5 Best weight loss teas that work-These are natural

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When it comes to finding the best things to help in weight loss tea is often one of the number recommended options to use. However, some tea do not work well due to the additives in them.

So today I will be telling you about 5 best weight loss teas that work well for most people when it comes to weight loss.

These are all natural and some of them you may have never heard of them before as they are known widely used.

As more and more people get obese and also need belly fat burning these teas can come in handy for everyday usage especially if you are already a tea lover.

Even if you are not you are sure to love this list I have for you today.

Why tea is great for weight loss

Before we go further into checking the types of teas which work let us look at why tea is great for weight loss.

According to research it has been proven that tea has two vital substances in it which make it very powerful.

So what are these substances?

These are catechins and caffeine.

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Catechins are believed to boost metabolism rate in the body which will in turn cause your body to burn more fats at a faster rate.

Caffeine is well-known for its high energy boosting factors. This causes you to use your body more and end up burning more fat.

These are the main reasons tea is vital for weight loss. Now that we know the reasons let us dig deep into which types of tea are vital and work best.

1. Green tea

Great tea is one of the well-known and widely used tea in the world because of its high catechins flavanoids compared to many types of tea.

Green tea is also great because it can be easily used in many recipes as it is relatively easy to make.

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More than this green tea is considered the world’s best and healthiest drink for weight loss and detox. What sets this tea from others is the fact that it has less caffeine than other types of tea.

This is vital because a lot of caffeine can be to bad for your body.

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2. Cinnamon tea

If you already know what cinnamon is and its benefit to your body you will understand why it is great for being drank as tea.

Cinnamon is a sweet spice which is adds flavor to our food and our dishes and helps us keep healthy.

According to healthine it is vital for many things such as the following:

  • Improves heart health
  • Prevents inflammation in the body
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Loaded with antioxidants

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Given all these benefits we can see why this tea can be a great choice for a healthy and slim body.

Its blood sugar level control leads to weight gain control if a person drinks this tea regularly

3. Matcha tea

Matcha tea is a well-known Japanese tea which has been used over many centuries to help with keep the body at a healthy weight.

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This would explain why most Japanese have good body generally ( besides their good eating habits).

Matcha comes from a plant called camellia whereby the leaves of it are crushed and made into the matcha tea.

The tea is increasingly becoming popular as one of the best weight loss teas as more and more people discover its benefits.

You can get this tea in powder form and make it into tea.

4. Pomegranate tea

Pomegranate is a tea made with pomegranate seeds or pomegranate plant leaves Pomegranate tea can also be made by mix the pomegranate juice and another healthy tea like white tea.

Pomegranate tea has antioxidants which fight off aging and sickness that could happen in the body.

Pomegranate tea is great for weight loss since it helps the body burn fat at every chance in the day even if you are not active.

5. White tea

Now, white tea is one of the most rare type of tea there as most people don’t even know about it.

White tea is a zero calorie tea and filled with antioxidants which is vital for weight loss and a healthy body.

Although the properties in this white tea serve more belly fat more than weight loss they can used for both belly fat and weight loss using even more food like lemon juice.

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White tea is also great as a drink that can be drank at anytime of the day due to their sugarless substances.

White tea is available in many shops especially healthy shops and online stores where you can use it immediately.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a weight loss drink or food having tea is a great way to go along with your aim.

Most people do know about tea being good for weight loss but they do not know what type of teas are actually good for maximizing weight loss.

The main thing that people should know is that certain types of tea out there are a little better than the others.

The ones which are very effective for weight loss are the following:

  • Green tea
  • White tea
  • Promegranate tea
  • Matcha tea
  • Cinnamon tea

You can choose anyone that will fit for you or that you like best and experiment with it for at least a few months to see results.

It is better if you try this yourself so you can see how the results are for you body because these have different effects on different bodies.

I hope this article of the best weight loss tea was helpful you. If you have any questions or comments you can leave your comments below. I will be more than happy to engage with you on this topic.

Best wishes with your weight loss journey as always. Keep taking educated steps until you reach your success.

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  1. Dave H

    Great article! Didn’t realise that cinnamon tea had anti-inflammatory properties and helps to control blood sugar levels, will definately start drinking some!

  2. C.N.

    Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Thabo! Though I’m actually trying to gain weight, I absolutely love green tea, white tea, and pomegranate tea, and find that they definitely contribute to weight loss, increased energy, and better sleep at night. I have never tried cinnamon tea before, but given that I like cinnamon products, that sounds like it would be absolutely delicious! I will certainly give it a try. Great read! God bless you!

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