5 minutes manifestation review- The full truth Exposed

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Welcome to my 5 minutes manifestation review where I give you a full unbiased review of their program so that you will not have a problem when it comes to making the right choice.

It is safe to say that most of us are basically looking for ways to make our dreams come true with their is health or financial and also most of us spend a lifetime trying to figure the ways to achieve these goals.

The manifestation is new program which claims to help you achieve success with mainly rewiring your mind for gaining success habits.

You will find out all you need to know about this program in this unbiased review. Without further ado, let;s get started.

5 minutes manifestation review5 minutes manifestation review

Program name: 5 minutes manifestation

Website: www.5minutesmanifestation.com

Creator: Aaron Surtees

Price: $9

Veganweight.com rating: 3.5 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Creator is real
  • Natural program
  • Easy to follow
  • Easily downloadable
  • Not time consuming
  • very affordable
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • If you do not like listening to audio it will not be useful
  • Not very comprehensive to help you fully (not practical enough)

5 minutes manifestation overview

On starting this 5 minutes manifestation review I would like to first have an overlook at what this program really is.

The 5 minutes manifestation program is a program that claim to help you achieve a holistic health and even wealth.

The program is created for busy people who do not know how to achieve their dreams themselves even though they have been to many experts of programs.

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This is a natural program that works with your body to help you achieve your goals by reconditioning your mind.

Who is the creator?

Knowing the creator will help us (or at least me) with the trust factor element for the use of the program.

The program was fortunately created by a real author who went through the journey which he found accidentally when he had a brain condition and did not want to use conventional methods.

This all happen when he was still in his teenage/young adult age.

He then discovered how music changed his brain condition (well according to his belief).

This led him to ultimately focusing research ways music actually can help with any brain condition and even reconditioning of old beliefs.

How does the 5 minutes manifestation program work?

It is vital for you to know this before purchasing so you will know what will required of you. Here I explore this.

In this program you will be simply required to listen to audio tracks of 5 minutes each.

These audio tracks are said to help you ultimately rewire your mind by using theta waves which go straight to your subconscious mind.

These theta waves are required to be fed to the brain daily for a few months to work effectively.

This is the reason that the creator requires you to continuously use them daily. More than that the tracks are divided into 3 parts which lasts 5 minutes each.

This means that per day you will be required to listen to these tracks for a total of 15 minutes per day.

You will also be required to use a quiet place in order to listen to these so that your mind (subconscious) will only focus on getting these theta waves only.

These theta waves make a great deal of effort to change your mind by rewiring your old limiting beliefs to new ones.

Here is a brief overview of some tracks that you will listen to:

What are the features of the program?

Before your investment in a program it is a good thing to check and see if your investment is worth it or not according to the things you will get for your investment.

Here I show you the features of the program:

  • Audio tracks

Here is how the audio tracks are divided into parts:

  • Track 1

Track 1 is the basic track according to the program because in this track you will be removing old beliefs from your mind so that new ways can get populated later.

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This tracks will be required to be listened to for a period of 7 days.to allow the theta waves to fully work on your subconscious mind.

  • Track 2

The second audio is to help you create new beliefs like a new story which you will be vital for you to achieve your goals.

  • Track 3

The last track is to help you easily and permanently program your mind to produce results as it will know have a new empowering story.

Science behind the program

Now this review would not be complete without me mentioning checking if the claims of the program are even valid or not as this will give us our full conclusion.

Here are the claims explored:

  1. “Theta waves with reconditioning the mind”

According to research theta waves are those which we use during daydreaming and intuition and are said to be very amplified during mediation and sleeping.

They are also very normal in children until the age of 13 years old and abnormal to adults.

They are also said to be normal when a person is sleeping.

Research says if adult could use more of this state daily they would be tapping to the subconscious mind daily.

Just as the program claims that you need to listen to the audio when you are relaxed (at your theta state) it can be seen to be valid.

2. Daily listen to sound track rewires mind

researchers from Finland did find that listening to sound daily will not only help you alter you mind but it will also make you improve in any activity you are looking to participate in.

Who is it for?

Now let us look at who this program is really for and who can benefit the most as you know that not only programs are suited for anyone.

These are the following people suited for this program:

  • People who do not mind listening to audio
  • People who are busy and may not have time to follow long programs with exercise and the like
  • People who have not worked on their mind when it comes to their goals

Is 5 Minutes Manifestation a scam?

The verdict is where I tell you what I think about the program. Remember you still need to make your own decisions at the end.

So here are my thoughts about this program after long and deep research.

The program is 100% legit and research proves it can help you with changing your mindset which can help with achieving your goals.

Here is a summary of why I say all this:

  • The creator is real

There is nothing consolidating than knowing that the creator is a person who is real as many scams have no identity which shows signs of not been transparent.

  • The creator has experience

The creator has gone through a story of brain disorder and is using this program from personal experience.

  • Risk free for you

It is also good to see that the program gives you not only a risk free period but one which is very long to help you check if you have any changes due to the program or not.

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Does  the 5 Minutes Manifestation work?

As we saw before that science does back the program up and this shows that the program is likely to work for any person who will work on this program.

The program can also work well if you give it time even though I would not say it is the best program for manifestation out there as there are many other options like Miraculous Manifestation.

Final thoughts

When it comes to success there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration and we can say that these include working on your mind and having consistent action.

However one of the most important one is the mastering of the mind to help you achieve the goals.

Many programs focus only on the action but not on the mind which makes it hard for a person to be able to achieve success.

The new program called the 5 minutes manifestation is a bring to that as it works on changing the mind so that you can be able to have new beliefs which will help you change your losing results to winning ones.

The program is easy to follow as you only need 15 minutes per day to listen to the sound tracks in the program.

The only thing I would have liked more is more actionable success steps on top of listening to audio as you need both for more and guaranteed success.

It is also good that the program is backed by science as I found out. This helps you know if you are working with something which will actually work or not and if it is safe or not.

The program is also risk free for 60 days meaning that you can use it and if you do not notice any changes during than you can return and get your money back. No questions asked.

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I hope this 5 minutes manifestation review was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage.

5 minutes manifestation review

well researched and easy to follow

The facts are all done for the program and any person, no matter how busy can be able to follow.

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