5 Best ways for men to lose weight- Every man should know this

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Obesity is one of the conditions which cause men to have disease such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. According to discover.dc 1 out of 4 men is likely to be obese in UK and the ratio is estimated to grow.5 Best ways for men to lose weight

This is because men have a tendency to not take care of their problem like going to the gym. This is for many reasons. However, I am here to give you the best ways for men to lose weight without too much effort.

These ways will make any man be able to get rid of their weight problem.

Yes I said any man.

So let us waste no time and begin.

1. Understanding what you want

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

Perhaps the most important step before a man decides to lose weight is to basically understand why they will be losing weight.

This may seem obvious but trust me it is something you have to really think of because it is the “why” that will help you know where you are heading to.

You see as a man myself I can assure you that it would be hard to convince me to go to the gym and exercise.

The only time I would go is if I would get something out of the gym. In fact, I haven’t exercised recently because I just had no reason to do it.

Well that is how men are normally conditioned.

Think of why most teenage boys or young adult males go to the gym to lift weight. It is because they want to have an appealing body image right? (usually to impress the opposite sex).

This reason can make any young boy go to the gym. Guess what?

We as adult still operate in a similar way, we need reasons to make use chase our goals. So the more reasons you can have for wanting to lose weight the better.

2. Focus on the best diet

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

The next step when it comes to the best ways for men to lose weight is for them to focus on a diet which will actually work for them.

I have seen a lot of men being told to stick to a certain diet because it works, however these people forget that men are not the same so they will definitely not stick to what all other men are doing.

This may be because of the ego issue.

For example the vegan diet is considered one of the best diet for weight loss however most men will never eat it because they feel they will be less of a man.

Yep, trust me it is true.

So what a man has to do is to look at weight loss diets and choose which one will work better for him

So you may be asking which are the diets men can choose from which work well.

I will list them below for you:

1 Atkins diet

2. Keto diet

3. Vegan diet (with more protein)

I will expand on each of these so that you understand why you need these as a man to lose weight.

  • Atkins diet

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

According to Mayo clinic the Atkins diet is a low carbohydrates and high protein and fats diet. The was developed by a cardiologist called Robert C. Atkins in 1990.

The diet says that avoiding many carbohydrates like sugar and flour is the best way to not only accelerate weight loss but also will help prevent disease like heart disease and cancer.

In this diet you eat a lot of protein compared to the keto diet 10% more than the keto.

The reason this is vital is that men need a lot of protein to build muscles and for muscle toning for their bodies so this diet works quite well.

  • Keto diet

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

Just like the Atkins diet the keto diet also focuses on low carbs and more proteins although a little less than the keto diet.

A keto diet has become very popular these days and is regarded as one of the most trusted diets due to its benefits.

If you are new and want to follow the keto easily there is a custom keto program you can follow easily. I actually did a review about it and you can check it on The custom keto diet review.

  • Vegan diet

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

Another diet men can follow to lose weight is the vegan diet. The reason I put this diet at the end is because this diet is very hard to follow.

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The other reason is because this diet is hard to add protein if you are new to the diet.

Having said this the vegan diet is the best diet to help you lose weight quickly without too much effort since you are not eating animal meat.

The vegan diet goes beyond this since it excludes every animal-by product like cheese and milk.

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I do advise you to know what you are doing if you decide to follow a vegan diet. The best way to get started is to check out the article called vegan diet for beginners.

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

As I said if you decide to follow this diet you should ensure you increase your protein consumption. Luckily for you there are many ways of foods to help you do this.

Here are a few food to help increase the protein:

You will notice that all the diets have high protein except for the vegan diet (which I advised how to add protein).

This is vital for men as men need to increase testosterone and muscle toning.

3. Do an exercise that you enjoy

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

To help you lose weight as a man you will need a fair amount of exercise to go along with your eating plan.

The exercise will help you with two things 1. Lose weight and 2 improve muscle toning.

The importance about exercising is that you should focus on an activity that you will enjoy. This is because as a man you will have more of a reason to exercise if you do something you really enjoy.

So if you have a passion for playing soccer you should rather try join a soccer club which you will do every week.

The thing I like about this is that you will lose weight without even realizing how you lost weight and that is when you will start smash all your weight goals quickly.

The problem is that people do exercise which they dread. This makes it super hard for them to maintain it. Not only that but it will take longer to lose weight.

4. Focus on natural weight loss programs

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

The last way for men to incorporate in their weight loss plan is following a program which will give you steps that are simple to follow and most important is very natural.

Luckily there are many weight loss program plans which will help you lose weight loss for you. Unfortunately not all of them are legit.

I review a lot of these programs to check which was are scams and which ones are legit.

5 Best ways for men to lose weight

The ones I recommend is are those which are legit and are better suited for men and I have listed them below:

Final thoughts

Men have very different body weight loss needs compared to women and this is why it is important what men need to focus on the right ways.

You must understand that men are not only different to women structurally but in every other aspect all down to mentally and hormones.

This is why they have different needs for them to help their body lose weight.

There are 4 ways for men to lose weight the easiest which will make it quick and simple. below are the things:

  1. Understanding what you want
  2. Focus on the best diet
  3. Do an exercise that you enjoy
  4. Focus on natural programs

When you focus on these as a man it will surely increase your efforts because you will not be forcing your body to lose weight but it will be natural. This is why most people struggle when it comes to losing

I hope you enjoyed this article of the best ways for men to lose weight and I hope it was fruitful for you. If you have any question or comments to add yo are more than welcome to leave them below.

Reader Comments

  1. Kristina

    Quick note “Just like the Atkins diet the keto diet also focuses on low carbs and more proteins although a little less than the keto diet.” I think you maybe meant “a little less than the Atkins diet.”?

    I’m not a man but I think these are probably just as good advice for women, my mom is trying the Keto diet, but I can’t help but think that there’s always something everyone spouts as being really good for you and then years later it’s the exact opposite (such as Milk…I remember seeing commercials for milk all the time as a kid [when I hated it unless it was in cereal] saying “Milk, helps build strong bones, and now as an adult where I can actually tolerate it alone I hear too much calcium is a bad thing >_<. It's the same with Kale, I couldn't stand Kale before and still can't but I heard you could eat all of that you wanted and it's REALLY good for you as well…now I hear that it's linked to Cancer, much like everything nowadays~)

    I just never know what is actually "good for you" and what's gonna secretly harm you.

    • Thabo Khoza

      Hey Kristina

      I can 100% relate to what you are saying because I have been facing this throughout my journey of trying to unclog my heart arteries and make myself even healthier.
      However what I have found is that we as people must listen to what our bodies can tolerate and go off with that.
      This can save you a life of worry and following the wrong advice and this is what has helped me.

  2. John

    Thanks for the informative post. Out of the three diets you mentioned, the Atkins Diet sounds the most solid. But I will use your site to look further into the vegan diet as well.

    Thanks for sharing

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