5 of The best vegan cookbooks for beginners- Very practical

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Welcome to my website I am glad to have you here and today I want to talk about the best vegan cookbooks for beginners which I have used and that have worked well for weight loss and for my health.

I know most people can be confused as to which books they may choose when it comes to the subject of vegan cooking or dieting.

This is not a post to tell you which book is good or which one is best for vegan cooking. All this post does is gives help you decided on what worked well with me and see if it will work for you or not.

I have been vegan for a decade now so I know this subject like the back of my hand so if you have questions after reading do not be afraid to leave comments.

Oh, before I forget… If you are looking to lose weight I have compiled a guide for gaining long term and permanent weight loss.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Thug kitchen

The first book on the list of vegan cookbooks is my personal favorite called the thug kitchen.

What fascinated me the most about this book was the funny and weird title. I had anticipated getting crazy recipes for vegan cooking and diet and that is exactly what I got.

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The book is unique and has a sense of humor which makes it super easy to digest just by anyone who reads it.

So what does the book focus on?

The book focuses on food anyone can make whether you are a vegan or not. This is because the veggies are added in such a way that they go naturally with the food.

I have to say that although this book is good and tends to have humor many people may be offended by the fact that there is a lot of cussing that goes with it.

Let’s look as some pros and Cons of this book so you will know if it is worth it if you buy it:


  • Comical
  • Not only for vegans


  • Cussing is too much
  • hard to follow sometimes
  • No time chat for making meals



2. Plant based diet for beginners

The plant based diet book for beginners is a very comprehensive book theoretically especially the first part of the book where Gabriel explains in depth the great benefits of going vegan.

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He also explains the reason why most people are going this route these days more than ever.

The book is full of very simple and advanced recipes for vegans so you will never need to cook with oil again. For me this was my favorite part of the book which made me really benefit because I avoid oil a lot.

The book also talks about how to eat food in restaurants which are healthy as a vegan.

Let’s look as the pros and cons of the book:


  • Very comprehensive
  • For beginner and advanced vegans
  • Natural ways of cooking


  • Very few pictures in the book to help with cooking
  • May have unnecessary recipes which you may already know whether you are vegan or not.

3. Forks and Knives

The Forks and knifes book is mainly for people who are looking for weight loss ultimately for a vegan diet.

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This is because most recipes are based on helping you lose weight fast. I would rather call this more of a vegan diet book for weight loss.

Other than that this is a simple book to read for being a vegan or turning vegan.

Let’s look as the pros and cons.


  • Good for enthusiastic cookers who have time
  • Good for weight loss


  • Lacks pictures enough for guiding in recipe cooking

4. Vegan for everybody

I know I am going to sound biased when I talk about this book because of the great experience I had with it. The book is made by some of the best chefs from America’s Test Kitchen.

This is because this book is really good from cover to the end of the book.

The pictures go so well and look very appetizing for any person looking or using it. In fact the pictures look so professional that you would swear it was made by a restaurant of high level.

The book is filled with so many unique vegan recipes which are easy and simple to follow even if you are new to cooking.

Let’s look as the pros and Cons

Pros5 of The best vegan cookbooks for beginners

  • Very well designed
  • Very unique recipes
  • Very professional


  • None I could visibly say they are noticeable


5. Fuss free vegan

I have to admit that I have never read this book however I am putting it here because many of my friends have been talking about how good it is.

I am not sure of how the book works but from what I heard is that the book deals with whole plant based recipes to do most of the food you will be eating.

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It is also said to have big pictures for each recipe so that you will not be wondering how eat recipe looks like.

I do not have the pros and cons as I have not read the book myself yet.


Final thoughts

When it comes to eating a vegan diet cookbook it is vital to get a book which is comprehensive and able to focus on your unique needs.

The books which I have seen that were good or I heard about were 5 and they were the following:

  • Vegan for everybody
  • Fuss free vegan
  • Forks and knives
  • Plant based diet for beginners
  • Thug kitchen

All of these have their pros and cons so that is the reason I said you must make sure you look carefully which one you may like and which one suits your needs.

Once you do that you will be able to have one of these books or any other which you will use as a reference always.

I hope this review of my vegan cookbooks was good and if you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond.

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