work to change your mindset over a month or 3 weeks and one of the one I recommend is from a psychologist from Harvard which is called The Amazing you program.

This programs works specifically in a 3 steps system which guides to achieve success. I have also done a review about it since I used it to help me with my financial success, You can check it on The Amazing You review here.

5. Water consumption issue

The last but not least way is to make water your friend. Our bodies are made of water and this means that you need it to help you lose weight.

Water is vital to ensure your cells are able to take out the toxins in the body and flush it completely so your body is not filled with unwanted substances which can cause more problems related to weight gain.

I also do not just mean regulate water (although that is still good) however I mean cold water.

You see if you drink cold water the metabolism will definitely be boosted a lot to a point that your body will be able to lose weight easily.

On my article called how to lose weight without running I did talk about how this happen in full detail too.

So all you need is cold water regularly to help your metabolism rate increase over time.

This can be helpful for senior people like women over the age of 40 or 50 as their bodies have a very low metabolism rate.

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This is by far the best way to help you on your weight loss journey.

Final thoughts

Losing weight can be very hard for most people even if they work out for a long period (like a year).

This is because there are many factors which contribute to the weight loss issue.

There are 5 issues which need to be addressed for ensuring an effective results for weight loss.

These include the following:

  1. You habits
  2. Your genes
  3. You consumption to fat burn ratio
  4. Water consumption issue
  5. Incorrect diet and exercise

If all of these are managed well weight lose will turn out to being the easiest thing you have ever done before.

Although it will not happen overnight but it will happen eventually not more than a year instead of a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage.

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